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MP news lately

April 11, 2014

I’ve been out of the loop the last ten days, but here’s a couple of things that have happened in the meantime in the missing persons world.

Jenika Feuerstein has been located deceased. The twenty-year-old disappeared from Mesa, Arizona five years ago, on January 3, 2009. Target shooters found her skeletal remains taped inside a container in the desert. Obviously a homicide.

Tommy Lynn Sells, a serial killer, was executed last Thursday. He’s listed as a suspect or person of interest in several Charley Project cases: Lauria Bible/Ashley Freeman, Juanita Bardin and Stefanie Stroh. Yay, more cases for me to update! I might not put up a notice for these ones though.

They’ve started a search for the body of Ladana Wiley, who disappeared from Texas on New Years’ Day, 2000. Ladana’s case has never once been updated in the whole history of the Charley Project. I don’t have much on her.

Thomas Funk‘s family has doubled the reward for information leading to his location. He went missing from Florida in 2011 — another case about which I know little. I’ve got pics of his tattoos though.

Select It Sunday: Jamel Montrice Williams

March 30, 2014

This week’s Select It Sunday case was chosen by Orla: Jamel Montrice Williams, who (allegedly) disappeared from the back steps of his mother’s apartment at a Toledo, Ohio housing project on May 25, 1994. He was three and a half years old, going on four. If he’s still alive he’ll be 24 in August.

I say Jamel “allegedly” disappeared on May 25 for the following reasons:

1. None of the family’s neighbors reported seeing Jamel at all since he and his mother and her boyfriend moved into the complex on April 15, more than a month before his reported disappearance, and
2. The police could find no evidence of Jamel’s presence in the apartment.

To cap it off, Jamel’s mom and her boyfriend were uncooperative with the investigation, and the mother refused to provide a DNA sample for comparison with any unidentified remains that should turn up.

It doesn’t look good.

Although he’s of mixed black and white ancestry, Jamel had blue eyes and blonde hair in 1994 and from his (admittedly black and white) pictures, he looks white to me. If he’s still alive, I think people should be looking for a young white man. If he is still alive, he probably doesn’t remember his origins and thinks that whoever raised him are be his parents. I did my usual searches but couldn’t find any new info on this case since I wrote about it nine months ago.

Frankly, I don’t have a lot of hope that he’s alive, but this case is certainly solvable. Chances are multiple people know what happened to little Jamel. It’s not too late for them to come forward with information.

Plea deal in Andrea Parsons disappearance

March 16, 2014

Chester Price, one of two suspects in the presumed murder of Andrea Parsons, has dropped his plea of not guilty of murder and changed it to no contest of reduced charges of kidnapping and manslaughter. (Always a chicken-guano plea in my opinion, “no contest” means the person doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges there’s enough evidence to convict him of the crime.) In exchange, Price gets…ten years in prison. For the death of a little girl.

From this article, the prosecutor explains why: “If we went to trial on a case that has issues because of age, lost witnesses, death of witnesses, you could look at the possibility of a not guilty verdict which would mean there’d be no justice, not even a drop of justice for Andrea.”

This article provides further information on why the state’s case was so weak: It’s twenty years old, there’s no body, the star witness is not credible and he also happens to be dead.

The star witness is Claude Davis, the other suspect in Andrea’s disappearance. He was actually charged in her case, but they screwed that up and had to let him go and because of double jeopardy they couldn’t charge him again. Check out Andrea’s Charley Project casefile for details. I was unaware until now that Davis had died.

All of Andrea’s family has left the area and none of them were in court for the sentencing, but her mother submitted this letter.

Very sad.

Select It Sunday: Reuben Bennett Blackwell

March 16, 2014

Selected by Hannah, all the way back in November. It’s been awhile since I solicited suggestions.

Reuben Bennett Blackwell II‘s case is a profoundly scary family abduction; there’s a very real possibility that the child is dead. He was only three years old when his father, Reuben Sr., abducted him from Clinton, Maryland on May 6, 1996. If he’s still alive, he would be twenty-one.

Little Reuben’s parents were in the process of a divorce and Reuben Sr. had been acting crazy, to the point where, according to the mother, LITTLE Reuben suggested she call the police. He was three years old! Mom did go to the police, and the day Reuben was taken, the police served his father with an order requiring him to move out of the family home. In response he freaked out and fled with his son. A few days later, he sent a letter to his mother describing what his and little Reuben’s funerals should be like.

See what I mean?

