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Disappeared: Nathan Edberg, missing 15 years.

July 22, 2014

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On April 14, 1999, at about 7:30 PM, a tall, powerfully-built young man walked into Decoy’s Bar and Grill on 4th Street in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, ordered a beer and chatted briefly with the bartender. The bartender, who knew this young man, noted he was unusually cheerful. It’s not known exactly how long he stayed, but at some point in the evening he left and got in his truck, but he left his wallet on the bar at Decoy’s. He then vanished off the face of the earth.

Nathan Edberg, age 21, was remembered as a cheerful, active young man who loved to play basketball. He was also devoted to his three younger siblings. He was going through a rough time in the spring of 1999, having just broken up with a girlfriend of 4 years, and his parents were divorcing. Friends and family had noticed he was depressed…

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Select It Sunday: Sidney Johnston

July 13, 2014

This case selected by Kat: Sidney Edward Johnston, missing since January 22, 1990 from Davenport, Iowa.

There are strange circumstances involved here, and possible evidence of a struggle at his house, including holes punched in the wall. However, I’m not sure if the holes happened around the time he disappeared, because the casefile mentions him having screaming arguments with two acquaintances at his house in the months before he vanished. (For what it’s worth, both of these people passed polygraphs.)

Johnston, always a frugal man and a loner, had been having financial problems and got into legal trouble before he vanished, and he asked his brother for money. At the same time, though, he uncharacteristically gave away $30k. It’s all very strange.

I haven’t updated his case since I added it to Charley in November 2010. Sidney would be 71 if he’s still alive today, which I suppose he could be. His car did disappear with him and was never located.

Iowa Cold Cases has a detailed file for him. A commenter suggests that the changes in Johnston’s behavior before his disappearance could have been caused by a brain aneurysm. I doubt we’ll ever know.

New MP of the week

July 8, 2014

I don’t think I’ll be able to update today — I’m up and around, but still my throat still hurts horribly and I’ve fallen behind on emails and a zillion other things. But here is your missing person of the week anyway: Rita Rahn, who disappeared from Madison, Wisconsin in 1997. I don’t have much on her. I can only hope she’s still alive.

Make-A-List Monday: People who vanished on Independence Day

July 7, 2014

A pretty self-explanatory title here: people who went missing on July 4, the day we here in the US celebrate our independence.

Dennise Jeannette Sullivan, 1961
Carlene Brown, 1974
Nancy Perry Baird, 1975
Gus Henry Hoffman Jr., 1978
Peggy Jo DeCoteau, 1979
Sherry Melissa Eyerly, 1982
Theresa A. Kawash, 1982
Elizabeth Ann Maggard, 1984
Margaret Elaine Diaz, 1988
Ruth Marlene Mello, 1989
Luke Robinson, 1990
Luther Valentine Smith, 1991
Leonard Lane, 1995
Charles Paradis, 1995
Wanda Lillian Thompson, 1995
Robert Lee Webb, 1995
Peter Connolly, 1996
Sandra Payne, 1996
Adan Jacquez Hernandez, 1997
Quinn Renard Woodfolk, 1998
Brooke Leigh Henson, 1999
Carlos Vicente Carrillo, 2000
Crystal Ann Arensdorf, 2001
Darlene Marie Trujillo, 2001
Letron David Burress, 2002
Marc David Oestrike, 2002
Laverda Sorrell, 2002
Nancy Zoe Dennis, 2004
Christopher Scott Hansen, 2004
Jenett King, 2005
Anthony Joseph Luzio Jr., 2005
Luis Rodriguez-Hernandez, 2005
Jacob Lee Heckart, 2007
George Darrell Herrington, 2007
Joey Lynn Offutt, 2007
Jose Nery Guillen, 2008
Patrick Jay Valente, 2008
Daffne Stephane Cabrera-Mendieta, 2009
Dana Townley Boshell, 2012

Select It Sunday: Teresa Barbusca

May 25, 2014

I decided that, since today is both Sunday on Memorial Day Weekend AND National Missing Children’s Day, this week’s Select It Sunday case would be selected by yours truly. I thought I’d do a child who disappeared on May 25. There weren’t many of those, and I didn’t want to do Etan Patz as he would be too obvious. So I picked Teresa Marie Barbusca, missing from Stockton, California since 1999. She was sixteen and a half.

The Doe Network has a little bit more about Teresa than I do, this information from a Sacramento Bee article that ran in December 1999. Her NamUs profile also provides additional information. I’ll have to update her case. She was last seen in Stockton, but actually lived in Sacramento with her mother’s cousin. She had supposedly been hanging out with street kids, drinking and using hard drugs at the time of her disappearance. Teresa’s mom decided to move to Sacramento to be with her, and Teresa was unhappy about it. She disappeared two weeks later.

There seems to be little doubt that she did in fact run away, at least at first…but what happened to her later on? She was living a risky lifestyle and she’s been missing for fifteen years without a word. I hope she’s still out there and will call home, or call the NCMEC hotline, and at least let them know she’s alive.

Teresa would be 31 years old today. She and I share a birthday.

