Taking a short break

I’m taking a few days off, for several reasons:

1. I am spending some precious time with my boyfriend whom I don’t see enough of these days.
2. I have 13 check-outs from the library, most of them quite thick.
3. I’ve fallen into insomnia again with sticky eyes and sodden brain, and it’s difficult to get much done.
4. I am doing a bit of original, non missing person related historical research for the edification of my brain.

When I think about all the updates I have to do, I feel like Winston Smith did in 1984 during that really rough period at his job. Assignments were shooting out of the pneumatic tube onto his desk by the dozens, and his first task every day was to gather up the pile of them, clear off his desk and try to sort them out. Sometimes I really don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.