Suspected Green River murder victim identified

The cops have identified a suspected Green River Killer victim as sixteen-year-old Angela Marie Girdner, who disappeared back in 1983. She wasn’t reported missing until 1985, though. This is the first time I’ve heard of her. She looks like such a pretty girl in the picture. Very blue eyes.

The police actually misplaced her bones (something that happens more often than you’d think; it happened to one of Ted Bundy’s victims), but they found them and were able to identify them based on dental records. This article has some more detail. Gary Leon Ridgway insists that he didn’t kill Angela, but the cops kind of doubt it. It’s my understanding that he pleaded guilty to 48 murders in King County, Washington and got a life sentence. If they can pin any murders on him outside the county, the process starts all over again and he could be sentenced to death.

Rest in peace, Angela.