Anselma Guerra found, and NOT on the mesa

I had assumed that Anselma Guerra, one of the many prostitutes missing from Albuquerque, would be identified from among the victims they found on the west mesa. I was mistaken. Unsolved in the News links to this article: Anselma, a mentally retarded woman with four children in foster care, met with an entirely different, but equally tragic, death.

Her body was found in the East Mountains in 2005. It looks like she was stabbed to death. She was identified in 2008, but the police couldn’t locate her family to notify them until the mesa victims hit the news this year. The prime suspect in her death was killed in a car accident two years ago.

At least they know where she’s at now.

Meanwhile, several of the mesa victims have yet to be identified.

(In semi-related news, the New Mexico State Legislature has formally requested that the police do all they can to solve the mesa murders and that the media stop trashing the victims for being prostitutes.

The labeling of these victims creates an atmosphere of ambivalence with regard to the crimes that have been perpetrated against them, while also denying their humanity and their role in our communities as daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and granddaughters […] the deceased and missing women of New Mexico deserve diligence and respect under the law and in our public discourse, while their families deserve the right to carry their memories with dignity…

I think that’s kind of cool, actually, that the legislature would do that.)


27 thoughts on “Anselma Guerra found, and NOT on the mesa

  1. Donna April 22, 2009 / 7:04 pm

    I agree with you 100%!! It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you deserve respect and dignity in death.

  2. Aimee April 22, 2009 / 9:12 pm

    It is a good thing that they did that, a.though that they’d have the need to.
    Interesting contrast: has anybody heard of the “Craigslist Killing” case? (Don’t you love those catchy names the media gives?) Where a medical student is accused of robbing and shooting a “model” who was advertising her “massage services” on Craigslist?
    It’s getting a lot of media coverage, I think mainly due to 1. The suspect’s very clean-cut Ivy League vibes and 2. the Craigslist connection.
    But I wonder… how much press would it get nationally if we take out the Craigslist thing and have the victim just be a working girl he picked up on the side of the road or in a skanky bar?
    Methinks he’d have to be a very busy little bee indeed if he wanted to make CNN that way.

  3. Emily April 23, 2009 / 12:28 am

    Good point, Aimee. I’m frankly getting a little tired of the media’s obsession with this dude being the “clean-cut, All-American boy.” First of all, there’s the insulting implication that “All-American” boys are white and blonde, ignoring the many many other races who call our country home, but more than that, I’m so tired of the cliche that “clean-cut,” “upper-middle-class” guys are such unlikely murder suspects. They always drag neighbors before the cameras who say “Gosh! He was such a nice guy! A college student! Engaged to be married!” etc. As if we hadn’t already seen so many white, clean-cut, upper-middle-class guys brought up on murder charges. It shouldn’t be such a shock.

    Anyways, I’m off-topic and blathering. I’m happy that Anselma’s family finally has some answers, but what a shame they’ll get no justice for her death. And good on the legislature for defending the Albuquerque victims as just as worthy of dignity and respect as all of us.

  4. Aimee April 23, 2009 / 1:03 am

    I think they hire neighbors to go before the cameras and say those cliches: “He was such a nice guy!” about the one who shoots escorts for their money; “She was such a good mother!” about the lady who burns down her house and her eight kids with it; “They seemed like sucha devoted couple!” about the pair who knife each other to death; and “What a clean-cut, Boy/Girl Scout type kid!” of the kid who has just shot up his school. And of course the all-time favorite: “(All together now!) “He was quiet, kept to himself.”
    Wonder if there are any job opening for “shocked neighbor to talk to press?”
    Anselma’s case is very sad, not only the manner of her death but of her life as well. Here she was, mentally retarded, but she’s out there turning tricks, has four kids she can’t take care of. And her family can’t even be found to notify them that her body has been id’d. It looks like she couldn’t count on anybody to protect her.

    • Violet LeDoux-Connick May 6, 2009 / 8:01 am

      My mother did have people to support her and protect her its just that they didn’t give us a chance to try! i would of done my best to keep her out of trouble but i know she was trying to take care of me and my brothers and sisters. she isn’t turning tricks either okay! she just was raised in a tough family. she was put in a lot of different situations! She also couldn’t help the fact that she was mentally retarded! she got abused thats why she was that way okay and there was nothing wrong with that!! she is no different then any other human here on this earth!!

    • elisiana Montoya September 23, 2009 / 6:29 pm

      My mom had tons of people that loved her. My adoptive mother wanted to adopt her but the state wouldnt let her. she had people she could have gone to. My sister mentions that she was raised in a tough family. she was.. she is my hero as well as my mom. i never had the chance to know her but i loved her like i did.

