Okay, so I lied

About the upcoming Washington DC trip: I said there would be no Charley updates, but I was probably wrong about that, because today I bought my first laptop. Mortgaged my soul to the credit card company for $750, but interest free financing for 18 months so even I should be able to pay that off. So I can take the laptop to DC with me and update Charley from there. If I want to. I will kind of be on vacation after all, and might not want to spend four hours a day writing up casefiles.

I also bought another rat. Her name is Gypsy and she’s kind of freaked out, still not entirely convinced I’m not going to eat her. She’s a rex. She’s just a baby now, but her hair will become curly as she gets older. I would have preferred to wait a bit to get another rat, but I didn’t want Belle to be alone for too long. Rats are very sociable critters and get depressed if they don’t have ratty companions.

Next time I put them in my car on a hot day, I’m putting in a frozen water bottle too, so they can cool down. One lesson learned the hard way. 😦