Louisiana Repository for Unidentified & Missing People

Today I discovered the Louisiana Repository for Unidentified & Missing People. They have several missing people profiled that Charley doesn’t have, so of course I started adding them. I put up five today.

This site is clearly using Charley Project photographs. Without attribution. (As ever. I believe more sites plagiarize my content than cite it properly, in spite of my generous terms of use and my attempts to prevent such copying. Sigh. Such is the way of the internet.) I have some doubts about the accuracy of some of the casefiles, too. One case I added today, for instance, the LRUMP database gives a date of disappearance in December, but all the other sources I could find listed the date as October.

Nevertheless, it’s another resource, and hopefully it will get bigger and better as time passes. In the meantime, I’ve got a score or so of cases from it to add to Charley.