They’re still looking for Kristine Kupka

Kristine Kupka was five months pregnant when she disappeared back in 1998. By all accounts she was a vibrant young woman with a bright future ahead of her. She was a straight-A student at Baruch College in New York City, majoring in philosophy. She planned to go to law school. She was prepared for single parenthood and looking forward to it. Then she vanished.

For the last decade the only suspect has been Kristine’s ex-boyfriend, Rudy Persaud, who was the father of her child. He had been her chemistry professor at Baruch. He was seriously unhappy that she was pregnant. It complicated his life severely, especially since he had a wife he hadn’t told Kristine about. (Though, to be fair, it was an arranged marriage and when the baby was conceived he wasn’t married.) He begged Kristine to have an abortion. Later on, he appeared to become more supportive of the pregnancy and even suggested possible names for the baby. He was the last person to see Kristine before she vanished.

There’s no actual evidence linking Rudy Persaud to Kristine’s disappearance and probable murder. No witnesses, no confessions, no physical evidence. It’s only the circumstances. It’s only that he was the only person in Kristine’s life with a good reason to kill her. Persaud has always maintained his innocence. He lives in Florida now and he’s a dentist and, I think, still married. And so the story rests. Or does it?

The cops have announced they’re looking for Kristine’s body in the basement of a shop once owned by one of Persaud’s relatives. One patch of concrete on the floor is not like the others, and a cadaver-sniffing dog indicated there was something there. The property now belongs to someone else, who consented to the search. Good thing, too, because I don’t think they could have gotten a warrant. But if Kristine is under the floor, they’ll find her. All this I read in this New York Post article.

One commenter says, The cops may find some bones but then they’ll have to prove whose they are. And then prove that she was murdered by this Persaud guy. The case is too old and will [be] almost impossible to prove. Clearly this person hasn’t been watching enough crime shows on TV. It’s relatively easy to identify a body these days, even if there are only partial remains. And if it turns out Kristine’s remains are under Persaud’s relative’s basement floor, well, the family is going to have some ‘splaing to do.

3 thoughts on “They’re still looking for Kristine Kupka

  1. Bill March 7, 2010 / 4:43 am

    I’ll be looking forward to reading about what they find down there under that floor. Good cadaver dogs are very reliable. There must be something there.

    • Meaghan March 7, 2010 / 4:55 am

      I’m not so sure. They’ve been digging for days and I don’t think they’ve found anything yet.

  2. Joseph schufle August 3, 2013 / 8:49 pm

    i knew Kristine from a seminar we were in together at the time of her disappearance. She struck me as level headed and committed to being a good mother even though the father wanted her to not go through with the pregnancy. Her disappearance and most certain murder has haunted me to this day. Her courage and enthusiasm for her future as a mother were inspiring and to see it snuffed out was devastating to me and others who knew her in the seminar. I am glad that there are sites like this to keep the memory and cause for justice alive.

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