“Brandon’s Law” passed

Remember this post about a possible new law for missing adults? Well, it passed. It’s named in honor of Brandon Swanson, age nineteen, who’s been missing from Marshall, Minnesota for nearly a year now.

The law is supposed to mandate a more uniform response to missing adults by authorities throughout the state of Minnesota, as well as requiring the police to search for missing adults under 21, or those who disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

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Guilty plea in Donna Jou case

John Steven Burgess has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Donna Jou. She accidentally overdosed on illegal drugs provided by Burgess, and he disposed of her body. It was never found.

“Murder without a body” cases seem to be increasing exponentially. I often do additions/updates on such cases several days in a row, or sometimes more than one a day.