Pay dirt again

One of my contributors sent me some articles for some of the kids on my “cases I know hardly anything about” list, so I can update their cases soon. The articles for Jackie Hay and Toya Hill didn’t say a lot, but Francillon Pierre‘s was most interesting. His mom and stepdad had been charged with felony child abuse for beating him before he disappeared, but for some reason they still had custody when they told the police he’d wandered off at a flea market. They said they didn’t want his disappearance publicized. (Are they even TRYING to look innocent?) Bio-dad’s in the clear. As I suspected, Francillon is of Haitian descent; his dad lives in Haiti.

Brittany Williams, Rilya Wilson, Darnell Moore and Aarone Thompson again

39-year-old Damion Davis has been charged with abandoning his baby son, Qua’mere Rogers, two or three years ago. The police didn’t even know Qua’mere existed until a couple of months ago when someone tipped them off. The police can’t find a picture of him and even his age seems to be in dispute — the aforementioned link says he was between eight months and one year old, but another article gives his age as two. The press can’t seem to get any of the details straight; they also give two different years for Qua’mere’s disappearance. Perhaps Davis himself can’t remember exactly when it happened.

Qua’mere’s mother was fifteen or sixteen years old when he was born. (Another detail the articles differ on.) Due to her being underage, Davis has also been charged with rape. The mother says she thought Davis was eighteen when she met him, and that he’d given her a false name and she didn’t know his real name until the police contacted her about Qua’mere’s disappearance. She said he was physically abusive to her and she left him and Qua’mere in 2006 and never saw them again, but she lied to the state Department of Social Services and said Qua’mere was living with her, which I guess is part of the reason why he was never missed.

Anyway, Davis says he gave the child to some guy whom he met at a friend’s apartment and that person gave him to a member of the United Nation of Moors. I’m not sure if Davis is referring to this black power group or not. They gave him a phone number to call, but it turned out to be no good. Clearly, however, Davis wasn’t too concerned about it, since he never got in touch with the police or anything.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this child wasn’t abandoned at all, but actually sold, or outright killed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, lacking even the most basic description and detail for Qua’mere, the police never find him.

All I can do is hope for a happier resolution than seems possible.