Jorden Sopher found dead

Jorden Sopher, an eighteen-year-old girl who’d been missing from Wabash, Indiana since 2006, has been found dead. Her skeleton was found scattered along a creek. They think the body had been there for about three years — in other words, since around the time of her disappearance.

I figure this has got to be a homicide. She was a healthy girl by all accounts and young, so it’s unlikely that she died of natural causes along the creek. I suppose a suicide is possible, but there’s no indication that Jorden was suicidal. I figure it’s got to be either a homicide or an accident, probably drowning. But we may never found out. Only a little more than half the bones were recovered and authorities haven’t been able to determine a cause of death. Someone may have gotten away with murder. One article says they found Jorden’s cell phone and purse in an alley; perhaps she was ambushed there. The cops do have an unidentified person of interest in her case.

Jorden was a foster child who got a fresh chance when she was adopted at the unlikely age of sixteen. She had dropped out of high school, but she was thinking of re-enrolling, and maybe going to beauty school or joining the Coast Guard. She had big plans before she died.

May she rest in peace. It’s a very small pitiful comfort that her family (both adopted and biological) can at least mourn and bury her.


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