Dee Dee Moore pleads not guilty

In the most recent development in the Abraham Shakespeare murder case, Dee Dee Moore has pleaded not guilty and claims God knows she’s innocent. One article says:

“I have an impetuous notion to let my voice be heard,” she writes, “because there’s got to be a reason for this life-altering trauma happening to me. I inwardly chastises myself for opening up so please don’t criticize me. The picture you paint of me in the news, I would not want to hang around myself.”

The media, she writes, have treated her harshly.

Maybe the this “life-altering trauma” is happening to her is because she is, by her own admission, a liar, and almost certainly a thief and a murderer in the bargain. It’s not as if Dee Dee’s voice hasn’t been heard before; she gave extensive media interviews before her arrest. And no wonder the media has treated her “harshly,” seeing as how she fed them a pack of lies before his body was found, then admitted she’d known its location all along. I think the thing to do that would make her most unhappy now is to cease paying attention to her and to cease printing her garbage in the news. Shakespeare’s brother anticipates more arrests and the police have said as much; it’s unlikely she acted alone.

If Dee Dee is smart — and she doesn’t seem to be — she’ll cop a plea. Florida is a death penalty state and this is the kind of murder the death penalty is designed for: premeditated, calculating, a vulnerable victim (illiterate and naive), and committed for financial gain. Whoever actually pulled the trigger (and maybe it wasn’t Dee Dee) shot Shakespeare in the chest, meaning they had to look at his face when he died. And they shot him twice — hard to explain that away as an accident.

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Possible break in Natalee Holloway case?

I have never written before about the 2005 disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway, a high school senior who was on spring break in Aruba when she vanished after a night of hard partying. I decided not to put her on Charley, because (A) she disappeared overseas and (B) I am swamped with cases as is, and hers would take forever to write. It’s not as if her disappearance is lacking in publicity. If Natalee’s parents had written to me requesting a profile, I suppose I wouldn’t have had the heart to say no. But as it was, I made the judgement call and stuck to it.

Natalee Holloway’s name was, at least for a time, a household word in Aruba and in the US. I believe it was a combination of factors: (A) The fairly scandalous nature of the whole thing (B) Her youth and beauty and girl-next-door persona (C) The wealth and prominence of both the Holloway family and the family of suspect Joran van der Sloot and (D) Natalee’s mom really knew how to work the press. I only wish other disappearances could get as much attention as hers did — though I suppose if that were the case, the media would cover nothing else. This case is an example also of how publicity alone cannot solve a disappearance. Look at Natalee, or at Madeleine McCann. Both of them have been missing for years with no end in sight. They share some common denominators: both of them attractive girls who disappeared while on vacation, both with respectable well-to-do parents, etc.

Anyway, it’s possible that a scuba-diving tourist from Pennsylvania photographed Natalee’s skeleton — or, at least, A skeleton — during their vacation in Aruba. The article does show the picture in question but otherwise has a paucity of info. Namely, exactly where and when was the photo taken, and why did the tourist not come forward until now?

I suppose the picture could be of a skeleton. Or it could be of an oddly shaped rock or coral formation. Unless the tourist can provide a reasonably precise location, the picture isn’t going to be of much help — though I’d agree that Natalee’s body (assuming she is dead, which is likely) was disposed of at sea.

Philip Garrido cleared in three Reno, Nevada murders

Philip Garrido, whom everyone and their massage therapist knows kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, has been cleared of suspicion in the 1989 murders of siblings Charles and Jennifer Chia (six and seven respectively) and the 1990 murder of seven-year-old Monica DaSilva. No word on his status as a possible suspect in the 1988 kidnapping of Michaela Garecht from Hayward, California. She was nine and was abducted in broad daylight by a young man who took her away in his vehicle — very similar to Jaycee’s kidnapping. She also bore a strong resemblance to Jaycee and they were about the same age.