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Make-a-List Monday: MPs with many siblings

October 20, 2014

This list is for MPs who have six or more brothers and sisters (half-siblings and adopted siblings count). I’ve got six of my own. The largest family I’ve ever personally encountered (or should I put the word family in quotes?) is this one guy who told me his sailor father had fifteen known children by thirteen women in seven states and three countries. I’m sure there are more people on Charley who could go on this list but I don’t usually know family sizes.

Star Gail Boomer
David Cook
Josephine Doris Despard
Thomas Estevis
Tina Marie Finley
Augustine Lee Floyd
Marchelle Hansen
Johnnie Joe Herrera
Sue Carol Laimer
Brenda Gail Lambert
Elizabeth Ann Miller
Mary Agnes Moroney
Oscar James Nedd
Michele Reidenbach
Naomi Monica Shalom Sanders
Leigh Frances Savoie
Ke’Shaun Bryant Vanderhorst

Constance Jeannette Anderson
Paul Henry Armstrong
Henry Louis Baltimore Jr.
Sandra B. Bertolas
Patricia Joan Chesher
Jan Andre Cotta
Brenda Cecilia Crowley
Thomas L. Duesterhaus
Thomas J. Hearn
Frederick Andrew Holmes
Roland Wayne Lucas
Destry Richard Rhinehart
Alicia Amanda Stokes
Maurice Dale Wing

Austin Eugene Bryant
Edward Dylan Bryant
Molly Laura Dattilo
Jimmy Davis
Phyllis Davis
Frances Blanche Groves
Clark Toshiro Handa
Anthony Peter Tumolo
Bonnie Woodward

Debra Jean Asbury
Jacob Cabinaw
Kevin Andrew McCarthy Collins
Patrick Joseph DiFrancesco
Elizabeth Ann Gill
William Joseph Jamison
Kenneth A. LaLima
Marilyn Renee McCown
Edwina Atieno Onyango
Robin Michelle Smith
Betty Dolly Sodder
Jennie Irene Sodder
Louis Erico Sodder
Martha Lee Sodder
Maurice Antonio Sodder
Pamela Marie Boutte Watson
James Michael Welter

Charles Fletcher
Daniel McCoy Moses
Nancy Marie O’Sullivan

Mary Edna Badaracco
Hattie Gertrude Brown
Anita Kay Drake
Reed Taylor Jeppson
Henry Arthur Moreno
William James Simon
Leonard Taku
Agnes Ann Young

Al’Quon Flowers

Brian C. Carrick
Hang Lee
Joel Mark Wells
Donna Shareen Wright

Victor John Theel

Myrtle Ann Green Hudson

Daniel Barter
Robert Joseph Fritz

Make-a-List Monday: Multilingual

October 13, 2014

This list is for missing people who are fluent in two or more languages. As with the last list, I will include those languages in parentheses. And as with the last list, chances are there are more people in Charley that fit this criteria than I know about. I am excluding anyone under four years old, on the idea that they’re not fluent in anything yet.

Laura Ayala (Spanish)
Gunnar D. Berg (Japanese)
Kianna Berg (Japanese)
Kenneth Anthony Chacon (Spanish)
Michelle Enid Delfi-Feliciano (Spanish)
Piotr Drabik (Polish, Russian)
Brenton J. Garmire (Spanish)
Gilbert Mark Gilman (Arabic, Chinese, Russian)
Jiovany Gomez (Spanish)
Arisoneide Oliveira Gosselin (Portuguese)
Ann Gotlib (Russian)
Karen Rosalba Grajeda (Spanish)
Ylva Annika Hagner (German, Swedish)
Youssef Nabil Elsayed Hassan (Arabic)
Sean Ogawa Hillman (Japanese)
Deniese Shalize Hiraman (Guyanese)
Craig L. Hoskie (Navajo)
Marina Tiffany Kaneda (Japanese)
Darrel Wayne Kempf (Spanish)
Irene Kouame (French)
Adam Benjamin Lake (Spanish)
Hang Lee (Hmong)
Carlos Andres Luke (Spanish)
Edward Lee Melanson (Korean)
Irina Malezhik (Russian)
Shannon Denise Melendi (Spanish)
Gerald Montrio (Spanish)
Mary Elizabeth Nunes (Spanish)
Alfredo Miguel-Angel Perez (Spanish)
Diona Maria Peterson (Japanese)
Andonios Georgios Petroutsas (Greek)
David Ronnal Provost (Spanish)
Margaret Isabel L. Sandige (Spanish)
Doh Soe (Thai)
Dang Tang (Vietnamese)
Arkadiy Tashman (Russian)
Barbara Zakon (Polish, Yiddish)

