El Monte PD profiles Angelica Longoria

Per the Unsolved in the News blog, I have found a more recent photo of Angelica Longoria on the El Monte Police Department’s website. It’s of her at age fifteen; apparently in the NCMEC poster’s photo, she was only nine or ten! Why they would use such an old picture when a more recent one was available is a mystery to me.

The El Monte PD site also profiles the unsolved 1958 murder of Geneva Ellroy, who is the mother of famous author James Ellroy. He was ten or so when she died, I think. He was visiting his dad at the time. I have never read any of James Ellroy’s books, but I saw the movie of L.A. Confidential and it was excellent. Somehow I don’t think they’re going to be able to solve Geneva’s murder. Her killer is probably dead now, or vegging in a nursing home.

50 thoughts on “El Monte PD profiles Angelica Longoria

  1. Aimee May 15, 2009 / 5:26 pm

    Writing fro the future as I am said to do, I do believe I see a nasty-gram written to somebody at the NCMEC…

  2. C May 15, 2009 / 8:08 pm

    I’m confused.. I checked the police site and it looks like the same photo on the NCMEC page?

      • C May 16, 2009 / 12:39 am

        Ohhhh… I see now. Thanks! 🙂

      • Justin September 8, 2009 / 8:29 am

        Three years ago, I contacted the El Monte PD to request that they post her on the California Department of Justice, Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit website. That is just a little form letter I send them that I can whip out in a couple of minutes.

        I got a response from them, and I am quoting it here:

        The missing case was reported in 1999, However she was last seen in 1983 (according to our reports). The missing is now 36 yrs old. We were close to finding her in Illinois when she left her home quickly with no forwarding information and we believe that she does not want to be found.

        Please contact me if you need anything further.

        Detective Roger Cobian
        El Monte Police Department

        As to why they used such an old photograph, I don’t know. But they did eventually put her on the CDOJ MPU website and I wonder if my e-mail had anything to do with that.

  3. Anthony May 15, 2009 / 10:02 pm

    In re: James Ellroy, he’s a hugely overrated author, imo. I’d read one of his novels and bought the book about his mother’s murder—he proposed she was killed by the same person who committed the Black Dahlia atrocity, though his evidence was painfully thin—and, in that book, I think it was, Ellroy chose to write almost totally without using commas.

    Talk about a distraction. I’m supposing his gimmick was to underscore the alleged terseness and pithiness of his short (choppy) sentences but, instead, it made his prose not pithy but barren and revealed, even when one mentally inserted a necessary comma, the lack of his ear for the natural rhythms of the English language. It was like listening to someone plucking a stringless harp, occasionally rapping his knuckles on the wooden frame.

    On a more pleasant note, I see Aimee’s returned from her weekly jaunt to Rehoboth Beach, where she tries to convince tourists that they’re missing persons, lol.

  4. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 2:14 am

    Anthony, as a matter of fact, I was in Rehoboth Beach this evening. Ate at the famous Niccola’s Pizza, hit the famous outlets. I may be writing from the future, but you evidently can see across the great distance.
    James Elroy had a big article in Playboy not long ago. God, the man was a pretentious bore! I don’t even know now what the hell he was going on and on about. I do know he bragged incessantly and unconvincingly about his sexual prowess. Ewwwww. (No beef liver involved, at least.)
    And as to Black Dahlia and Mama Elroy’s killer being the same guy? *rolls eyes* If you believe that, I have this nifty statue of a lady holding a torch I’d like to sell you.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 2:29 am

      “I Can See for Miles” is my favorite song by the Who.

      Most interesting book on topic: “Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and the Black Dahlia Murder.”

  5. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 2:42 am

    I read “Severed” John Gilmore’s book on the BD case, a couple years ago. Pretty gruesome. Bad thing is, 500 plus people have confessed to it over the past 60 years, and probably twice that many have been accused by others of having done it.
    Elizabeth Short was kind of pitiful. I mean, she had all these ambitions but brought very little to the party beyond her good looks, which, by all accounts, were fading even at 22: her teeth were turning rotten, she was I believe sick with TB or something…just a sad case.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 2:53 am

      Yeah, I read the Gilmore book on the Dahlia; his best is the creepy-great “Cold Blooded: The Saga of Charles Schmid, the Notorious ‘Pied Piper of Tucson.'” Found a signed copy of that in a thrift store once, bought it for fifty cents and read it, then sold it on eBay for $$$.

