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MP of the week: AbdulNur Wilson

August 5, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is AbdulNur Wilson, a teenage boy who disappeared from Wilmington, Delaware in 1998. He was listed on the NCMEC site for a long time, classified as a runaway. He’s no longer on there, but he is on NamUs.

Given AbdulNur’s involvement with drugs and the length of time that’s passed since his disappearance, it’s entirely on the cards that he met with foul play. It seems like if he were still in the local area and still alive, they’d have found him by now.

Flashback Friday: John Butler

July 18, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday is John Arthur Butler, a tall, skinny fifteen-year-old boy who disappeared from Newport Beach, California on August 21, 1961 — nearly 53 years ago. If still alive, he’d be almost 68 today. He’s not the only John Butler on Charley; there’s also a John Clifton Butler, much older, also missing from California.

Young John’s case was added to the NCMEC a few years ago and he has an AP now as well as two pictures. I don’t have much on him, but his fate is pretty obvious: last seen surfing. Surfboard found but no sign of surfer. I suppose it’s possible he met with some other fate, but the circumstances strongly indicate he drowned.

Make-A-List Monday: MPs who disappeared before they were to testify in court

June 30, 2014

This list was created by regular Charley Project blog commenter Mion. Mion notes, “Of those who disappeared, 54% were male and 46% were female. 75% (21) were white, 17% (5) were black, 4% (1) were Hispanic and 4% (1) were of two or more races. Most of the defendants they were to testify against were charged with drug offenses, or were being sued for financial reasons.”

Woodrow Judge Allen
Calvin Michael Anderson
Louis Balas
Henry Louis Baltimore Jr.
David Barlow
Sandra Denise Barrington
Ramona Lisa Beal
Kelsey Emily Collins
Joshua Scott Curry
Linda Sue Davis
Anthony Vivien Fox
Kevin R. Harkins
Glenn Richard Hustin Jr.
Gailon Leak
Michael D. Mansfield
Ruth L. Martin
Oliver Wendell Munson
Rachel Geraldine Pratt
Sheryl Lynn Rucci
Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
Daniel Sites
Melissa Maureen Sloan
Brenda Starr Snouffer
Lutricia Steele
Thomas Gene Trotter
Angie Denise Tucker
April Susanne Wiss

There’s an honorable mention as well:
Cindy Marie Lesko: “Although she wasn’t officially scheduled to testify against her husband, she was recently given the ability to do so.”

Make-A-List Monday: People Who Disappeared on Walpurgis Night

June 16, 2014

This list was suggested and created by one Eric Cass: people who disappeared on Walpurgis Night, which is to say April 30/May 1. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to be a pagan holiday and the Wikipedia entry says it’s celebrated in one form or another for hundreds of years in the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden. St. Walpurgia was canonized in the 800s.

Amir Kareem Abdou
Cecil O. Baker
Ericka Lynn Ballard
Lahkbir Banwait
Benjamin Joi Barros
Joanne Benner
Theodore Earl Bibb
David Thomas Block
Carlos Tino Bojorquez
Christian James Boldt
Michael James Borges
Jeffrey David Borthwick
Vivian Botz
Rebekah Noel Bramel
Ronald Joe Cole
Jovita Dizon Collazo
Joseph Paul Cordova
Arianna Ivane Davis
Felix Dunn
Tammy Cherie Ellis
Keiosha Marie Felix
Zaylee Grace Fryar
Ruben Gallegos
Mario Angel Gastellum-Villa
Brad Lee Gilmartin
Megan Ginevicz
Carlos Humberto Gonzale
Sherie Ann Graves
Virdell Green Jr.
Alex Geraldo Hernandez
Kawana Lashan Holmes
Toya Ann Cox Jenkins
Sherline Johnson
Vincent Bernard Jurus
Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow
Mitchell B. Lazor
Jun Ma
Travess Shawn Malone
Maria Martinez
Marguerite Mary Mayden
Daniel Patrick McCabe
Michael Mendoza
Judd Miller
Lee Darwood Minner Jr.
Diana Ladene Munyon
Myoung Keun Noah
Leonedes Secundino Orellana
Franklin Jay Osgood Sr.
Michael Pearcy
Denise Lynn Perez
Muni Bart Perzov
Andonios Georgios Petroutsas
Elizabeth Iris Prescott
Ian Ashley Richardson
Michelle Lee Richardson
Jimmy Louis Rogers
Darence Phillip Round
Ethan Ton Kae Farm Saelee
Francisco Javier Sanchez
Lisa Marie Sexton
Victor Dewight Shoemaker Jr.
Melissa Maureen Sloan
Lisa Michelle Stebic
Lutricia Steele
Christopher William Vigil
Georgia Jean Weckler
Dennis Marshal Weeks
Hubert Lee Wilson
Cheryl Schille Wyant
Philip Michael Zarba

Make-A-List Monday: People Who Changed Their Names

June 9, 2014

This is a list of adult MPs who legally changed their names before they vanished. Women who changed their names because they got married or divorced don’t count. I decided children didn’t count either.

