Duy Quang Phan puzzlement

The NCMEC just added a poster for the 1992 disappearance of Duy Quang Phan. Except they spell his middle name “Tuang.” The Polly Klaas Foundation has a page for him too. He was seventeen when he vanished.

I’m a little puzzled by this. Duy was swept out to sea while swimming at a California beach. An obvious drowning victim, but the NCMEC doesn’t usually post those. And they’ve got an age-progression for him too. (It says APed to age 45 but I think they really mean 35. He would be 34 right now if he is still alive.) Is there actual evidence that he might still be alive, I wonder? Or are his parents just deluded, or do they think his body might yet be recovered?

*scratches head*

John Burgess sentenced to five years in prison

The Los Angeles Times reports that John Steven Burgess got a piddling five years for his role in the death of Donna Jou. If it was just the fact that he gave her drugs and she died, five years would be enough. Maybe more than enough. Donna knew what she was getting into. But the whole dumped-her-body-and-let-her-family-agonize-over-her-fate-for-almost-two-years thing ought to triple that sentence. Pity they can’t give him more time.

I love this part: “I couldn’t keep going on with it being on my conscience,” he said. “I wanted her family to know the truth.” Funny, then, that he didn’t ‘fess up until the cops confronted him with all the evidence and filed charges.