      Meanwhile, I’m ever-vigilant as my little backwoods area is under a severe storms warning for another hour. Tornado sirens blared again a couple nights ago; I of course sallied forth onto the porch to try and see me one of these here tornadoes I done heard about. Didn’t, thank God.

  6. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 2:58 am

    Chances are good that if you see one on your property, you won’t get to tell anyone. Go to your basement, Mister, when that siren goes off.
    I don’t believe we have tornado sirens here, though we do have tornadoes from time to time. Never been severe yet, knock on wood.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 3:32 am

      Basement? What ees thees theeng you call “basement”?

      We tie ourselves to free-standing beams in front of our houses and let the sky gods have at us.

  7. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 3:35 am

    Basement: what you Okies might call a “storm cellar.”
    Tying yourselves to beams and letting the storm have its way with you? Hmmmm! what would Herr Doktor Freud say about that?

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 3:40 am

      Very few basements around; underground streams permeate the region and the soil is largely clay.

      Oh, after we tie ourselves to the firm phallic timber, we eat corn dogs. Did I mention that??

      Raining rather hard here right now. Time to go stand on the porch and see if I get hit by lightning. Wheee!

  8. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 3:45 am

    Corn dogs, huh? I understand those are pretty popular with you Okie types.
    I always tease my brother about being a human lightning rod: he’s tall and very skinny and he has a steel rod implanted in his back. Not only is he a human lightning rod, he can probably pick up your very own local radio station!

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 2:35 pm

      Okies also enjoy funnel cakes, appropriately enough.

      Your brother’s either Nicolai Tesla, or some sort of superhero. Am I warm?

  9. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 2:42 pm

    Very warm, on both counts. He is very into radio things, is a regular caller on an online radio show (The Classic Metal Show) under the name Doghouse Riley, did a radio show in college…and though he’s too modest to mention it, he may indeed be a superhero of some sort. Man’s got more CD’s than a CD store, maybe he’s Super CD Guy.
    We have funnel cakes here also. A favorite at the beach and at carnivals and fairs. All covered in powdered sugar, mmmmm.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 3:04 pm

      I DJ’d a lakefront party once. As I recall, a dimwitted faction tried to storm my little chicken-wire covered “booth,” due to their not appreciating punk rock. With the “music across water” motif, the fisticuffs, and the Sex Pistols, it was not unlike “The Great Gatsby” meets Johnny Rotten “On the Waterfront.”

  10. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 3:27 pm

    Rofl. Let me guess, and tell me what I win if I guess warm:
    They wanted to hear Freebird!

  11. Anthony May 16, 2009 / 3:40 pm

    Like that, yeah. Only it was worse. They wanted to know if I had any Sniff n the Tears (horrible new wave scheiss if I recall). I made a rude comment, things went to hell from there. Ah…memories! I cued up some Donna Summer, just to be “ornery.” My last clear memory of the evening is stumbling up a rocky incline with my crate of albums whilst under attack, with Miles Davis’s “Bitches Brew” cascaded over the waters and my friend Derek punched some guy with a mullet.

    Nightmarish good Kansas Fourth of July fun.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 3:41 pm


      “…with Miles Davis’s ‘Bitches Brew’ cascading over the waters while my friend Derek punched some guy with a mullet.”

      Sorry, I had a James Ellroy moment.

  12. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 3:46 pm

    All you were missing is the fat drunken chick in her tube top, the howling dogs, the guy on the Harley doing doughnuts in the town square, the kid throwing up in the potato salad, and the firecrackers in the gas tank. Let’s see, have I left out anything? Nope, don’t think so, unless it’s the hordes of black flies which are so big they have to file with the FAA before they can take off. One lands on your shoulder you risk losing your balance.
    “Play some Skynnyrd, man!”

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 4:01 pm

      I have a dim recollection of a tawdry lake home and inhalable powders and the wretched-looking, pinch-faced groupies of the Skynyrd crowd. If ONLY they’d requested Skynyrd—I’d have played “Gimme Two Steps” to soundtrack my abrupt retreat!

