Charges pending in Adam Herrman case?

The police think they now have enough evidence to charge Adam Herrman’s adoptive parents in his disappearance, although they don’t say what charges they have in mind. I’m so glad. The cops have presented the case to the prosecuting attorney to set the wheels in motion. I really, really, really hope the DA jumps on this. Of course I didn’t expect the Herrmans to get away scot-free, but I’m relieved to know something seems to be happening here at last.

At minimum, we’re looking at some serious fraud charges, for all the money they took from the state under false pretenses. The Herrmans admitted to it, so that should be no problem. I have no idea how much time you get for that, but it should keep them on ice for a little while. However, I’m guessing the cops are thinking more about child abuse charges or even murder.

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Alycia Mesiti identified

To no one’s surprise, the body found buried in Alycia Mesiti’s backyard has been identified as…Alycia Mesiti. Thanks to Annie Keller for sending me that article. Her father, who has been arrested on drug charges, is considered a possible suspect in her death. No surprise to me. When a person is found buried in someone’s backyard, you naturally focus on the people who lived on the property.

May she rest in peace. I hope her murderer is quickly brought to justice.

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*toots her own horn*

A lady from a newspaper in Massachusetts contacted me today and we did a short interview. She said she might mention me and Charley in her article. Yay!

In other news, the computer did the refuse-to-start thing again today. I decided to try alternatives besides the Startup Repair thing that erased all my software. And lo, I found System Restore, which restores the comp to a previous date, and that worked without me having to reinstall everything!


Some lady in New York has emailed me asking for an interview. She has a contract for a book on missing people in New York and wants to put me and my site in the book. She was saying she’d like to meet me face to face, but of course as I live in Ohio that’s very impractical. She’ll have to settle for the telephone instead.

Being in a book, I think, is even cooler than being in a newspaper.

Woman missing over six years found dead inside her own house

Eunice Lydia Workman (listed as Burwell-Workman on Charley), a 77-year-old California woman, disappeared in December 2002. Just now they’ve found her body buried under a pile of debris inside her own house. Okay, the body hasn’t been officially identified as Eunice’s yet, but whose else could it be?

She apparently was a pack rat and accumulated a whole houseful of crap, and the relatives are only now going through the process of digging it out. Perhaps they wanted to sell the house. I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening before. Most famously, a pair of extremely eccentric recluse brothers in New York City, I think. One of them was blind and pretty much completely disabled. The other took care of him. The able brother was crushed by a pile of their accumulated stuff and the disabled one starved to death with no one to help him. I’ve known people like that, even a certain member of my immediate family, whom I can totally imagine suffocating under a heap of her own stuff someday. It’s so sad. What a way to die.

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Human remains found at missing teen’s house

The police have found human remains at the house where fifteen-year-old Alycia Mesiti disappeared from in 2006. Her family no longer lives there. Alycia was listed as a runaway; she supposedly took some clothes and her dog. The article has photos of her which her Charley Project casefile hasn’t got.

There’s no identity to the remains yet, but this certainly doesn’t look good. It reminds me a bit of the Karen Kamsch case. I would say I hope the body is NOT Alycia, but if it isn’t her then it must be someone else. Either way, some person has been murdered and their loved ones will suffer.

Charges filed in Tiairra Garcia disappearance

Manslaughter charges have been filed against a suspect in the 2008 disappearance of Tiairra Jo Garcia, nine months after she disappeared. The suspect is her boyfriend, Marnicus Antonio Lockhard. He supposedly shot her by accident and let her die without getting medical help. The coroner has issued a death certificate for her.

There are three other suspects in Tiairra’s presumed death: Ashone Mikah Hollinquest, Verla Nicole Spencer and Andrea Rachel Parr. The three of them, and Lockhard as well, were already facing charges of kidnapping Tiairra, and it’s possible they may be charged in her death as well. The cops think her body is on Mount Rainier, buried under a dozen feet of snow.

Why women date dirtbags like Lockhard, I don’t know. The guy is violent, he was reportedly abusive to Tiairra, he carried a gun, he had warrants out for him in two states and he has a criminal record a mile long. Surely she could have done better than that.

Reading about all these women who are victimized by their partners, I feel lucky that my boyfriend treats me well and has never been abusive towards me. He would NEVER hurt me and even if he did injure me accidentally, he could go through hell and high water to get help for me. But I shouldn’t be lucky to have a boyfriend like that. It should come automatically.

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Sad recovery…

Some skeletal remains found near Glide, Oregon have been identified as fourteen-year-old Stephanie Condon, missing since October 1998 from Myrtle Creek, Oregon. She disappeared while babysitting. After over ten years, at last her family can bury her.

I remember reading about Stephanie’s disappearance right after it happened. For about five seconds she was listed as a runaway, but the police quickly concluded she’d been kidnapped. I was thirteen years old when she disappeared. She’s almost exactly a year older than me; she was born on October 8, 1984 and I was born on October 5, 1985. Good student. Volleyball player. All-American girl.

No cause of death has of yet, but it’s presumably a homicide. The cops have a suspect, a convicted sex offender they’ve been looking at since Stephanie disappeared. He’s currently in custody in Nevada on unrelated charges. The Oregon cops are grilling him.

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Two days and I’m already missing my website and wanting to get back to it, especially with this news.

Maurice Jefferson case gets attention

According to this South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, Maurice Jefferson‘s disappearance is being made into a documentary. The sixteen-year-old, red-haired black kid disappeared without a trace, and for no apparent reason, from Fort Lauderdale in 1983.

I’m so glad this case is getting some press. Missing black kids, especially black male teenagers, are very inadequately covered in the media. In fact, I don’t recall a single case of a black teen disappearing and getting more than one or two short articles. And Maurice has been missing for way too long.

Let’s hope this documentary yields fruit, in the form of information from the public about his case. Another article:

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And on a completely unrelated note

The Red Cross finally wrote back. I called them, weeks ago, to ask why they don’t use the blood of the dead for transfusions. I had been curious about this ever since I found out they did this in Russia for thirty years with no problems at all. According to my information, as long as the person has been dead for less than six hours and as long as they didn’t have any nasty diseases, their blood is perfectly okay to put into living people. With the constant need for blood and all the appeals for donors, I asked, why does the RC not take advantage of this resource? After all, they take the blood out during the embalming process anyway, so it’s not like anything is really lost.

So the RC has replied, finally, to my query. They said they don’t use cadavers’ blood because the FDA doesn’t allow it, because of concerns about safety. They ask living donors a bunch of questions to make sure they’re not likely to have any nasty diseases, but you can’t ask a cadaver. Or, you can, but you can’t expect to get an answer. So…nada. My dream of spearheading a revolution in the field of blood transfusion has been squashed flat.

And in other news, a new photo of me. Actually, this pic is about a year old, but it’s the most recent one I have. It’s not very good quality — my boyfriend took it with his cell phone — but he says I look really pretty in it so I thought I’d show myself off.

Me at Jeff Dunham show, April 2008
Me at Jeff Dunham show, April 2008