Primetime report on Alissa Turney

ABC Primetime has done a report on Alissa Turney, a seventeen-year-old girl who disappeared from Phoenix in 2001. For many years she was thought to be a runaway, but now the police think foul play was involved. Alissa never mentioned any runaway plans, she left all her stuff and money behind, and after her disappearance no one ever heard from her again, except for one phone call she supposedly made to her stepfather. The stepfather is, at the very least, a bit unhinged — late last year the cops found a massive stockpile of weapons in his house, which he was allegedly going to use to blow up a local union hall.

This article is very frustrating to me because of it ending, or lack thereof. “Watch our show to hear more!” Well, I don’t have cable, and I never watch TV anyway. But what little they did disclose seems to imply some kind of sexual abuse of Alissa by her stepfather. I wish I could find out more. For what it’s worth, Alissa’s younger half-sister stands by her father and says he was a good parent who never did anything bad.

As to whether Michael Turney harmed his stepdaughter…time will tell. But the girl’s been missing for over eight years. SOMETHING happened to her and it probably wasn’t good.

2 thoughts on “Primetime report on Alissa Turney

  1. Sarah Turney August 12, 2009 / 6:23 am


    I am Sarah, the “half-sister” you are talking about and I just wanted to thank you for featuring my sister on your blog.

  2. Sarah Vail August 13, 2009 / 3:05 am

    I just watched your prime time special this evening. I am moved over the time frame that this has been unsolved. I hope that the family can have the closure they desperately need. My prayers are with Alissa.

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