Peter Strother Madison (was Peter Scott Gruesbeck)
Neo Babson Maximus (was Charles M. Allen Jr.)
Frank Nash (was Asselin Nash)
Mikalena Nau (was Michelle Nau)
Jessie Shawn Mixon (was Robert Shawn Otis)

This is a really short list but I thought it a worthy topic anyway.

Fun fact: Michael legally changed his name after he turned 18. He has two middle names, and started life as Michael Robert David. Then he changed it to Michael David Robert — simply because he could, for no other reason.

Make-A-List Monday: Car Accidents

June 2, 2014

This list is for people who vanished after getting into a car or other motor vehicle (like an ATV or motorcycle) accident. This has to be shortly after the wreck, not days later or anything like that. Accidents on water (boats, rafts, etc.) do not count, but accidents where the person wound up in a body of water count, and so do accidents where a person merely got their car stuck in a ditch or a muddy place or something. The MPs can be drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Peter Achermann
Brandon Darquice Anderson
Donald Ray Billings
Solomon Clay Blow
Lori Ann Boffman (maybe)
Russell Bovit
James Roy Bridenstine Jr.
Gary Shawn Bryant
Lacey Marie Buenfil
Patrick Francis Carnes
Toni Danieele Clark (maybe)
Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
Roosevelt Copes
Perry Otto Corlew
Rayfield Crume
Anthony Eugene Davis
Theodore Leonard Dengerud
Donald Weston Dugger
Bruce Falconer
Shane Michael Fell
Austin Dominique Fuda
Shai Gitlis
Katie Michelle Gray
Mickey James Guidry
John Scott Hahn
James Reginald Harley
Larry Charles Haynes
Joseph David Helt
Robin Denise Appel Herring
Richard Hills
Robert Ray Honeycut
Patrick Lynn Hume
Bobby Jones
Leland Alton Jones
Abraham M. Kalaf
Darrel Wayne Kempf
Ronald Brett Kinser
Julian Rene Kirchoff
Kristi Suzanne Krebs
Gary Dale Mathias
Patricia Bernadette Meehan
William L. Meehan (maybe)
Cornelia Meyer
Thomas Patrick Mooney
Maura Murray
Ricky Lynn Nelson (maybe)
Charles Palmer V
Jan Pattison
Cathy Hicks Parrott (maybe)
Doug Pearce
James Anthony Reynolds
Ann Linda Riffin
Shannon Elizabeth Rishel
Bradley Dale Ross II (maybe)
Bob Sabaratnam
Jason William Noble Saul
Alexander Edwin Shaw IV
Lisa Noel Sledge
Harry Edward Stewart
Jon Dana Snyder
Brandon Victor Swanson
Eubah G. Thornton
Georg Weber

Disappeared: Lee Cutler, missing 7 years.

May 27, 2014

Originally posted on

cutler header

The disappearance of Lee Sterling Cutler, age 18, from Buffalo Grove, Illinois is one of the more famous missing persons cases of the past decade, having been profiled on an episode of the Disappeared show on Investigative Discovery. I find it interesting not simply because of the mysterious circumstances of his case, but because Lee himself seems to have been a very interesting person; he is the first missing person I’ve profiled on my site that is also filed under the category Interesting People.

First, the case itself. Lee, age 18, was a senior at Adlai Stevenson High School in  Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He was quite contemplative and religious, very active in a local Jewish synagogue and a Jewish youth organization of which he was one of the leaders. The Disappeared show highlighted his introspective nature, journal-writing and his relatively intense, but friendly, personality. On October 20, 2007, he left…

View original 665 more words

Make-a-List Monday: Central American MPs

May 26, 2014

Missing persons who are native to a Central American country — as defined between Guatemala and Panama.

Costa Rica
Nobody (though there are several who are thought to be there, or planned to travel there, or had been there before they went missing)

El Salvador
Sandra Yaneth Aguilar-Granados (I think)
Oscar Giovanni Garcia-Calles
Samuel Esay Garcia-Calles
Katya Marie Lyne
Senovia Medina
Cecilia Elizabeth Newball
Kimberly Abigail Orellana
Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
Eric Fernando Salguero Franco

Adrian Garcia Najera
Francisco Javier Sanchez
Rolando Schweikert
Romeo Sierra-Portillo

Melvin Eduardo Turcios Cedillo
Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
Isabel Rodriguez

Donald Marcelino Alvarez-Vallecillo
Yansis Massiel Juarez
Blanca Elisa Roberson

Tilsia Peralta Martinez

Make-A-List Monday: Minors With Tattoos

May 19, 2014

Continuing with the tattoo motif: MPs under the age of 18 who have, or may have, tattoos.