  5. Violet LeDoux-Connick May 6, 2009 / 7:55 am

    Anselma Guerra is my mother! this whole situation blew my mind! i am seventeen and no matter what she did i was always going to love her. yes she made mistakes but who doesn’t? I am now seventeen years old. I am married and i have a daughter who just turned a month old. i learned about this March 4th that the detectives working the mesa thought one of those body’s was my mothers! but instead none of them were her because she was found along time ago but i was never told even though i have been looking for her from the time i knew that i was adopted. i do still talk to my foster mother and she is my dear mom just because she was the first woman to raise me! i love her to death! she still is considered my momma. but what happened to my mom was uncalled for! she was trying to get her life together says the people who were working with her from ARCA. but if anyone needs to get more of the story i would be more then happy to let you know. but i do visit my mothers grave as much as i can.! I heard she was a good person, smart, and her smartness was street smart but no matter what she is my blood! she is the woman who brought me into this world and i just want you all to know i am having a hard time dealing with all this. it really does hurt me. but if anyone has anything they need to say or any thing at all you can e mail me/contact me at and i will always reply to every email. i figure this will help me to deal with my issue alot better. i need someone to lean on!! oh and my name is Violet and i will be open to any questions or comments about my mother!

  6. Violet Connick December 23, 2009 / 12:26 am

    This is for my mom. . Anselma guerra. . Mom i miss you. I know all of us have been through so much. I’ll never forget how long it took me to find you. I want you to know that i am talking to your sister (my aunt) she has provided me with so much more information. . Not about all the bad stuff but the good things that are remembered. . I hope you know i pray for you every night hoping that you hear my prayers. . Just know that no matter what you may have done. Its ok. I’m here i’m alive. I’m not dying i’m just stressing about the fact that i could never meet you or talk to you but i know the only way of communication its through my detailed prayers. I love you more then you would ever know. I love you mom. Keep looking over me and know that i’m ok. . I love you. Violet Connick 17yrs old 2009 december. Merry christmas mama. . R.I.P ANSELMA GUERRA! Xoxoxo! You are missed very much!

  7. Elisiana Montoya-Cervantes June 17, 2010 / 11:46 pm

    Hey mom its me ana. i miss you. i wish you were still here maybe you could keep the family together. you see were breaking apart. I know everyone makes their mistakes but the thing that Violet did to me hurt so much. and i know that you really wanted us to stay together and protect and love eachother but its hard mom. I miss you….your grand-daughter is doing great. outta the hospital. mom i just need you now

  8. Violet Connick September 22, 2010 / 7:10 am

    Hey mom,
    I know your looking down on me. I know you have been reaching me threw my dreams. I am happy to know that you want me to be happy. I am doing everything i can to be happy but sometimes i feel like I’m at a dead end. Its like people have no room for forgiveness. I have made my mistakes a lot but i have over come them. I visit your grave as much as possible. I am here and i am listening to what you are saying. I am happy right now. Ive been doing tattoos. I love art and now i have been expressing my self threw that. all the pain i had and all the problems ive over come are now expressed threw my art. But its late so i got to get some sleep. I love you! XOXOXOXOXO!! and your 1st grand daughter is doing very well she is big and will be two years old soon!! but good night!! PS please be there for ana and show her the right paths to take. Try to get threw to her. I dont want her to mess up her life.

  9. RAMONA GARCIA December 11, 2010 / 4:12 pm


  10. Elisiana Montoya December 30, 2010 / 12:11 am

    Hey mom. Im sure you have realised lots has changed. You have another grand daughter, Evelytte. She is going to be one soon. Me and Violet are great! i am so glad that we are sisters. I miss you. I wish you were here to talk to. I really need motherly advice. i wanna make my daughters life the best ever but people make it impossible. I love you. Lifes just hard with out you. XOXOXOXOXOXO
    P.S. Plz help me realise that i have the strength to get through this.

  11. Violet January 29, 2011 / 12:46 pm

    Hey mom,
    I was thinking about you and just wanted to tell you i love you and i miss you so much! Ana and i are doing great and were keeping the family together! Evelytte and sierra are doing great but you may already know there is another baby on the way =) we are hoping for a little boy this time..Mom i love you with all my heart and i am greatful for how you helped me realize that there are certain things in life that you cant change but only i, myself have the power to change my self…Life is hard and hopefully one day ill be able to see you on the other side ❤ Mom you have helped me through a lot..Even though you are not here you have showed me whats right and whats wrong. And i want to tell you that you are in our hearts and that your are LOVED! I talk to your sister Cheral. She is doing ok but how ever im scared she will meet you again soon..She has cancer. Mom i pray every day and i hope you hear them. I LOVE YOU MOM!
    Love Always,

  12. Elisiana Montoya January 30, 2011 / 11:56 pm

    Hey mom,
    just thinkin about you. I miss you so much! I wish you were here to teach me how to let go of someone i love with all my heart. Im trying but i just cant seem to fully let go. Its hard to pretend that i dont care. Im so glad that you gave me a sister to talk to and call in the middle of the night when my tears wont stop. I love you so much. Im going to go visit your grave soon.
    I love you with all my heart.

