Chance Wackerhagen

The San Marcos Record did an article about the 1993 disappearance of Chance Wackerhagen. The article didn’t really say much that his Charley casefile doesn’t have already, but at least he got a little bit of publicity after all this time.

It’s a very unusual case, largely because Chance and his father seem to have disappeared without a trace. I’m inclined to think they’re both dead. Lee Wackerhagen was just a truck driver. He would likely have had contacts spread across the country as a result of his job, but he probably didn’t have the money and know-how to completely change his and his son’s identity and walk off the face of the earth. And Chance was old enough to remember his family and he’d be an adult now; I think he would have contacted his loved ones by now if he could have. I’m wondering about the possibility of a murder-suicide, but if so, where are the bodies? Or perhaps Lee and Chance left the country and that’s why there’s been no trace of them.

It’s a shame the Amber Alert wasn’t in existence when Chance went missing. His disappearance would definitely qualify and they might have found him if they’d used an Amber.

He’s out there somewhere. Alive, I hope, but I expect not.

4 thoughts on “Chance Wackerhagen

  1. Celeste December 24, 2008 / 8:23 pm

    Hopefully Chance and his father will be found but 15 years is a long time to wait to find out if a child is still alive.

  2. Gaye Williams June 12, 2009 / 8:09 pm

    When it is your child, you wait forever. My son is alive and I will never stop looking for him. Just because he has not been found does not mean he is dead. Apprarently you do not have children or you would not say 15 years is a long time to wait.

  3. Elijah July 20, 2009 / 7:22 am

    I was a good child hood friend of chance, I still remember when he went missing. I swear i saw him a year later in Corpus Christi Tx at a park but my parents said it wasnt him but i tell you he saw me and he new me. As i looked back i remember seeing him run to a car. My parents said it wasnt him but i think it was, even today i can still remember the boy i saw at the park and it was him. I hope he is alive out there, somewhere.

  4. Trish April 21, 2012 / 10:20 am

    I went to school with Chance… its disheartening knowing that he is still missing. I’ve always hoped for answers someday, to know what happened to that sweet, crazy boy. Maybe one day…

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