Maria Anjiras and Amy Billig

The Hour, a newspaper out of Norwalk, Connecticut, has done a really good article on the 1976 disappearance of fourteen-year-old Maria Anjiras. It has loads of info on her case that I didn’t know before, and this is just the beginning, as the article is only the first of a two-part piece. It seems that Maria ran away with some bikers and hung around the general area for at least six months afterwards, but she never returned home.

Her case reminds me a lot of Amy Billig. Both pretty brunette teenagers, aspiring actresses, who disappeared in the mid-seventies and apparently spent quite awhile running around with bikers after they went missing. Both of them are probably dead now. It looks like Amy and Maria came from good homes, and it seems highly unlikely that they would go over thirty years without ever contacting their folks again.