  13. Elisiana Montoya May 3, 2011 / 8:49 pm

    Hey mom ive just been thinking about you a lot recently. I wish you were here. stephen has a new girl friend and i cant get over the fact that we may never be together again, it makes me hurt inside. He still tells me he loves me and that its me over her any day but why cant any day be today? I am slowly moving on thanks to my girls. I love you with all my hear and sou. i know you in heaven lookin down at us and know that everything will be ok.
    Love Elisiana Montoya<3 love you so so much

  14. jon May 4, 2011 / 10:09 am

    Hi mom how did u find this sis

    • ELisiana July 24, 2011 / 4:06 am

      love you little bro =)

    • Violet September 1, 2011 / 2:51 am

      Lol same way you did lil bro! Google lol silly ❤ ya

  15. mary July 15, 2011 / 4:06 pm

    marie was not retarded shw was a smart girl with an ange problem thats why i sometimes cant believe she was kiled the ay she was she was streets smart. how do they know this guy killed her…what evidence…i get angry just thinking of how they killed her..but one thing i have a peace about…maarie knew the LORD..she knew her saviour but satan was always their to attack to break that generration curse in her life.she loved her kids but had awar going on in her mind. she was smart enough to give them the best by giving them away not raking their lives. she lost hers trying to find her eself..when you saw heer she always had a shout of happiness to see you.. she was a very clean house keeper. she was sad too that sometimes they wouldnt let her into peanut butter and jelly so she could go see the kids… did they ever find their fathers…..i hope youu are all happy that is what she would want you to know. and also all the christian miinistries that were there again,,.of all i believe she would want you to know jesus as your personal lord and savior. that is as easy as asking the lord to forgive you of all your sins,,but you HAVE to mean it from our heart and ask him to come into your heart and live there and guide you. and read the word find a good christian church,,and the lord will send people along your path to confirm this dont look back,,,dont live in unforgiveness bitterness and sorrow and just believe that is why jesus died for you…to forgive you of his sins…becausse that way you know u will see her again..marie had happy heart but would get so angry when people couldnt underatand herr,,,they were too much ina hurry thats how the world is………marie loved her kids…shelovedlife and shewas stong willed

    • ELisiana July 24, 2011 / 4:09 am

      Thank you for the kind words =)

    • Violet September 1, 2011 / 2:48 am

      Thank you for your imput. I greatly appreciate it. May god blees you and your family,,

  16. ELisiana July 24, 2011 / 4:17 am

    Hey Mama,
    SO im doing amazingly great thanks to my girlys Jennifer and Natasha. Stephens still being a butt wipe but i hope that someday it will change. I love you sooo sooo much and everytime i think of you i can feel that empty part in my heart that was ment for you to be there. I hope that God is taking care of you and has showed you the way. I love you so much. YOur GRAND-DAUGHTER evelyttes doing amazing too. MUAH ❤
    P.S. i defended you earlier this week =)( Natasha helped) love you haa
    Elisiana Montoya
    AKA your daughter

  17. Lynette October 25, 2011 / 4:09 pm

    Hey guys you don’t know me but you are my cousins. Im one of the twins , your uncle Francisco daughter. I helped dig for answers when I saw ur moms pic as a possible victim of the WM murdered. It led me to contact ARCA, and they let me know the details about her. Ur comments here led me to tears, I’m so sorry about your loss. You are doing the right thing talking to your mama, she will always love you guys. Being a mom myself, I believe nothing could keep me from the love of my kids. Not even death, so those dreams your dreaming is her way of talking to you :). God bless you guys and I hope to one day meet you all.

    • Violet February 6, 2012 / 10:24 pm

      Hi thank you for your kind words. Please email me asap please that would mean a lot to me i really hope to hear from you i need all the support i can get

  18. Elisiana November 10, 2011 / 11:17 pm

    Dear Lynette,
    Thank you it means so much to me that you care. and wow all i have ever really wanted was to get to know who my family was and where i came from. i also look forward to meeting you someday =)
    I know that my mom is up in heaven looking down on us and guarding us from danger, i just wish i had got to know her before God sent for her. but i’d really like to meet you someday and maybe our children can get to know eachother.

  19. elisiana montoya February 1, 2015 / 11:28 pm

    To this day I’m missing a piece of my heart. I never got the justice you deserved and ill never k now if this killer is still on the loose. I’ll never get to know the woman who gave birth to me, you mom. I love you and think of you everyday!

    • Violet February 13, 2015 / 2:11 am

      I love you sis. I guess I’m not the only one still looking at this page. I am here for you no matter our struggles we need to remain strong. You and Jon are the only family I have (blood line). There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of mom and how proud she would be of us if she knew how we turned out. I love you lil sis. I am always here for you. I too still cry about this. It wasn’t fair. We will never get justice. God knows what’s deserved and what’s not deserved and mom is up in heaven smiling down on us. It not our fault. We will always have this pain. This void and this hurt. The actions of someone else hurt us for the rest of our life’s.

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