Miscellaneous ramblings

I have been idle these past few days. I hadn’t blogged in eleven days, and I hadn’t updated in three, until today. No particular reason, I’ve just had other things to do.

I think I will have to add a Contact Page to Charley. Right now I’ve just got my email on the frontpage. However, I’ve been getting way too many inappropriate emails lately. By which I mean people sending me tips on particular cases, potential matches to Does, etc. I say in my FAQ that I am not the person to send such information to, that a tipster should contact the law enforcement agency listed in the casefile. But no one ever reads FAQs really, I guess. I don’t even bother to respond to such emails. Maybe if I put up a Contact Page saying explicitly: “Don’t send me tips that would be better placed in the hands of the police,” people will actually listen. On the plus side, I haven’t gotten any lawsuit threats in ages. A particularly vicious emailer last month said “I hope you get sued,” but I decided that didn’t count since he didn’t say HE was going to sue me.

Today I added Giovanni Gonzalez to Charley. It’s actually a day too early, but the NCMEC gives an August 15 date and by the time I found out he’d actually gone missing on August 16, I’d already done a lot of work on the casefile so I figured, why not, I made this site so I can make the rules and break them if I want.

Giovanni’s case reminds me of the infamous Caylee Anthony and also Sam and Lindsey Porter, who disappeared from Missouri in 2004. Their father sat in jail for months, telling all sorts of outrageous stories about where the kids were, just so he could torture their mother. I think it was eighteen months later that he finally confessed he’d shot both children and he lead the cops to their bodies. Ernesto Gonzalez sounds like the same kind of man, except I’m not at all sure Giovanni’s dead, and I’m quite sure that if he’s dead it didn’t happen the way Ernesto says. In any case, I believe Giovanni has got to be somewhere very close by. Ernesto was a meatpacker; he didn’t have a lot of cash lying around for an expensive trip, and even if he’d had I think the police would have tracked his spending by now. He had no car and he used a bicycle or public transport to get around. So he could only have taken the kid so far. So either Giovanni is being concealed by a third party (but who?) or he’s in a shallow grave or a landfill in the Lynn area. Hopefully the threat of ten years in prison will loosen Ernesto’s tongue, but Daniel Porter didn’t talk even after he’d been threatened with forty years.

Nothing else to say at present.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous ramblings

  1. Emily February 15, 2009 / 8:06 pm

    Thanks for starting this blog. I’ve been reading your site for years, and respected your professional approach to the profiles – keeping that sort of journalistic distance with the subjects, even when the cases are particularly heart-rending, gives your site a lot of integrity.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I doubt other readers would either. But the blog gives you a chance to sound off on cases and give us your theories and opinions. I appreciate hearing about your personal feelings on these cases, and a blog is definitely the best venue for it – maintaining journalistic integrity at the main site while still giving you a chance to sound off.

  2. forthelost February 16, 2009 / 6:17 pm

    At least you don’t seem to get those weird people who claim to be psychic and write me with wild theories that half the time don’t match facts I haven’t posted for one reason or another.

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