Little Kelly Hollan

I found this article about six-year-old Kelly Hollan, a boy who disappeared from his front yard in Hindman, Kentucky 28 years ago next month. It’s a good piece and has some information I had not seen previously.

The police seem to think Kelly’s family or the neighbors were involved. It’s worth noting that his mom didn’t report his disappearance until midnight. She says she went to her boyfriend’s grandmother’s home to call the cops (no phone in her own home?), but they didn’t let her call for hours. I think I can buy that. The article says most of the locals were involved in criminal activity, and there is a LOT of marijuana in rural Kentucky. I am thinking that perhaps they wouldn’t let Kelly’s mother call the cops until they had gotten rid of their stash.

With this in mind, I wonder if perhaps Kelly stumbled across some kind of criminal behavior like an illegal pot operation and someone killed him. This is all speculation, but I think this idea has as much merit as any other.