Murder arrest finally made in Brian Carrick case

Over seven years after seventeen-year-old Brian Carrick disappeared, Mario Casciaro has been charged with his murder. Casciaro was Brian’s boss at the grocery store Val’s Foods, where Brian worked a stock boy. After Brian vanished, one of the other employees at the store found a pool of blood in the produce cooler. He thought it was just meat drippings and mopped it up. It turned out the blood was Brian’s.

I had been told that drugs had something to do with it, but one article says the motive was “a dispute related to his job.” Shrug.

This isn’t the first time Casciaro has faced charges in the Carrick case. He was charged with perjury in 2007 for allegedly lying about his involvement in the disappearance, but the judge threw out the charges in the middle of the trial in 2009. Another former Val’s Foods employee, Robert Render, was charged with concealing Brian’s homicide in 2008. The murder charge finally happened when another man said to be involved, Shane Lamb, cut a deal with prosecutors. He’s been given immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Unfortunately, all this comes too late for Brian’s mom. She died of cancer last fall. She left behind fourteen children, including Brian. He was her eleventh.


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World Names Profiler

If you want to divert yourself for a little bit, try the World Names Profiler, which shows you how many times a surname appears in any part of the world. Much to my surprise, there are more Good families in Switzerland than in any English-speaking country. I looked up the name Dravidzius, one of my Charley cases. WNP says there are only a very few families with that name, all of them situated in Alameda County, California. Paul Frank Dravidzius vanished from Contra Costa County, which borders Alameda County. I had wondered about his name. I have never heard of it before and can’t really guess as to its origin, though I know Dravidian people come from southeast Asia.

Also of interest to me tonight: Hear Names, which tells you how to pronounce names in various foreign languages.