John Doe found in 1967 identified as missing teen

An eighteen-year-old boy missing from Ontario, Canada since April 1967 has been identified as a John Doe located in December of that year. This is the second time this has happened in the same area in recent history; in December 2006, police identified another body they’d found in 1968. That victim was also a teen boy. Police think a serial killer was involved. It reminds me of Dean Corll, or John Wayne Gacy.

After over forty years, it’s unlikely that these young men’s killer(s) will be caught. They may very well be dead by now. But at least their families know what happened to them. A small, hollow consolation. The actions of the Ontario Provincial Police in these cases were commendable; the cases were not so much cold as frozen, but they persevered and now there’s a resolution, of sorts. I wish all the other police departments out there would be so tenacious.

One thought on “John Doe found in 1967 identified as missing teen

  1. Aimee March 11, 2009 / 1:47 am

    I don’t remember if you had him on the Charley Project, but they only recently, within the last couple months, identified a victim of Dean Corll’s. Randell (yes, that spelling, that’s why I remember it offhand) Something. Been gone 35 plus years.
    And Corll was shot to death by one of his accomplices (he had two young guys who would bring him their friends to kill, for a small fee) before the police had any idea what he was up to.

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