Abraham Shakespeare’s funeral

Abraham Shakespeare’s funeral was today. Dozens of relatives attended, including Shakespeare’s eight-year-old son. (I’m not sure just how many kids he had; at least two.) There were a lot of very angry people there crying out for justice. They’re not ready to forgive yet. Two of the cops who investigated the case got a standing ovation.

It seems unlikely that there will be much in his estate, and no doubt the lawyers will spend forever squabbling over it. I really hope Shakespeare’s children will not be left in poverty. I read he created a $1 million trust fund for one of his sons; I hope that fund still exists and didn’t get stolen also.

Another article says Dee Dee Moore will not be getting any support from her family:

Her parents, Linda and Patrick Donegan, said Wednesday night that the [bail] money won’t be coming from them. “None of our family has any money to bail her out,” the mother said.

The Donegans said they feel bad for Shakespeare’s family.

“If she’s responsible for it, she’s going to answer to the man upstairs,” Moore’s father said.

People tend to get bailed out of jail this way: they contact a bail bondsman and give him ten percent of whatever the bail might be — in Dee Dee’s case, her bail is $1 million, so she must give a bondsman $100,000 (I believe this can be cash, or property in the equivalent). This money is his to keep, forever. The bondsman comes up with the remaining 90%. He gets it back at the end of the trial, provided the defendant doesn’t skip town. As one of the commenters noted, Even if she comes up with the 100,000, she’s still got to find a bondsman willing to take a 900,000 chance. The woman sounds like she’s a bottle short of a six pack and, given the likelihood of a murder charge, a real flight risk. So, yeah, Dee Dee isn’t going anywhere.

But in the meantime…when will someone actually be charged with Shakespeare’s murder? That hasn’t happened yet.

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