Murders without bodies

In the last few weeks:

1. April Pennington‘s killer has been convicted of murder

2. Murder charges were brought against a suspect in the Brian Carrick case

3. 48 Hours did an update on the outcome of the Michele Harris case

4. A mistrial was declared in Faith Lippe‘s murder

And now I have word that Rosa Lisowski‘s husband has been convicted in her death and a suspect is facing charges in Kristen Charbonneau‘s presumed homicide. AND I found out an ongoing trial for another body-less homicide which I don’t have on Charley yet.

My, those prosecutors have been busy.

3 thoughts on “Murders without bodies

  1. Bill March 6, 2010 / 12:54 am

    Hey Meaghan, Thanks!
    This info sure is useful to me!

    Debbie Key is such a case in which the person is believed to have been murdered, but there is no body recovered, making it difficult to prove she was murdered, or to prosecute the suspect.

    I got tired a long time ago of people asking me, “How do you knpw she was murdered if they never found her body?” To that question I only say. “Read the story!”

    So now, dear Meaghan, you have given me SIX examples of the same thing! I am going to be studying these cases to see what I can find out. If nothing else, maybe I can at least find a better answer to that annoying question.

    I notice every one of these cases has a suspect. Perhaps Debbie’s case isn’t really that unusual after all.

  2. Bill March 7, 2010 / 4:26 am

    Well blow me away!
    That is a page in Charley I have not seen before, and it sure gives me a whole lot of study material.
    One of the the detectives on Debbie’s case told me, and the press, that historically it is very difficult to gain a murder conviction without a body.
    He didn’t say it couldn’t be done.
    You have given me new hope in solving this case.
    Thanks again, Meaghan!

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