If you don’t know how to use the internet, either learn or stay off it

About six weeks ago, a woman contacted me about a missing boy on my website. It was classified as a family abduction and she was listed as the abductor. She politely explained that she did, in fact, have custody of the boy, and he was getting a lot of flack at school and stuff about being listed as an abducted child online, and could I please remove his casefile? After verifying her statements, I complied.

Well, over the next month (last time last week) she sent me increasingly irate emails (bold print, capital letters, etc) demanding I remove her son from my website. I tried to explain I already had, but she seemed deaf to my explanations.

Finally, yesterday she clarified herself and I found out what all the fuss was about: she thinks for some reason that I run the 411 Gina site. Her son is still listed as missing on there. WTF? I have nothing to do with that site. I don’t even know the person who runs it. You’d think the @charleyproject.org in my email address might be some indication of which site I am actually in charge of.

So I have informed her that she is yelling at the wrong person, and I hope that takes care of the problem.

One of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers pleads guilty

Wanda Barzee, Brian David Mitchell’s accomplice in the abduction of Elizabeth Smart, pleaded guilty today. She got fifteen years in prison. She’s already spent the last five years in a mental hospital. It’s only recently that they decide to forcibly medicate her and she became competent enough to stand trial. As to whether Mitchell will is up for grabs — the courts say he can’t be forcibly medicated.

Barzee apologized to Elizabeth and her family for the suffering she caused them, which is only proper. I feel a little sorry for her. She seems like a pathetic, weak woman. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be punished for her actions.