My apologies

I know I haven’t been updating or blogging much lately. I feel kind of bad about it. I’ve just been feeling rather tired and down, and not up to much. I go to work, go home, read a bit, fall asleep, and wake up just in time to get ready for work. What a drag. I have the day off tomorrow and hopefully will be able to post some cases.

In other news, I’ve really hit the big leagues now: someone from ViCAP contacted me asking about using my site to identify bodies, and could ViCAP download all my information for their own use and such. Woo.

6 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. Emily August 8, 2009 / 2:20 am

    Speaking of your latest update…I am so haunted by Cleashindra Hall’s case. I’ve read through your casefiles start to finish at least twice, and have committed to memory those that have struck (stricken?) me the most, and hers is one of them. What a tragic, crying shame that her case has never gotten the press of, say, Stacy Peterson or Natalee Holloway. Clea was an excellent student – top of her class – with huge aspirations for her future. What a difference she might have made could she have ever been the pediatrician she wanted to be. The world is worse off for having most likely lost her.
    I wish cases like hers could get more press, because I think keeping the police on top of their game, the public abreast of coverage and more likely to come forward with info, and the suspects nervous that they’re moments away from capture could give many of these cases just the boost they need.
    I’m sorry if I’m blathering on. This just bothers me a lot.

  2. maureen August 8, 2009 / 7:40 am

    You are trying to “get back on your feet” after a frightening experience! Yet, isn’t it satisfying to know that your efforts here may make a difference? This alone may not lift your spirits, of course: but your work matters. Your horrible moments give you an insight—unwanted but real—into so many of the lives here: that a misjudging, or a moment’s inattention, or a trusting nature leads who knows where. Take care of yourself.

  3. Cheryl August 8, 2009 / 12:18 pm

    Forgive me for my ignorance but what is ViCAP? I’m sure I should know but unfortunately I tend to be a speed reader and tend to skip over names and titles when I’m reading.

  4. Emily August 8, 2009 / 2:15 pm


    Long story short, it’s a centralized FBI-based computer database where law enforcement officials from different jurisdictions can compile info and use it for research later. They hold casefiles, missing and unidentified people’s profiles, and other info intended to help law enforcement make sense of unsolved crimes in their own jurisdictions, especially where there is some suspicion that a crime is part of a larger series or where a motive cannot be determined from the circumstances at the crime scene.

  5. Cheryl August 8, 2009 / 3:16 pm

    Wow, thats exciting for you then isn’t it? Awesome!

  6. Humbled August 8, 2009 / 3:31 pm

    That’s awesome!

    It’s about time ViCAP caught up with you!!

    I have kept up with the charley project ever since I discovered it about three or four years ago.
    I first found Children Who Never Made It Home website and was hooked from then on.

    I’m convinced at least a few listed at The Doe Network must also be listed as known missing persons here. So I’m always checking both websites.

    I think you are doing a fantastic job 🙂

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