Another one!

It’s too late to add it to Charley today, but the Houston Chronicle says Kendrick Jackson‘s father has been charged with murder. The father, Roderick Fountain, was a suspect in the case immediately and was very shortly charged with giving false statements to the police about Kendrick’s disappearance. He is in prison now, serving like ten or fifteen years on gun charges.

I don’t really like children. I find them noisy and rude and annoying. But I cannot fathom how someone, especially a parent, can abuse and murder their young child. Kendrick was three years old, completely helpless and dependent on his mother and father, and nothing he could have done at that age was so bad that he deserved to be hit, let alone killed. Assuming Mr. Fountain is guilty, I hope he confesses and leads the police to where he put the body.

THREE murder-without-a-body updates today

I think this is the first time this has happened: today I posted breaking news for three separated murder without a body cases. One of them was a few days old, but the other two were like today or yesterday.

All the alleged victims were women and all the accused were their intimate partners. (Why am I not surprised.) Charges have been dropped against the suspect in the Glenda Quisenberry case (her boyfriend) and he’s been released; there isn’t enough evidence. The husbands of Tracey Gardner-Tetso and Kristina Sandoval have been charged with murder. Tracey’s case is a bit of a surprise; though the husband was uncooperative and stuff, the cops hadn’t even called him a suspect before now. I hope justice is served. I hope these women’s bodies are located, too.

DNA tests rule out lead in Steven Damman case

Unsurprisingly, DNA testing has ruled out the possibility that John Barnes of Michigan is Steven Damman, a boy who disappeared from a Long Island supermarket at the age of two. I had figured that would be the case — it was just too good to be true, and Mr. Barnes’s family has legal documentation of his birth. I don’t think he was trying to scam anyone. He sounds like a kind of lost, confused fellow and I think he really believed he was Steven Damman. And now he’s lost his real family as well as the one he thought he might be part of — his dad and sister are really angry and upset about the whole thing, apparently.

If any good came out of this, it’s that this ancient, ice-cold case got some media attention, with better photos of Steven posted, and of course I’ll put them on Charley.

There are like a bajillion articles about this. Here’s just three more:

The Associated Press
The Detroit Free Press
The Daily Mirror


I want to thank everyone for your messages of support. They mean a lot to me. There has been no arrest yet, but some really interesting things happened yesterday and the cops have some more leads and witnesses. I really hope they get him today, because the longer this guy is out there, the more uneasy I get. And also I am pretty much cooped up in my friend’s apartment until an arrest is made. The police made me promise not to use the public transit system, and my friend has to take his car to work, so I have no means of transport until this weekend when my friend doesn’t have to work and can drive me places.

I am holding up pretty well I think. I’m very anxious, but I have good support, both online and with my IRL family and friends.