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Select It Sunday: Michael Anthony Hughes

September 21, 2014

Selected by Lauren: Michael Anthony Hughes, abducted from his school in Choctaw, Oklahoma in 1994. In the extremely unlikely event that he’s still alive, he’d be 26 today.

I can’t even really begin to summarize his case. (Jennifer Marra wrote the casefile that’s on the Charley Project.) It’s about as sordid as I ever heard tell of, and notorious online. This is a case of intergenerational abduction: Michael’s father, Franklin Delano Floyd (who wasn’t his biological father, it turns out, but had believed he was) also apparently kidnapped his mother when she was a child, although he claims she was abandoned by her parents and we might never know because she’s dead and her true identity has never been established. I’ve read the book about it, A Beautiful Child by Matthew Birkbeck.


It’s kind of a long story. And a very sad one.

Missing person of the week: Jesse Kaslov

September 16, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Jesse Robert Kaslov, one of the Charley Project’s older family abduction cases, missing from South River, New Jersey since January 20, 1998. This case is complicated by the fact that Jesse and his family are American Gypsy/Roma and kind of live off the grid, without much of a paper trail or anything like that. Jesse was only a toddler when he disappeared, and he will turn eighteen come December.

Select It Sunday: Dervish Adili

August 31, 2014

Selected by Ryan, Dervish Adili was last known to be alive in Tok, Alaska on August 13, 1992. When he actually disappeared is anyone’s guess, and it wasn’t reported until 2006. His belongings, including his checkbook and ID, turned up at a campsite in 2000. I don’t think there have been any clues since then.

My guess is that Mr. Adili suffered some mishap while hiking in the wilderness. But we’ll probably never know.

MP of the week: Benito Velasquez

August 19, 2014

Hi all. I went to visit my dad for a few days. I’m back now. This week’s featured MP is Benito Ricardo Velasquez. He disappeared mysteriously with his little son Jose in January 1999.

I have no details on this father and son’s disappearance. Jose isn’t on the NCMEC, and NamUs, for some reason, only has Benito listed and doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. The city they vanished from, Calexico, California, is right smack on the Mexican border and I wonder if whatever happened to this pair happened in Mexico.

Select It Sunday: Everett Thompson Sr. and family

August 17, 2014

Selected by Michael (not my Michael, some other one) all the way back in November 2013: Everett Thompson Sr., who disappeared with his entire immediate family: wife Lydia and sons Andrew and Everett Jr. Missing from Chicago since July 5, 1996.

It’s not very often that an entire family vanishes without a trace like that, and this story reminds me of the sad sagas of the McStay family and the Jamison family. Unlike in those two cases, however, there’s a suspect in the disappearances of the Thompsons: Lydia’s brother, Kenneth White.

White was a violent man, he had threatened his sister and he was living with the family before they vanished. But if he harmed the Everett Sr. and his family, whatever happened may never be known because White killed himself in prison a year and a half after they vanished.

I suppose it’s possible the Thompsons went into hiding to get away from White — in fact there has been speculation as to where they might have run to — but that seems unlikely. It seems like they would have been found by now, or come out into the open after his death. But this case leaves a LOT of unanswered questions. Whose blood was on the clothes in White’s trailer? Where are the bodies?

MP of the week: Gladys Kidd

August 12, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Gladys Stella Kidd, who disappeared from Rowan County, Kentucky in 1990, at the age of 71. In the very unlikely event that she’s still alive, she’d be 95 today.

Her disappearance reminds me of that of Mary Watkins and the other presumed victims of suspected serial killer James Carlin Toliver: a secret boyfriend, a large sum of cash taken from the bank…

MP of the week: AbdulNur Wilson

August 5, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is AbdulNur Wilson, a teenage boy who disappeared from Wilmington, Delaware in 1998. He was listed on the NCMEC site for a long time, classified as a runaway. He’s no longer on there, but he is on NamUs.

Given AbdulNur’s involvement with drugs and the length of time that’s passed since his disappearance, it’s entirely on the cards that he met with foul play. It seems like if he were still in the local area and still alive, they’d have found him by now.

Disappeared: Nathan Edberg, missing 15 years.

July 22, 2014

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edberg header

On April 14, 1999, at about 7:30 PM, a tall, powerfully-built young man walked into Decoy’s Bar and Grill on 4th Street in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, ordered a beer and chatted briefly with the bartender. The bartender, who knew this young man, noted he was unusually cheerful. It’s not known exactly how long he stayed, but at some point in the evening he left and got in his truck, but he left his wallet on the bar at Decoy’s. He then vanished off the face of the earth.

Nathan Edberg, age 21, was remembered as a cheerful, active young man who loved to play basketball. He was also devoted to his three younger siblings. He was going through a rough time in the spring of 1999, having just broken up with a girlfriend of 4 years, and his parents were divorcing. Friends and family had noticed he was depressed…

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Select It Sunday: Sidney Johnston

July 13, 2014

This case selected by Kat: Sidney Edward Johnston, missing since January 22, 1990 from Davenport, Iowa.

There are strange circumstances involved here, and possible evidence of a struggle at his house, including holes punched in the wall. However, I’m not sure if the holes happened around the time he disappeared, because the casefile mentions him having screaming arguments with two acquaintances at his house in the months before he vanished. (For what it’s worth, both of these people passed polygraphs.)

Johnston, always a frugal man and a loner, had been having financial problems and got into legal trouble before he vanished, and he asked his brother for money. At the same time, though, he uncharacteristically gave away $30k. It’s all very strange.

I haven’t updated his case since I added it to Charley in November 2010. Sidney would be 71 if he’s still alive today, which I suppose he could be. His car did disappear with him and was never located.

Iowa Cold Cases has a detailed file for him. A commenter suggests that the changes in Johnston’s behavior before his disappearance could have been caused by a brain aneurysm. I doubt we’ll ever know.

New MP of the week

July 8, 2014

I don’t think I’ll be able to update today — I’m up and around, but still my throat still hurts horribly and I’ve fallen behind on emails and a zillion other things. But here is your missing person of the week anyway: Rita Rahn, who disappeared from Madison, Wisconsin in 1997. I don’t have much on her. I can only hope she’s still alive.


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