Make-a-List Monday: No or limited English

October 6, 2014

MPs who spoke little or no English at the time of their disappearances. There are probably a lot more on here than I include on this list. I have their primary language, if I know it for sure, in parentheses. I’m not going to make any assumptions; the guy from Korea probably speaks Korean, but it doesn’t say that so I didn’t list his language. Most of these people are either visitors or immigrants to the United States. I’m not including people who are unable to speak English due to some physical or mental disability.

Vyacheslav Arjkadyevich Akopov (Uzbek)
Galina Morozova Brown (Russian)
Rosa Marie Camacho (Spanish)
Anton Cesnjevar (German)
Young Hwan Chang
Nelida De Jesus Del Valle (Spanish)
Lian Fang Feng (Chinese)
Juan Flores
Bani Galicia
Luis Osvaldo Diego Garcia
Delfina Soledad Esiquio Guzman (Mixtec)
Adan Jacquez Hernandez (Spanish)
James P. Higham III (Japanese)
Stanina Ignjatovic
Yansis Massiel Juarez (Spanish)
Qaisra Khan
Hee Chol Kim
Sabino Llona-Saenz
Margarita Medina (Spanish)
Gabriel Ovando
Oscar Garcia Quintanilla (Spanish)
Karla Carolina Rodriguez (Spanish)
Luz Daris Rodriguez
Philistin Saintcyr (Haitian Creole)
Felipe Santos (Spanish)
Federico Ventura Supnet (Ilocano)
Melchor Tabag
Mouy Tieng Tang
Ducong Trinh (Vietnamese)
Carla Vicentini (Portuguese)
Yuan Xia Wang (Mandarin Chinese)
Masumi Watanabe (Japanese)
Valerie Wojcik (Polish)
Yuen Kwang Wong
Sifeng Wu
Pietro Zarfino (Italian)

Make-a-List Monday: Shoeless

September 29, 2014

A list of people who weren’t wearing shoes, or might not have been wearing shoes, when they disappeared. I’m excluding people who were last seen swimming and therefore obviously sans shoes.

Breiton Scott Ackerman
Lucely Aramburo
Laura Ayala
Kristy Lynne Booth
Carrel Brady
Marco Antonio Cadenas
Jennifer Rayleen Casper-Ross
Cynthia Laura Castellano
Jeffery C. Cockrum
Annalycia Maria Cruz
Monica Cassandra Carrasco
Joshua Jayvaughn Davis Jr.
Eva Gerline DeBruhl
Robert Clarence Dunbar
Corey James Edkin
Randi Layton Evers
Ellis Faison Sr.
Angela Marie Gilbert
Jeremy James Grice
Robert L. Grossman
Tammy Ann Hill
Tamika Howard
Christopher Brent Hutson
Tyler Jennings Inman
Gail Lorraine Joiner
James Richard Keen
Chad Richard Kirkendall
David Thomas Kramer
Renee Martine Lamanna
Cassandra Nadine Landrum
James Dupree Lewis Jr.
Jeffrey Leland Lowery
Marjorie Christina Luna
Aliayah Paige Lunsford
Awilda Marrero
Jennifer Lee Martin
Cayce Lynn McDaniel
Kathleen Anne Meyer
Carlee Jade Morse
Larry Ely Murillo
Taj Narbonne
Torey Clarke Newlin
Dana Evon Null
Timeka Donyale Pridgen
Sheila Renee Quinn
Jose Alberto Ramirez
Ernest John Schmidt
Christene Nickle Seal
Shannon Marie Sherrill
Katie Faye Sinclair
Cynthia Lynn Sumpter
Vinyette Trudy Teague
Daffany Sherika Tullos
Margaret Ann Unger
Alice Mae VanAlstine
April Irene Vlk
LeeAnna Susan Marie Warner
David Edward Wetzel

Make-a-List Monday: Child abuse homicides

September 22, 2014

In honor of little Wallace Guidroz, this list is for all the Charley Project children who were allegedly murdered by their caregivers. I’m only taking the names from the Corpus Delicti convictions list. (Imagine how depressingly long this list would be if I also included all the SUSPECTED child abuse homicides out there.) I also don’t include every case where a parent/step-parent/babysitter/whatever killed a kid; for instance I don’t think Jay-Quan Mosley counts; in my eyes it was just a regular old murder, not a child abuse murder.