MP of the week: Leanne Hausberg

May 20, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Leanne Marie Hausberg, a fourteen-year-old girl who disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Brooklyn, New York on March 18, 1999. She’s been missing now for longer than she’d been alive prior to her disappearance. The late nineties was when I first became interested in missing persons cases, and I remember looking at her poster with a certain interest, in part because at fourteen she was relatively young for a runaway.

For years Leanne was classified as a runaway, but it’s unclear what happened to her and her family believes she came to harm. Beyond that I don’t have much on her. If she’s still alive, she’ll be thirty in August.

Select It Sunday: Kristie Moon

May 18, 2014

This week’s case was selected (again) by whereaboutsstillunknown of the blog fame. (Yes, I realize I did another case selected by this person recently.) It was suggested way back in September, over six months ago. Kristie vanished without a trace on October 27, 1999, from the little town of Parsons in western Tennessee. She was 26 years old.

Kristie’s boyfriend, Michael Pearcy, said he dropped her off at her mom’s home; it seems she never made it inside, however. We can’t glean any more information from him because he was shot by the police less than a month later. He opened fire on a cop at a traffic stop, injuring his victim; the officer’s partner returned fire and killed Pearcy. Authorities haven’t named him a suspect in Kristie’s disappearance, but at the time of his death he was wanted for questioning in the death of another man. I can’t find anything about the shooting other than a 79-word blurb in The Commercial Appeal, via Newslibrary.

Obviously that doesn’t bode well for Kristie: the last person to see her had known homicidal tendencies. In fact, rumor has it that he boasted he’d killed her and fed her body to the pigs. As far as I know there’s no actual evidence to back this story up. I wish I knew more about her case besides her connection with Pearcy. Her Charley Project profile is only six sentences long as of this writing.

If she’s still alive, Kristie Annette (Baugus) Moon would be 40 today. The same age as my boyfriend, whose birthday is today.

Select It Sunday: German Machuca

May 11, 2014

Selected by my friend Sean Munger, German Machuca‘s disappearance is, as Sean puts it, “one of the most baffling cases I’ve ever seen on the site. In the top 5.” Given that Mr. Machuca’s circumstances of disappearance section on Charley is only four sentences long, that’s a pretty impressive claim. But Sean may be right.

German Machuca, a smallish Hispanic teenager, only 5’7 tall and of average build, vanished without a trace from Laredo, Texas on March 31, 1990. He was washing his car, and then he was gone. Just like that. Leaving the soap bucket, leaving the water running, for crying out loud.

And that’s all, folks, all I can find on him. No articles, nothing. I haven’t updated his case even once since I started Charley in 2004.

Who walks away while in the middle of washing their car? If something or somebody had distracted him — perhaps someone calling his name — why didn’t he at least turn the hose/faucet off before he went to investigate? Other questions arise: was German wearing rubber gloves or other waterproof gear like galoshes or a rain poncho when he was washing his car? If so, did they find those things? Was the soap bucket found sitting upright, or was it tipped over, spilled, as if in a struggle? Did anyone see anything? Hear anything?

I only know that German Machuca, eighteen and a half years old, chose some very unusual circumstances in which to go missing. It’s almost enough to make a person believe in alien abductions. (I think I did have aliens abduct my Sim in the Sims 3 game while he was working on restoring his classic car one night. But that is neither here nor there.)

German must have family and friends out there still waiting, still wondering. I’d love it if one of them contact me, either by email or in the comments section, to shed some light on the strange circumstances of his disappearance.

New MP of the week: Zeta Gordon

April 22, 2014

Finally changed the missing person of the week: it’s Zeta D. Gordon, a 43-year-old woman who went for a drive after an argument with her husband and never came back. This was in Atchison County, Kansas in the wee hours of October 5, 1992 — my seventh birthday. (I think I got a Baby Rollerblade doll that year.)

It’s not clear what happened to Zeta. On the one hand, her car was found abandoned with her belongings, including her purse, inside. On the other hand, after she went missing there were sightings of her in the area, and some of the witnesses were people who knew her. Her husband, who was never named as a suspect in her disappearance, took his own life in 1997. I don’t know whether they had any children.

If she’s still alive, Zeta would be 65 years old today.

MP news lately

April 11, 2014

I’ve been out of the loop the last ten days, but here’s a couple of things that have happened in the meantime in the missing persons world.

Jenika Feuerstein has been located deceased. The twenty-year-old disappeared from Mesa, Arizona five years ago, on January 3, 2009. Target shooters found her skeletal remains taped inside a container in the desert. Obviously a homicide.

Tommy Lynn Sells, a serial killer, was executed last Thursday. He’s listed as a suspect or person of interest in several Charley Project cases: Lauria Bible/Ashley Freeman, Juanita Bardin and Stefanie Stroh. Yay, more cases for me to update! I might not put up a notice for these ones though.

They’ve started a search for the body of Ladana Wiley, who disappeared from Texas on New Years’ Day, 2000. Ladana’s case has never once been updated in the whole history of the Charley Project. I don’t have much on her.

Thomas Funk‘s family has doubled the reward for information leading to his location. He went missing from Florida in 2011 — another case about which I know little. I’ve got pics of his tattoos though.


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