NCMA rescued?

A lot of my readers are aware that the National Center for Missing Adults has been facing severe financial problems for the past three years, through no fault of their own. What I understand happened is this: The federal government asked NCMA to help find people scattered by Hurricane Katrina. NCMA guessed it would take $50,000 to do this, so this is what the government gave them. In fact, the project (which was a great success by the way) cost loads more than that, but the feds refused to give NCMA any more money, so they’ve been in the red ever since.

NCMA has been appealing for the federal government to pass a law that would fund them the way it funds the NCMEC. They only wanted about a million dollars, in comparison to the NCMEC’s $40 million. But what with the economy as it is now and everyone trying to cut on domestic spending, it just wasn’t happening. NCMA would have shut down long ago if it weren’t for the dedication of their founder, Kym Pasqualini, who sold her own property and stuff to keep the organization afloat. It’s a real shame, too, because NCMA provides an excellent and irreplaceable service to missing adults and their families.

However, it looks like a solution has been found. NCMA is going to merge with another missing person organization, Let’s Bring Them Home. They’re scheduled to re-launch on October 10. (Just in time for the Charley Project’s fifth birthday on October 12!) According to the article, “The merger, effective immediately, will allow NCMA financial stability for the first time since 2006… Employees at both former organizations will be retained.”

I hope this merger turns out to be as good as it sounds and NCMA can get back on its feet and expand its valuable services.

One thought on “NCMA rescued?

  1. Emily August 23, 2009 / 4:35 pm

    Wonderful! I hope this development is as positive for the organization as it seems to be. They need to keep doing their important work.

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