Kynande Kalehje Bennett, 4 — killed by mother; both parents were indicted but only mother was convicted. There’s no confession here but the police believe Kynande was killed accidentally as a result of child abuse.
Logan Nathaniel Bowman, 5 — killed by mother and possibly her boyfriend. Mom pleaded guilty and testified against the boyfriend at trial, but he was only convicted of child neglect.
Nicole Lynn Bryner, 3 — killed by mother’s boyfriend and buried by him and the mother. This is a case where, supposedly, Nicole mysteriously died after being slapped once. As in Wallace’s case I think there was probably a lot more than that.
Lauryn Dickens, 9 months — killed by mother, who has confessed and pleaded guilty to murder.
Andrea R. Gonzalez, 5 — killed by father and stepmother. Father was convicted of manslaughter; stepmother was charged with murder but only convicted of child abuse. Stepmother admitted she’d caused Andrea’s death but says it was an accident.
James P. Higham III, 16 — killed by his one or both of his two guardians. One pleaded guilty to child endangerment and the other to reckless homicide. One of only two teenagers on this list, James was developmentally disabled.
Kendrick Terrell Jackson, 3 — killed by his father, who was convicted of murder but maintains his innocence.
Angelique James, 4 — killed by her mother, who pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter.
A’Shia Monique Jenkins, 2 months — killed by her father, who confessed and pleaded no contest to manslaughter.
Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins, 2 — killed by his aunt, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He was autistic and non-verbal.
Ashley LaShay Jones, 4 — killed by her aunt, who was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Bianca Lily Jones, 2 — killed by her father, who maintains his innocence but was found guilty of murder and child abuse.
Tiana Neshelle Martin, 10 — killed by her aunt, who was her guardian. She was convicted of second-degree murder.
Jozlynn Mari Martinez, 2 — killed by her mother’s boyfriend, who admitted to smothering her and was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Justina Morales, 8 — killed by her mother’s boyfriend, who was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter. He admitted to causing her death but said it was accidental.
Alexander Sol Olive, 4 — killed by his father, who was convicted of second-degree murder.
Tyler Christopher Payne, 4 — killed, along with his younger sister, by his father and stepmother. The sister’s body was found, but not Tyler’s. The stepmother pleaded guilty to second-degree murder; the father was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. This is as horrific a crime as I ever heard tell of.
Megan Lee Ann Pratt, 3 — killed by her stepfather and her mother. The mother pleaded guilty to child abuse and the stepfather to second-degree murder.
Alexia Anne Reale, 5 — killed by her mother and stepfather, who thought she was possessed and forced her to drink bleach to rid her body of demons. They were both convicted of murder.
Christina Marchell Richart, 14 — killed by her uncle’s wife, who was one of her guardians, her husband being the other. The aunt pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Christina is one of only two teenagers on this list; the other is James Higham.
Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton, 1 — killed by her father after he abducted her from her mother. He maintained his innocence but was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Tiffany Roberts, 3 — killed by her mother, who pleaded guilty to murder. I have very little information on this case.
Luis Angel Sanchez, 3 — killed by his mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend was found guilty of manslaughter and the mother of being an accessory.
Kyeimah A. Spann, 6 — killed by her mother, who confessed to it and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Alexandria Christine Suleski, 5 — killed by her father and stepmother, who were later found guilty of kidnapping (?), murder and child abuse.
Aarone Thompson, under 6 — killed by her father and probably her stepmother. Father was found guilty of murder; stepmother died before charges could be filed against her. Aarone wasn’t reported missing for some time, maybe as long as 18 months, after her disappearance, so she was probably only four or five at the time of her death.
Logan Lynn Tucker, 6 — killed by his mother, who was convicted of first-degree murder.
Alicia Breann Versluis, 3 — killed by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who were both convicted of second-degree murder.

A surprising number of these children were drowned: I count four, maybe five.

Make-a-List Monday: Pearl Jewelry

September 14, 2014

This list is for MPs who were wearing pearl jewelry when they went missing. I have decided to boycott the stuff myself, ever since I found out that many oysters actually die from pearl culturing. I think it’s cruelty to animals, even if they are only oysters.

