Okay, this is nauseating

I have read about a lot of horrible things and gotten pretty used to it, but even I am shocked and sickened by the story told in this article. In summary: Ian Richardson started a “sexual relationship” with John Taylor in 1989, when he was thirteen. He went to the police in 1991 and told them about the abuse and Taylor was charged, but Ian later retracted is statements and Taylor walked. In 1992, Ian told the cops he’d gotten drunk with Taylor, passed up, and woke up missing his foreskin. He said Taylor admitted to circumcising him. Taylor claims Ian did it himself. Ian was subsequently charged in juvenile court with punching Taylor during an argument. Then he disappeared without a trace. He was sixteen.

The whole thing sounds straight out of Running with Scissors.

What I want to know is: where the hell were Ian’s parents? We know he had a mother, at least. At minimum, his mom should have kept him away from Taylor after the first time Ian claimed he had been abused. But Ian kept hanging out with Taylor, and getting abused, and getting CIRCUMCISED WHILE PASSED OUT DRUNK for crying out loud, and even after that incident he was still around Taylor quite a bit. (Which goes to show how much he was under Taylor’s thumb.) What was his mom doing, if anything, to keep her son away from this monster? I understand you can’t watch a sixteen-year-old twenty-four hours a day, but…

I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor wound up facing a murder-without-a-body trial.