      I had a posh girlfriend at the time. She wasn’t quite used to being set upon by raving loons hissing and throwing haymakers. That affair was pretty well over by the time we’d reached the crest of the ridge, let me tell you.

      • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 4:11 pm

        Whoa! Another unforced error. The Skynyrd tune is called “Gimme Three Steps.” And I needed each of them!

  13. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 4:34 pm

    You probably also could have used your “Saturday Night Special” to protect your Posh Spice from the great unwashed menaces howling for blood.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 4:47 pm

      LOLOL. But then I would have been “rassled” to the ground and had to plead, “Gimme Back My Bullets” to the angry throng.

      • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 4:49 pm

        “And speaking of Skynyrd,” the town in which I currently reside was home to Steve Gaines and his sister Cassie; the former became a guitar-playing member of Skynyrd, the latter, a back-up singer, right before the plane crash in which they—and Ronnie Van Zandt—died.

  14. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 4:51 pm

    And now there’s only one original-original member of LS left alive, Gary Rossington, and according to music expert (my brother, sitting behind me at this moment) he is in pretty bad shape himself. Rossington is, not my brother. My brother is fine.

  15. Anthony May 16, 2009 / 4:57 pm

    Yeppers. I used to watch Steve Gaines play guitar in his band Crawdad at a bar called the Purple Mustache in my hometown long ago. Also the band Kansas back when they were called White Clover, before Don Kirschner signed ’em up.

    But then I became a punker with a posh girlfriend, lol.

  16. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 5:05 pm

    And what do posh girlfriends like to listen to, Falco? Wham!? Or obscure 1920’s jazz? On actual “record albums” that you have to have a turntable to listen to? Remember those? I had one to play all my Sesame Street records with.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 5:23 pm

      I think the only group we shared in common was three sisters called the Roches—Maggie, Terre and Suzzy, if memory serves. A bit like the BrontĂ«s, those three. Their first album is great (“Hammond Song,” “Pretty and High”).

      Being pre-Sesame Street makes me feel quite the troglodyte, let me tell you!

  17. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 7:40 pm

    You are really missing out on so much by missing out on the pre-Elmo SS. Mr. Snuffleuppagus, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie and Bert, Grover Monster, Cookie Monster…talk about a deprived childhood! All you had was that jerk Captain Kangaroo.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 8:21 pm

      (Feigns incredulity)

      “J-j-j-j-jerk? Captain Kangaroo, a j-j-j-jerk?

      “My God, I expect you think Mr. Greenjeans to have been a p-p-p-pedophile, for goodness’ sakes!”

  18. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 8:43 pm

    Well, I was hesitant to make the accusation, knowing the ramifications it could carry, but since you brought it out in the open… I just never liked or trusted that crew. At least the adults on Sesame Street didn’t pretend to be childlike. And Mister Rogers, though he had a certain creepy aspect to him, was simply too bland and personality-free to set off my little Unsavory Persons Alert.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 9:00 pm

      Mister Rogers’s “certain creepy aspect” is, perhaps, the greatest understatement of all time, lol. I’m having the Guinness people check the records on that.

      I will admit freely and openly that “Miss Frances’ Ding Dong School” was pretty darned lame though.

      Once, when I was, I daresay, four years old, Captain Kangaroo was on a “fire safety” kick, and announced that the Captain Kangaroowagon (or something like that) was touring southeast Kansas this very day, handing out to youngsters like myself a bounty of fire safety materials.

      Being a savant to the extent that, at four, I knew I lived in southeast Kansas, I exclaimed happily to my mother about what the Captain had just announced.

      Mom said, “Well, there are a lot of towns in southeast Kansas, you know, and they might not be here anytime soon.”

      I looked out the front window immediately.

      And DAMNED if the Captain Kangaroowagon wasn’t right across the street from my house!

      A bad lesson, this. I’ve expected instant gratification ever since.

  19. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 9:20 pm

    You should sue. Sue the green jeans right off them for every burned tongue you had because you couldn’t wait for your food to cool; every painting that got smudged because you could wait for it to dry; every angry ex-girlfriend you left behind because you tried to rush things. You could be rich, man!
    I got to meet Ernie and Bert backstage at Sesame Street Live in Philly when I was seven. I can’t remember anything that was said, but I know Ernie and I talked, and I know Bert for some reason couldn’t bring himself to say anything, just clasped my small hand to his heart. But I was thrilled just to be there.

