I want to say I appreciate those of you who have supported me and defended me from these ridiculous accusations. It made me feel a lot better to realize not everyone had decided I was a despicable liar. And anyone who still believes I made up this story, or that I filed a false report to the police, can go and soak their head.

I think it’s significant that the day I offered the police report up for view, the accusations suddenly changed from “lied on the blog” to “lied to the cops.” These people do not want to admit they were mistaken. (Incidentally, so far no one has asked to look at the report. And I don’t think anyone will. But it’s still available for viewing; all you have to do is email me and ask.)

But it’s not them I have to convince but the police and later a jury. And the police are already convinced. That’s why I allowed the nasty comments to appear on my blog and didn’t really lose my cool about it: what those people think of me really doesn’t matter. But enough is enough: I have defended myself as best I can and I will not do it anymore. Nor will I tolerate any more insults and attacks on my character here. Any more such comments will be deleted.

I wrote about the attack on this blog for the same reason I wrote about my pet rat dying, or that day when I found a dead fly in my milk glass — because I wanted to share some details of my life with you and thought you might find them worth your time. If you don’t want to know these details, or don’t believe them, or disapprove of them, you don’t have to read about them.

I would like now to return this blog to the topic for which it was created: missing people.

Jeannie Melville found dead

Per the NCMEC, Jeannie Marie Melville has been found deceased. She was an old case that just made it onto the internet not too long ago. Jeannie was 18 years old when she disappeared sometime during August 1970. She got on a bus in Green Bay, Wisconsin that was bound for Ohio, but never arrived there.

Jeannie’s photo looks so late sixties-early seventies it’s ridiculous. I could totally imagine that picture being in one of the banner advertisements.

I can’t find anything about it in the news yet. I’ll keep checking over the next week or so, but frankly I don’t expect to find anything. A lot of times these old cases are ignored in the media.

Upgrading Charley Part III

My mysterious benefactor Pri has shown me some of what he plans to do and I really like it. It would make updating so much easier for me. Best of all, he doesn’t need to access my accounts to do this upgrade. He says he can write everything on his servers and send it to me to add to my servers — meaning I don’t have to trust him with my login and password.

Also, he provided me with some samples of his work. He works for a web design company.

This opportunity sounds better every minute.