And on a completely unrelated note

…I accidentally killed one of my pet rats today. I put both Jasmine and Belle in the car to drive to my boyfriend’s. It’s an hour’s ride. It’s very hot and my car AC is broken. By the time I got to my boyfriend’s house, both rats were overheated. We tried to cool them down with water and Belle, who is younger, made a quick recovery, but Jasmine died only a few minutes later.

I feel so bad. My boyfriend says it was an accident and he doesn’t blame me, but if I hadn’t put them in the car then Jazzy would still be alive. I’ve transported them on hot days before without a problem. My boyfriend reckons Jazzy’s system was delicate because she was getting kind of old.

She was such a sweetheart.

What a sucky day.

Tulsa missing persons

In honor of National Missing Children’s Day tomorrow, the Tulsa World has done a feature on missing persons, including articles and casefiles for people missing from that area. It’s quite good and I found a lot of additional information there.

Also, the author of After Etan kindly sent me a free copy of her book, so I have returned the library’s copy. I’ll probably get it read sometime in this upcoming week, and I promise to review it on this blog and elsewhere. I love cataloging and reviewing books, like on Goodreads and Librarything.