Foreign nationals on Charley

Writing up some cases for some foreigners who disappeared within the United States, I was inspired to go and see just how many foreign nationals were listed as missing on the Charley Project. I found 146 people from 69 different countries. I daresay there are probably a lot more than that, but I only included cases I was sure of. I did have to guess a few times as to the person’s nation of origin — for instance, the Holocaust survivor who speaks fluent Polish and Yiddish is probably from Poland, etc.

The numbers seem to align with American immigration patterns. The best-represented, unsurprisingly, was Mexico, with 19 people. Germany was an unexpected second, with 12 people, followed by Canada with 8 people. Altogether there were 18 people from South and Central America, 13 from the Caribbean, 36 from Asia, 48 from Europe, 3 from the Middle East, 2 from Africa and 2 from the South Pacific.

I realize this does not equal 146. Clearly I made a mistake counting somewhere, but I’m too lazy to fix it.

I’m a little bored. Can you tell?