How I wish people would actually read my FAQ…

Over the past week or so I’ve gotten several emails from people who are under the impression that I’m the police, or connected to the police, and offering tips and stuff that they should have submitted to the police. This happens once in awhile but I seem to have got a lot lately.

Then I got an email from a woman who shared private information about an old missing child case, then when I replied with my thoughts on this information, she basically jumped all over me because I guess she thought I was an organization actively trying to solve cases. (Got me mixed up with the Vidoq Society?) She said “I’m not interested in ‘discussing’ this case as a matter of interest” and I “clearly hadn’t read all the available material” about the missing child. So she’s wasted her time and mine, and she’s acting as if this is my fault and I’m wrong for taking an interest in the case and writing about it online. I felt like writing back “clearly, you haven’t read all the available material on my site, such as the FAQ page” but I decided to take the high ground and not reply to her at all.

And then there’s the email I got a few months ago where someone asked how often the Charley Project was updated. Gee…maybe you should look at the “updates” page?

3 thoughts on “How I wish people would actually read my FAQ…

  1. orla November 20, 2009 / 7:47 pm

    I suppose it goes with the territory Meaghan – often people become so wrapped up in trying to track someone down etc they don’t fully “get” who they are talking to if you know what I mean ?

    Hang in there – sounds like your inbox has been busier than usual recently!!

    People might vent but your work is appreciated by so many – keep that in mind the next time you open a howler of an email.

  2. Birgitta November 22, 2009 / 8:39 pm

    Charley Project is a very popular site, and it´s always updated, maybe they think the law enforcement is taking care of it, it´s not long ago that I knew that it is only one person who has the site, I was very surprised, I thought a few people where doing all the updates on the site.

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