    • Anthony May 16, 2009 / 10:05 pm

      Wow! True brushes with greatness, those. Me, I was on the Ranger Ed Show once, and also its rival, Slim Andrews the Forty-Niner (with Josephine, the Musical Mule).

  20. Aimee May 16, 2009 / 11:37 pm

    Those acts sound so corny I can’t just dismiss them as something you made up for fun. So corny it could almost be real. Like a local version of Hee Haw. (Confession: used to watch Hee Haw with my grandmother on Saturday nights when she babysat us. Came on right after the Jeffersons.)

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 12:08 am

      Well, it was actually “The Popeye Fun Club with Slim Andrews the Forty-Niner and Josephine the Musical Mule,” now that I think about it.

      Also, you can tell your metal-loving brother that I sat just offstage on some amp boxes during the concert when Blue Ă–yster Cult inexplicably played my hometown long ago.

  21. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 12:12 am

    Was Josephine the Musical Mule any relation to Francis the Talking Mule?
    My brother says he is not a fan of Blue Oyster Cult, but he does offer his congrats to you for getting up so close to the stage. Did your ears recover from the assault?
    He says his best concert experience was when he and my dad saw ZZ Top at the Salisbury MD Civic Center in August 2005. (Insert brawling mulleted gentlemen, doughy tube-topped ladies, howling dogs, hurled beer, roaring Harleys, etc, as referenced above.)

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 12:57 am

      LOL to the “howling dogs (and) hurled beer.” BĂ–C’s first album is a classic, and, of course, their “Don’t Fear the Reaper” stands alone as a Top 10 Hit Which Advocated Teen Suicide. (Plus+ points too for referencing a Shakespeare play, and love that Byrdsy guitar intro.) In order to sit roughly three feet away from the band, I and some of my cohorts had roadied for them when their equipment arrived. Were they loud? Huh? Speak up, can’t hear you. (Actually not as loud as the Sex Pistols four years later; my ears never recovered from that one.)

      Josephine developed apart from Francis, being a puppet. Later in the show’s run, one of my stoner friends operated The Musical Mule. Ah—giddy times, giddy times.

  22. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 3:13 am

    That funny way of doing the O in Oyster Cult? What is that called and how do you make it on the keyboard?

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 4:19 am

      It’s a diacritic mark called the umlaut. I google what I need then cut & paste.

  23. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 1:36 pm

    Love the sound of the word, Umlaut. “Anthony, you umlaut, you! That was my best carpet you spilled Tang on!”

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 2:09 pm

      “Aimee fastened her Umlaut Into-the-FuturePak© belt and matching velour bindle securely, and set the controls for the heart of 2163. It was time to do some future-writing, and Aimee was the gal for the job.”

      By the way, I AM drinking Tang right now, mixed into my Killer-Brew© tea to take the edge off.

  24. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 2:49 pm

    Ever had a Tangwich? Wonder Bread, Marshmallow Fluf and Tang powder sprinkled over the Fluf. It’s a specialty of people who also enjoy tube tops, mullets, drunken brawls, and demanding Freebird.

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 3:09 pm

      That must have been—yes, it’s now all too clear—what the disgruntled listeners at the lake that long-ago summer were hepped up on. Sure! And I had thought that that orange-ish tinge around their mouths was indicative of their having huffed aerosol spraypaint. Tangwiches—yes! At last the mystery’s solved!

  25. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 3:12 pm

    Just call me Miss Sherlock.
    Of course, the orange residue could also possibly be indicative of Cheeto consumption. In that case though, you would be more likely to see it on the culprits’ hands and clothing, and to have observed orange fingerprints about the crime scene.

    • Anthony May 17, 2009 / 3:33 pm

      Not to mention the kernels of candy corn they were crushing up and snorting.

      The devils.

      (Be sure and read the three-part series to which Meaghan has provided a link on the newest blog entry, by the way. Not to be missed.)

  26. Aimee May 17, 2009 / 5:36 pm

    No, what they do with candy corn is, they stick them in their mouths and call them false teeth. The brown and yellow ones are favored, cause they match their original teeth!
    They snort the stuff from the Pixie Stix.

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