Just to give you all advance warning

In slightly more than one month’s time I will be taking off for a week, going to the lovely city of Washington DC. I will be gone from June 14 to June 22. I am visiting a friend whom I’ve known online for nine and a half years but have never met in person before. He’s promised not to rape me, kill me or force me into prostitution, and I’ve promised not to rob him blind or throw wild parties in his apartment (unless he wants me to).

I expect my internet access during my vacation will be limited, and there will be no Charley updates.

I’m not sure what to do while I’m in DC, besides visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Ideas, anyone? I’ve already been to the usual suspects like the monuments and the Smithsonian.

16 thoughts on “Just to give you all advance warning

  1. Anthony May 9, 2009 / 2:31 pm

    The National Cathedral’s pretty darned cool, inside and out—the gardens are lovely, especially at twilight.

  2. Donna May 9, 2009 / 2:39 pm

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to D.C. Stay safe and remember to let friends know your every move.

  3. Aimee May 9, 2009 / 2:50 pm

    And watch out for pickpockets, and be careful of the escalators on the subway (or the Metro, as natives call it) and… wait, I’m not your mother!
    You could probably spend a week in the Smithsonian and not see everything they have there.
    The National Zoo is lots of fun. Especially their panda bears.
    I don’t know if they still have tours of the Mint, but I went in seventh grade and it was very interesting.

    • Anthony May 9, 2009 / 3:16 pm

      I saw a dead guy lying at the bottom of a subway escalator there once, with one cop securing the scene and me having to step around the victim to exit said escalator.

      This sort of thing makes an impression on hicks from the sticks like myself.

      The Metro is truly splendid, though, providing an icy chill on 102-degree District days, and the lofty ceilings of unfinished cement providing a modernistic, cathedral-like atmosphere.

      Yep, D.C., positively sepulchral at its best: a delicious funereal gloom, both above-ground, with all the monuments, and under-.

      • Aimee May 9, 2009 / 3:45 pm

        Any info as to what had happened to the guy? Did he have an accident with the escalator? (Maybe his Crocs got hung up in the teeth?) Did somebody do ‘im in? Or did he just keel over?

  4. Donna May 9, 2009 / 3:18 pm

    Old, forgetful me. I enjoyed Mount Vernon (even tho it’s not in DC it’s worth the short travel time). Also, try and see Arlington National Cemetary. Once again, worth the travel time. I know that there is a famous “Chop House” as well that folks rave about. Be vigilent in your surroundings, and have a BLAST!!!!!

  5. Anthony May 9, 2009 / 3:27 pm

    Yes, ditto on the National Cemetery at Arlington. “Hear, hear.”

  6. Anthony May 9, 2009 / 3:56 pm

    As per the deceased At the Bottom of the Escalator, he seemed to have experienced a sudden cessation of life. My guess was, “This person—now almost totally grey in coloring—has OD’d on heroin and has subsequently tumbled to the bottom of the escalator I’m riding.”

    As this was in a time well-distant—I believe it’s now referred to as the Pre-Crocs-a-delian Era, based on the absence of said footwear in the fossil record—I believe my scenario to be essentially correct.

  7. Aimee May 9, 2009 / 4:08 pm

    Ah, and how does the good Detective deduce the fatal agent as heroin?
    *pours tea for the constable*

    • Anthony May 9, 2009 / 4:28 pm

      “Why, my dear Miss Adler [cf. Doyle, Arthur Conan. “A Scandal in Bohemia.” n.b., the only woman in whom Holmes showed an active interest]…now where was I. Ah yes! My dear Miss Adler, being at that time a rube from a small Kansas town, I cleverly devised the scenario as the escalator made its grim, inexorable journey downward and the prone form at the bottom began to assume human shape.”

  8. Lisa May 9, 2009 / 9:01 pm

    Hi Megan!
    Check out Ford’ Theater where Lincoln was shot, and the house across the street where he died the next morning. It was very interesting to see….

  9. amy May 19, 2009 / 3:30 pm

    I will be up there at the same time. Go to Georgetown and if you like BBQ, go to Old Glory. It’s wonderful. Georgetown is just as eclectic as all get out. Another fun and close day trip is Ellicott City, Maryland. It is about 35-40 minutes away max and is funky. One of my favorite places on Earth.

    The Holocaust Museaum is fairly gut wrenching. Be prepared. Go somewhere cheery afterwards.

    Have a good trip…amy

  10. amy May 19, 2009 / 3:34 pm

    I concur about the National Catherdral and of course, the Metro. I spent 1/2 my life there on the Metro. Used to go with a guy who lived in Arlington and spent alot of time there in the last few years, until, unfortuntately, my boyfriend died in March. I am going up in June for his wake. He would also tell you, if he could, that the Metro is one of the finest rapid rail systems in the country.

    I also love Mt. Vernon and plan to go back when I am up there in June. Iforgot to mention those before, sorry.

    • Anthony May 19, 2009 / 3:45 pm

      I left my camera after spacing it out whilst riding the Metro. Ya’d think it would be gone, yes? Nope, someone turned it in and I got to ride FOR FREE way out somewhere, past the Pentagon, to the kiosk where they keep stuff tourists have lost, and had it back within the hour.

      I was lulled by the heavenly coolness of the Metro that day; it was at least 95 outside, thus explaining my space-out.

  11. Anthony May 19, 2009 / 3:39 pm

    And don’t forget the National Archives and their copy of Magna Carta, easily the most important document ever in terms of our daily freedoms. And have your picture taken in front of the “What is past is prologue” statue while you’re there.

    And…and…even if you’ve been, the Air & Space Museum in the Smithsonian complex is well-worth re-seeing. Muse on the fact that the early astronauts oribted in glorified trashcans with cheap ’50s sci-fi movie control panels.

  12. Lois May 22, 2009 / 2:04 pm

    And of course, don’t forget the Wall – strangely moving.

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