Public records and criminal records

I signed up for another website that offers all the public records you want for a flat lifetime membership fee of $40. So far I’ve been finding little bits and scraps of information for my missing people. Mainly I’m looking up criminal records, those of the missing and also people associated with them. If an MP has a criminal history in this database, I can find their date of birth that way also.

I looked up the criminal record for Robin Lunceford, a possible (but probably not) witness in the upcoming Rilya Wilson murder trial. Dang, this woman has no idea how to stay on the right side of the law. I found a slew of convictions for robbery, burglary, prison escape and weapons possession, all in Florida. It looks like she had run-ins with the police in Illinois and Nevada too. The Florida offenses got like 70-plus years in prison between them, but of course it doesn’t work out that way in real life cause of things like concurrent sentences and parole. Well, she’s been LWOPed (life without parole) now. I think she probably didn’t really hear Geralyn Graham confess to murdering Rilya. I think she just wanted to get benefits for herself and jerk the police around.