Special report on the Christian Ferguson disappearance

This report was written last March, but I only just found it now. It’s an indepth-report on the life and disappearance of Christian Ferguson, a severely disabled nine-year-old boy who was supposedly abducted when his father’s car was carjacked in 2003. He was never found and his case remains unsolved to this day.

This report is quite long but well-worth reading. Frankly, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. The police believe Christian’s father, Dawan, allowed his son to die slowly of his medical conditions rather than risk losing him to his ex-wife. The poor child had been undermedicated for months before his disappearance, had his gastric feeding tube ripped out of him, and was reportedly so malnourished as to be skeletal. The poor boy couldn’t take care of himself at all, he couldn’t talk, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t use the toilet, could barely walk, there was nothing he could do for himself. He was completely dependent on others, and all the others failed him.

Stories like this make me want to go out and hit somebody.

And it ain’t no surprise…

Fingerprints have identified the body as Abraham Shakespeare. A correction from my last entry — it seems the body was found on Dee Dee Moore’s boyfriend’s property, not her own property. Not that that will make much difference, will it?

I think it’s likely that more than one person was involved in Shakespeare’s murder. Unless he was shot, I think it would take more than one person to overpower a 6’5, 185-pound man. I’m sure charges will be shortly forthcoming.

Abraham Shakespeare’s remains probably found

The police have found a body buried on property owned by Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore, the prime suspect in the disappearance of Abraham Shakespeare. They have yet to identify the body, but if it turns out it isn’t Shakespeare’s I will be very surprised.

If you’re trying to identify a body, there are certainly advantages to burying it on your own land. You will probably get privacy during the internment, and, unless the cops can get a search warrant (which isn’t easy), it’s unlikely the body will be discovered as long as you maintain control of the property. However, there’s a pretty huge disadvantage: if and when the body is found, it will be very easy to tie it back to you.