Spotlight Case: Charles Hall III

Fifteen-year-old Charlie Hall disappeared from Nashville, Tennessee twenty-seven years ago today. He was last seen that afternoon when he went to walk to his girlfriend’s home, but he never arrived.

I have next to no information on this case. That always frustrates me. Teenage boys don’t seem like very good targets for kidnapping, but there’s got to be some reason why the NCMEC has listed his case as a Non-Family Abduction. I’ve been unable to find any articles in the old newspaper databases, and his common name makes research all the more difficult.

His NCMEC picture shows him wearing a dress shirt, sport coat and bow tie — a school dance, perhaps, maybe the prom? A wedding? He looks as if he’s trying to decide whether or not to smile. His cheeks are still soft — I think he seems younger than fifteen. His hair is done in a poofy Afro, so common in the seventies and eighties.

Someone knows what happened to this boy. Someone knows where he is. I hope that someone comes forward, so Charlie’s family won’t have to wait another year for resolution.


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