Weirdness in my life, #435,098,437

Yesterday I came home from work, ate breakfast, read a bit, then fell asleep and remained so until it was time to get up and go to work. While I was asleep, some unknown person or persons came into the house, folded up the leaves on the kitchen table, and left three lights on.

I assumed it was some member of my (very large) family, but I’ve just checked with the usual suspects and they all maintain their innocence. Some of them even have alibis. I will have to see about less-usual suspects, then.


Shawn Hornbeck on Jaycee Dugard

This is old news, a month and a day old in fact, but I thought I’d post about this interview Shawn Hornbeck gave to People magazine about Jaycee Dugard. He says she was undoubtedly brainwashed and will need a great deal of therapy and should move on from the attack — pretty obvious. It sounds like Shawn is doing well, and I’m glad to hear that. He has such a nice smile.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

I am twenty-four years old today. Woo.

My parents gave me a sweatshirt (handpainted with a stack of books; I didn’t have the heart to tell Mom she spelled the word “Heroes” wrong in one of the titles), a pair of hand-knitted socks (I collect them) and money to go get myself a massage. Meh. I will wait to see what Michael and his parents have in store for me.

Last year my friend Jeff gave me a $150 bottle of absinthe. Then I accidentally broke it before I could try any. I was seriously pissed off.