DNA tests rule out lead in Steven Damman case

Unsurprisingly, DNA testing has ruled out the possibility that John Barnes of Michigan is Steven Damman, a boy who disappeared from a Long Island supermarket at the age of two. I had figured that would be the case — it was just too good to be true, and Mr. Barnes’s family has legal documentation of his birth. I don’t think he was trying to scam anyone. He sounds like a kind of lost, confused fellow and I think he really believed he was Steven Damman. And now he’s lost his real family as well as the one he thought he might be part of — his dad and sister are really angry and upset about the whole thing, apparently.

If any good came out of this, it’s that this ancient, ice-cold case got some media attention, with better photos of Steven posted, and of course I’ll put them on Charley.

There are like a bajillion articles about this. Here’s just three more:

The Associated Press
The Detroit Free Press
The Daily Mirror

2 thoughts on “DNA tests rule out lead in Steven Damman case

  1. Lisa June 19, 2009 / 7:03 pm

    I had my doubts but was hopefull at the same time since there has been a string of solved cold cases recently. My first thought when seeing all the pictures was that you would be adding them to your page. The more pictures the better. One can hope that having this case in the media again, maybe it will jog someone’s memory, or push a person who knows something to come forward. Maybe, maybe not…we can always hope..

  2. Anthony June 19, 2009 / 9:23 pm

    The key identifier in this, and many other, cases: the ears didn’t match. Though the lobes may stretch with age, the ears’s basic size and formation and angular proximity to the skull are the easiest way to tell, and this guy’s ears were almost flush to his noggin, while pix of the little boy showed his ears to be away from his head, at a bit of an angle.

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