Some of these may be artificial pearls.

Stevie Danielle Bates
Maria Pomona Cruz Estrada
Ada Jane Groomes
Georgeann Hawkins
Cynthia May Hernandez
Sheila Ann Lopes
Shirley Mae Hunt
Christine Marie Markey
Cindy Lee Mellin
Amber Elizabeth Scholz
Karen Lynn Tompkins

[EDIT]: Okay, I made a mistake in my dates. This was supposed to run tomorrow. Oh well. Today will just be Make-a-List Sunday.

Make-a-List Monday: Burned-out cars

September 8, 2014

This is a list of MPs whose cars were found burned after their disappearances. Obviously this is not a good sign; usually that means the MP came to harm and someone was trying to destroy evidence.

Monica Renee Bowie
Jody Lynn Brant
Justin Lane Bressman
Marilyn E. Brinson
Alesha Brookshier
Danielle Tamara Brown
Deandre Nativoni Brown
Eugene Brown III
Hattie Gertrude Brown
Jeramy Carl Burt
Felicia Cochran
Azaren Cordova
Kenny Dwayne Ebarb
Glenda Gail Furch
Aleman Bautista Gustavo
William Russell Henry
Margaret Maureen Heuser
Artdrunetta Lareann Hobbs
Bobby Joe Horn
Francisco Huizar
U-Roy Alphonso James
Jimmy Dean Johnson
Earl Bubba Kidder Jr.
Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
Baltazar Lopez
Sheree Marie Magaro
Jim Craig Martin
Perry Grant Matheson
Paula Louise Merchant
Shelley Mook
Wayne Moore
Dori Anne Myers
David Edward Parker
Doug Pearce
George Wayne Pooler
Kay Frances Reed
Juanita Reedy
Melisa Maureen Sloan
Jose Eliaz Solier
Gary James Swanson
Pernell Lloyd Tewangoitewa
Raymond Clifford Thomas III
Bill Dwayne Wheeler Sr.
Wendell Williams
Tracy Lynn Winslow

Make-a-List Monday: Sapphires

September 1, 2014

This list is for people who were wearing some kind of sapphire jewelry when they disappeared. A bit of gemstone education: most people think of sapphires as being a deep blue, but they can actually come in any color except red. (Red sapphires are called rubies.) Sapphires are a mineral called corundum, which is the hardest on earth except for the diamond.

Rosio Monica Beltran
Veronica Jill Blumhorst
Susan Carol Cassell
Hope Renee Curry
Erica Lee Fraysure
Shelayah Renee Gonzalez
Angela Gray Hamby
Rochelle Maria Ihm
Hazel Alice Klug
Gloria White Moore McDonald
Kateri Marie Mishow
Henry Arthur Moreno
Raymond Troy Peters
Michelle Lee Rust
Amber Elizabeth Scholz

Make-a-List Monday: Swimmers

August 25, 2014

People who disappeared while swimming. (I mean voluntarily swimming, no “boat capsized” or the like.) No prizes for guessing what must have happened. :-(

Jefferson Brian Arms
John F. Bolden
Dennis Allen Cyncor-McMillan
Joseph Michael Gutierrez
Greg Mickey
Efren Ramirez Sandoval
Daniel Ray Turpin

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #5

August 18, 2014

It’s been nearly a year since I did a list of MPs missing from state capitals. But here we go. The next five states, in alphabetical order, are Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Missouri.

Boston, Massachusetts
Robin Nadine Benedict
James Bratsos
Nelida DeJesus Del Valle
David Frank Jr.
Orlando Ledesma

Lansing, Michigan
Laura Lee Alber
Robin B. Beers
Lindall Ray Benedict
Derick Noble Brown
Jonas Shota Daikaibush
Owen Keita Daikaibush
Krista Robin Lueth
Allen Edward Person

St. Paul, Minnesota
Maria Guadalupe Adame-Lucas
Laurie Ann Feiner
Todd Jay Hanson
Benard Joseph Hudalla
Hang Lee
Geno Samuel Ranelli
Virginia Mary Tobkin
William Campbell Underhill

Jackson, Mississippi
Micky Coleman
Annie Laurie Swaim Hearin
Abraham Jonathan Ramirez
Robert Sheriff
Daffany Sherika Tullos
Willie Michael Wheaton

Jefferson City, Missouri
Jeffrey L. Ashford
Douglas Brucks
Daryl Alphonse Wilkes


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