Reading After Etan now

I am presently on page 137, out of 400. Stuart GraBois has just taken over the case. So far it’s very good. Surprise: Etan’s surname does not rhyme with “cats” or even with “cots,” but instead with “gates.” I will have to retrain my brain to say his name right.

Did I mention here that Lisa Cohen, After Etan‘s author, generously sent me a free copy of the book and thereby saved me $24.99? If I haven’t before, I must say that she is awesome. I love anyone who gives me free books.

One thought on “Reading After Etan now

  1. Karen May 29, 2009 / 4:53 pm

    She is awesome. She and Stuart GraBois did a very interesting book talk at Borders Books in NYC. She read a couple of sections and then took audience questions. GraBois answered a couple, too. (Then I got her to autograph my copy–yayy!)

    20/20 is doing an hour on Etan’s case tonight. Cohen and GraBois are both interviewed and it should be really interesting.


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