To the best of my knowledge, since Reuben Sr. sent that letter there has been NO TRACE of him or his son. Not a single blip on the radar.

The only non-tragic explanation I can think of is that they’ve left the country, but to do that requires a substantial sum of money and a passport, and it would appear that this abduction was spontaneous so chances are Reuben Sr. didn’t have either.

But if they’re dead, where are their bodies?

MP of the week: Asante Willoughby

March 4, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is a slender, handsome-looking black kid with delicate features named Asante Anton Willoughby, who disappeared from Chicago, Illinois on June 21, 1996, at the age of sixteen. The NCMEC doesn’t list him as a runaway; he’s classified as endangered missing. They have nothing else to say about him and I can find nothing about him anywhere else. Missing black teenage boys were not and are not considered good copy by the media; there may be nothing to find.

His case makes me think of Brian Kelvin Andrewin, another black boy the same age and size who disappeared from Chicago a year earlier. He is also classified as endangered missing with the NCMEC, though they used to list him as a runaway. Not saying they’re connected; I don’t have enough info to tell. In fact, I don’t have enough info to even speculate as to what happened to either of these young men.

If he’s still alive, Asante would now be 34. He’s been missing now for nearly as long as he had lived prior to his disappearance. What happened to him? I would love it if anyone who knew Asante (or Brian for that matter) could post in the comments section with their thoughts. Even if they know nothing about his disappearance, they could give a sense of the sort of person he was before he vanished.

New MP of the week, better late than never!

February 26, 2014

I just plumb forgot to change the missing person of the week yesterday. Well, I have no. This time it’s Tu Thi-Cam Tran, a University of Maryland senior who disappeared from Baltimore on November 26, 1990. I don’t have much on her.

Rene Albero Romero identified

February 5, 2014

Four-year-old Rene Alberto Romero is one of those particularly awful cases where the parents abused the child to death and his disappearance wasn’t noticed for some time. He disappeared from Las Vegas, Nevada and the official date of disappearance was given as November 28, 1994; I don’t know if that’s the date he was last seen, or a guesstimate, or the time he was reported missing, or what. It’s always been a kind of special case with me, since I found out the details of what happened to him. His three-year-old brother may have witnessed his murder. Both Rene’s mother and his mother’s boyfriend — who blamed each other for the homicide after they were caught — are serving time for his murder. [EDIT: Actually, it would appear the mother is out now. Sigh.]

Well, I just got word from authorities at the Utah Missing Persons Clearinghouse: a body they found in that state in 1996 has been identified as little Rene. The person who sent me the notice didn’t include any more details, and I have replied asking if there was anything else she could tell me about the UID — just out of curiosity.

I’m so glad Rene has been found. RIP, little one.

Surge in traffic over the weekend

January 27, 2014

According to the Charley Project’s visitor stats, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all saw over 10,000 visits, with over 15,000 on Friday. This is in contrast to the usual eight to nine thousand visits. Besides my frontpage, the most popular page on the site was Nicholas Patrick Barclay‘s casefile.

I think he might have been featured on CNN recently; my friend KC said he saw a program about “an impostor who passed himself off to family as missing son” and said one of their graphics was credited to the Charley Project. KC couldn’t remember the names in the CNN story, but if it wasn’t about Nicholas I don’t know who they could be referring to.

MP of the week, late

January 1, 2014

My apologies: yesterday I was detained in a place without internet access. This week’s MP is Melissa Ann Page, last seen at a bar in Illinois in 1990. Inevitably, foul play is suspected in her disappearance.

Select-It-Sunday: Brandy Myers

December 22, 2013

Selected by Jill V. and Holly. Brandy Myers was thirteen years old and on the small side, not quite five feet tall and well under 100 pounds, when she disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona on May 26, 1992. When the police were searching for the next day they found the body of a teenage girl who looked like Brandy. But she wasn’t Brandy, and wasn’t even identified until almost twenty years later. That homicide remains unsolved and no one knows if it’s related to Brandy’s disappearance.

Brandy has been diagnosed with “brain damage.” I’d like to know the extent of the brain damage and the symptoms. She can’t have been seriously impaired or she wouldn’t have been going door-to-door selling stuff for a school fundraiser. But would her condition have made her a little slow, either mentally or physically or possibly both, and less able to resist an attacker?

I have a contact within the Phoenix PD who promised to give me more information about her, but never got back to me about it. I suppose he’s forgotten.

This is a case with just enough details to frustrate me. I wish I knew more. Maybe one of these days some newspaper will do a big feature article on Brandy’s disappearance.


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