Charges filed in Tiairra Garcia disappearance

Manslaughter charges have been filed against a suspect in the 2008 disappearance of Tiairra Jo Garcia, nine months after she disappeared. The suspect is her boyfriend, Marnicus Antonio Lockhard. He supposedly shot her by accident and let her die without getting medical help. The coroner has issued a death certificate for her.

There are three other suspects in Tiairra’s presumed death: Ashone Mikah Hollinquest, Verla Nicole Spencer and Andrea Rachel Parr. The three of them, and Lockhard as well, were already facing charges of kidnapping Tiairra, and it’s possible they may be charged in her death as well. The cops think her body is on Mount Rainier, buried under a dozen feet of snow.

Why women date dirtbags like Lockhard, I don’t know. The guy is violent, he was reportedly abusive to Tiairra, he carried a gun, he had warrants out for him in two states and he has a criminal record a mile long. Surely she could have done better than that.

Reading about all these women who are victimized by their partners, I feel lucky that my boyfriend treats me well and has never been abusive towards me. He would NEVER hurt me and even if he did injure me accidentally, he could go through hell and high water to get help for me. But I shouldn’t be lucky to have a boyfriend like that. It should come automatically.

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Sad recovery…

Some skeletal remains found near Glide, Oregon have been identified as fourteen-year-old Stephanie Condon, missing since October 1998 from Myrtle Creek, Oregon. She disappeared while babysitting. After over ten years, at last her family can bury her.

I remember reading about Stephanie’s disappearance right after it happened. For about five seconds she was listed as a runaway, but the police quickly concluded she’d been kidnapped. I was thirteen years old when she disappeared. She’s almost exactly a year older than me; she was born on October 8, 1984 and I was born on October 5, 1985. Good student. Volleyball player. All-American girl.

No cause of death has of yet, but it’s presumably a homicide. The cops have a suspect, a convicted sex offender they’ve been looking at since Stephanie disappeared. He’s currently in custody in Nevada on unrelated charges. The Oregon cops are grilling him.

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Two days and I’m already missing my website and wanting to get back to it, especially with this news.

Maurice Jefferson case gets attention

According to this South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, Maurice Jefferson‘s disappearance is being made into a documentary. The sixteen-year-old, red-haired black kid disappeared without a trace, and for no apparent reason, from Fort Lauderdale in 1983.

I’m so glad this case is getting some press. Missing black kids, especially black male teenagers, are very inadequately covered in the media. In fact, I don’t recall a single case of a black teen disappearing and getting more than one or two short articles. And Maurice has been missing for way too long.

Let’s hope this documentary yields fruit, in the form of information from the public about his case. Another article:

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