Estrella Guadalu Arevalo-Ceja, 15
Teresa Marie Barbusca, age 16
Rochelle Denise Battle, age 16
Tarasha Benjamin, age 17
Stephanie Lynn Benton, age 17
Amy Billig, age 17
Jody Lynn Brant, age 16
David Antonio Cambray, age 16
Julian Carroza, 13
Nachida Keota Chandara, 15
Josephine Yvette Cogburn, age 16
Brandy Natasha Cole, age 17
Jennifer Lynn Conroy, 15
Andrea Leigh Cotton, age 17
Trevor Dean Craven, age 17
Carol Elaine Donn, age 17
Robert William Dornbach, age 17
Abigail Estrada, 13
Melissa Fadden, 13
Bryan Keith Fisher, age 16
Jesse Gabriel Florez, 14
Ronald William Frye, 15
Michael James Gaughan, age 17
Wayne Kareem Goff, age 17
Gabriela Leticia Gonzalez, 14
Tineshia Rene Jackson, age 16
Paige Valisa Johnson, age 17
Lakisha Danielle Jones, 15
Sabah Nasheed Karriem-Conner, age 16
Cindy Irene King, 15
Jessica Anne Kinsey, 14
Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow, 14
Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll, age 17
Tami Faye Kowalchuk, age 17
Ruth Ann Leamon, age 16
Sylvia Ann Lee, age 17
Patricia Loya, 15
Katya Marie Lyne, 15
Morgan Keyanna Martin, age 17
Jamie Michelle McChurin, age 16
Peter John McColl, age 16
Tammie Anne McCormick, 13
Sheyannah Diamond McGlone, age 16
Joey Miller, 13
Sophia Felecita Moreno, age 16
Juanita Jean Nelson, age 17
Tracy A. Pickett, 14
Devinee Maria Priscilla Pingul, age 17
David J. Reynolds, 15
Destry Richard Rhinehart, age 16
Alma Violet Root, 14
Tammie Sue Rothganger, 15
Misael Margarito Sanchez, age 16
Paul David Sanders, age 16
Karissa Alline Schell, 14
Mark William Seelman, age 16
Randy Lee Sellers, age 17
Donald Ferry Shafer, 15
Jason William Noble Saul, age 17
Jamie Lynn Southgate, 15
Ashley Nicole Summers, 14
Aaron Lamar Turner, age 16
China Renee Videon, age 16
Ryan Burgess Weiter, age 16
Glenna Jean White, age 16
Jonnie Renee White, age 16
Heide Dawn Wilbur, age 16
Asante Anton Willoughby, age 16
AbdulNur Wilson, age 17
Yusuf Abdul Wilson, age 17
April Susanne Wiss, age 16

Make-a-List Monday: Photographs of Tattoos

May 12, 2014

A list of MPs with tattoos for which I have photographs or drawings. This may be incomplete though.

Raed Nayef Al-Farah
Adrian Anderson
Lucely Aramburo
David Sosa Arrieta
Cecil O. Baker
David Sam Bartlett Jr.
Charles Dwayne Bell
Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
Rose Marie Bly
Alex James Buonassisi
Joseph Michael Bushling
Nicole Sherese Cearo
Marie Jane Carlson
Samantha Anne Clarke
Jeremiah Matthew Claypool
Christopher Lee Cook
Trevor Dean Craven
Athena Joy Curry
Stephen Joseph Davaris
Bethany Anne Decker
William Francis DiSilvestro IV
Bethanie Lynne Dougherty
Alan Rhys Dowden
Leann Faulk
Stefanie Adee Francique
Earnest Edward Francis
Tabitha Lynn Franklin
Wojciech Fudali
Thomas Edward Funk Jr.
Tracey Leigh Gardner-Tetso
Theresa Rena Green
Eric Haider
Glen Allen Hardiman
Robin Joy Heitger
Jason Roy Henderson
Paul Richard Hodgden
Shelley Corinne Hoke
Emillie Victoria Hoyt
Jerry Dwayne Isenhour
George Erick James
Keith Kenton King
Lisa Marie Knight
Nicole A. Konanec
Thomas Edward Lamoree II
Robert Joel LaPergola Jr.
Risha Aleena Lewis
Nieko Anthony Lisi
Toni Dean Long
Derek Joseph Lueking
Wendy Martinez
Myair Adura Mathis
Joseph Muelbl
Kenny Manuel Naidas Jr.
Colleen Elizabeth Perris
Lonnie Cory Perry
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
Jesse Glen Pinegar
Geno Samuel Ranelli
Edward A. Ratynski Jr.
Jean Baptiste Reamer
Curtis Douglas Reich
Kenneth John Ritchie
Naomi Monica Shalom Sanders
Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
Rebecca Jean Sewell
Brian Randall Shaffer
Megan Nicole Shultz
Domanick Reagan Still
Martin Stofej
Kortne Ciera Stouffer
Dean Toshio Tanaka
Joel G. Thompson Jr.
Andrew James Torii
Adan Andrada Velasco
Carla Vicentini
Michael Jay Amico Wallace
Jason Williams
John Douglas Wisniewski Sr.
Matthew Stephen Wood
Paul Cecil Worsham
Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman


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