Computer woes

This morning when I came home from work my computer wouldn’t start. It said it could do some startup repair thing and “any software you installed recently may be erased.” I haven’t installed any software recently, so I said okay. The computer repaired itself and restarted with the same settings it had when I bought it OVER A YEAR AGO.

All the software I’d installed since its purchase has been erased, including but not limited to my Firefox browser (and all the bookmarks, including all the updates I planned to do for the rest of this month), my image editing program, my FTP program, OpenOffice, Civ4, etc. I’m going to have to track those all down and reinstall them one by one, and then try as best I can to recreate my bookmarks. Thank goodness all of my data is still here, it’s just the software that’s missing. If the data had been erased too I would have become homicidal.

It may be a few days before I can resume updates. We’ll see.

Groan. What a way to start the day.