Aaron Thompson admits his daughter is dead

A few days ago I wrote about the trial opening for Aaron Thompson, who’s charged with, among other things, child abuse resulting in death in the case of his missing daughter Aarone. Well, in the opening statements yesterday, Aaron’s attorney acknowledged the child was dead. As most people predicted, Aaron’s story is going to be that his girlfriend Shely Lowe killed Aarone and Aaron only helped her cover it up. Lowe is the perfect person to put the blame on, as she died in 2006 and can’t defend herself.

This is the same defense Michelle Pulsifer‘s mom used, blaming Michelle’s death on her boyfriend who had died by the time of the trial. It worked for Michelle’s mother, though only after two trials and two hung juries. (A few months ago I heard from one of the jurors in the second trial. Now I understand a little better why they couldn’t agree to convict her.) I think it’s going to be harder for Aaron Thompson, though. Aarone’s case is much fresher than Michelle’s — Aaron is going to trial three and a half years after his daughter’s disappearance was reported, whereas Michelle’s mother wasn’t tried until thirty-eight years after Michelle was last seen. Also, Aaron is a man. People tend to believe, correctly or otherwise, a man would be much more likely to abuse his children than a woman would.

And one other thing: if Aaron is only covering up Aarone’s death and didn’t actually kill her, why hasn’t he lead the cops to the body?

4 thoughts on “Aaron Thompson admits his daughter is dead

  1. Cheryl August 8, 2009 / 5:01 pm

    I agree Meaghan. If he is the innocent party he should definelty tell them where she is. Say he is telling the truth…..why in the world would he allow his daughter to live in an abusive home which led to her death? Why would he cover up for someone who has killed his child? Why? Why? Why?

    BECAUSE….he’s lying. He may very well have covered up her death but its most likely because HE is the one that killed her.

  2. J. Leon August 8, 2009 / 6:48 pm

    Sorry, I think Shely was the killer and Aaron went along with the subsequent coverup. Watch the interview they gave to a Denver investigative reporter a couple of weeks after reporting the “disppearance” and see if you don’t agree that of the two, Shely was the sociopath and Aaron the follower-sort of like the Manson family in reverse:


    This interview is the one that both sides argued over whether and how much the jury should see. The judge ruled that it will be shown to them in part, but what won’t be shown, I don’t know.

    Some background: Sam Riddle, the family mouthpiece who sits between the couple during the interview, is a former (disbarred?) lawyer and “community activist” who jumped into the case apparently for reasons of his own self-aggrandizement. He’s got legal problems of his own now and could end up joining his surviving onetime pseudo-client in Stony Lonesome.

    Given the passage of time since the start of the case, some aspects referenced in the interview may go over the heads of those of you who didn’t follow the case closely in the beginning. Riddle’s reference to an “arrest warrant” was just his lame attempt to muddy the waters; the couple’s original lawyer actually dumped them as clients after they agreed to the interview against her advice, whereupon she made the suggestion that they should “turn themselves in and ask for a public defender.” There was never an arrest warrant and Riddle knew it. The “Christmas list” was a wish list for the children living in the house that the head of a local charity reported receiving; it made news because Aarone’s name wasn’t on it. (Remember, the case broke just before the holidays.) Shely Lowe gave birth to what I recall was a girl a few days before the interview, which is why Riddle refers to her just getting out of the hospital. The illicit documents Riddle mentions were found in the house by investigators and reportedly implicated Shely in identity theft.

    While you watch, pay careful attention to the contrast between Shely’s animated responses-always replete with elaborations and embellishments-and Aaron’s virtual catatonia. Then, bearing in mind what we know now-that both of them were lying and knew Aarone was dead-remember that AARON IS AARONE’S FATHER, and that Shely-technically at least-couldn’t even be considered a stepmother, given that she and Aaron weren’t married. Watch the whole thing and then ask yourself: Which one acts as if he or she has something to hide, and which is dejectedly resigned to the situation?

    Mind you, I am ABSOLUTELY NOT trying to defend Aaron by any means. He essentially admitted his guilt yesterday anyway. My guess is that he hasn’t given up his daughter’s body either because he doesn’t know where it is-highly unlikely but not impossible-or because he’s holding out for a better deal. If the latter, I wouldn’t even sit down and talk with him unless we’re talikng at least 30 years hard time.

    • Meaghan August 8, 2009 / 7:30 pm

      For me, it doesn’t really make any difference who actually did the killing. Even if Aaron didn’t actually kill his daughter, he abused her and the other children horribly and allowed Lowe to do the same. So I consider him just as responsible for her death as Lowe.

  3. Cheryl August 10, 2009 / 12:03 pm

    Wow Leon. Thanks for all that information. Its amazing how we can come to our own conclusions based on one or two articles/news stories. Thanks for taking the time to post all of that. Kind of gives you a different perspective. Either way though, he enabled and he should be dealt with accordingly.

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