Dee Dee Moore finally charged in Shakespeare’s death

I realize that, as Shakespeare is no longer missing, technically he isn’t within the provence of this blog anymore. However, I’m always talking about off-topic stuff. It’s my blog. So *phhbt*

So Dee Dee Moore has been charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact. I guess that’s all they can pin on her right now, but she’s not getting out of jail anytime soon. Her bond is set at one million dollars, and she’d have to come up with ten percent of that — $100,000 — in cash before she can be released. And I bet they won’t let her use any of Shakespeare’s money for that purpose.

A quote from this article: Asked if she had been cooperative, prosecutors said Moore has given four different stories about who killed Shakespeare. She has blamed a relative of Shakespeare’s, her 14-year-old son, a drug dealer, and finally herself in an act of self-defense. Ooh, nice one lady, try to send your own kid to jail for murder. She claims he was shot, but so far the cops are only saying he died of “homicidal violence.” Well, duhhh. It also says she tried to find someone who would take the rap for murder in exchange for $50,000.

The woman is clearly a psychopath. She has no regard for anyone but herself.