Charges pending in Adam Herrman case?

The police think they now have enough evidence to charge Adam Herrman’s adoptive parents in his disappearance, although they don’t say what charges they have in mind. I’m so glad. The cops have presented the case to the prosecuting attorney to set the wheels in motion. I really, really, really hope the DA jumps on this. Of course I didn’t expect the Herrmans to get away scot-free, but I’m relieved to know something seems to be happening here at last.

At minimum, we’re looking at some serious fraud charges, for all the money they took from the state under false pretenses. The Herrmans admitted to it, so that should be no problem. I have no idea how much time you get for that, but it should keep them on ice for a little while. However, I’m guessing the cops are thinking more about child abuse charges or even murder.

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One thought on “Charges pending in Adam Herrman case?

  1. Anthony April 6, 2009 / 6:11 pm

    I kept seeing “No Comments” on this one and feared it looked lonely.

    Horrendous case, this, and it occurred in my native state, too. But as long as foster parents are so hard to come by, and Child Protective Services is so underfunded (my ex- in TX works for them; they have hardworking, dedicated people but not enough of them, like everywhere else), these kinds of cases are going to happen.

    Sad. Okay, it’s a cliche, true, but as long as, say, pro athletes get hundreds of millions while money for protection for those who can’t protect themselves remains hit and miss—until, then, priorities in our land are straightened out—this type of a result is the residue of our own insanity. And each of us bears a share of the blame.

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