Tracey Gardner-Tetso’s husband makes bail

Dennis Tetso, who’s accused of murdering his missing wife Tracey Gardner Tetso, has made bail and been released from jail pending his trial, which is scheduled for November 17. (They’ll probably postpone it, though. They usually do.) He’ll be wearing some kind of tracking device and he’ll be allowed to work.

The bail was only $50,000. For first-degree murder! Usually bail for that is like five or ten times that amount. Dennis has no criminal record, and he stuck around in the area for over four years after Tracey disappeared. But the low bail makes me wonder just how strong a case the prosecutors have. A weak case is one reason for a judge to grant a lower-than-usual bail: if a defendant feels he’s likely to be acquitted, he’ll probably stick around for the trial. In another article, Dennis’s defense attorney says the prosecution has “no witnesses, no confession, and no evidence.” Of course, defense lawyers often say such things, but even the prosecutor admits the case is circumstantial.

I don’t know whether Dennis Tetso is guilty, of course. But if he is, and they’ve charged him prematurely on insufficient evidence and he gets off as a result, well, that will be terrible. I hope the prosecutor knows what they’re doing.

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