Genevieve Munoz’s killer sentenced

According to the Sun Herald, Genevieve Munoz‘s killer has been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to the maximum term of fifteen years in prison. He was the father of her son, who was only three months old when she disappeared in 1994.

Michael Lamb told two different stories about Genevieve’s death; in one story, he accidentally shot her, and in the other, he stabbed her in an argument after she picked up a knife and he got control of it. A police officer was quoted saying, “With his confession, and since the body was never found, we had to accept Mr. Lamb’s theory of the case.” Meaning, I guess, that they think he was guilty of more than manslaughter but they can’t prove it.

Genevieve was only eighteen years old when she died. Her son will never know his mother.

Christopher Robin Coan located

Authorities have found the body of Christopher Coan, an eighteen-year-old boy who’s been missing from Enoch, Utah since September 2007. Apparently he rolled his SUV into a canyon. There were sightings of him after his disappearance which the police apparently believed, but I guess they were all false.

Whenever a person disappears without a trace, and their car vanishes with them, and there’s no evidence of foul play but no evidence they left on their own either, I tend to suspect something like this happened. It’s a shame his family didn’t find him so long, but at least they know he wasn’t murdered.

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