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Make-a-List Monday: Pearl Jewelry

September 14, 2014

This list is for MPs who were wearing pearl jewelry when they went missing. I have decided to boycott the stuff myself, ever since I found out that many oysters actually die from pearl culturing. I think it’s cruelty to animals, even if they are only oysters.

Some of these may be artificial pearls.

Stevie Danielle Bates
Maria Pomona Cruz Estrada
Ada Jane Groomes
Georgeann Hawkins
Cynthia May Hernandez
Sheila Ann Lopes
Shirley Mae Hunt
Christine Marie Markey
Cindy Lee Mellin
Amber Elizabeth Scholz
Karen Lynn Tompkins

[EDIT]: Okay, I made a mistake in my dates. This was supposed to run tomorrow. Oh well. Today will just be Make-a-List Sunday.

Make-a-List Monday: Burned-out cars

September 8, 2014

This is a list of MPs whose cars were found burned after their disappearances. Obviously this is not a good sign; usually that means the MP came to harm and someone was trying to destroy evidence.

Monica Renee Bowie
Jody Lynn Brant
Justin Lane Bressman
Marilyn E. Brinson
Alesha Brookshier
Danielle Tamara Brown
Deandre Nativoni Brown
Eugene Brown III
Hattie Gertrude Brown
Jeramy Carl Burt
Felicia Cochran
Azaren Cordova
Kenny Dwayne Ebarb
Glenda Gail Furch
Aleman Bautista Gustavo
William Russell Henry
Margaret Maureen Heuser
Artdrunetta Lareann Hobbs
Bobby Joe Horn
Francisco Huizar
U-Roy Alphonso James
Jimmy Dean Johnson
Earl Bubba Kidder Jr.
Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
Baltazar Lopez
Sheree Marie Magaro
Jim Craig Martin
Perry Grant Matheson
Paula Louise Merchant
Shelley Mook
Wayne Moore
Dori Anne Myers
David Edward Parker
Doug Pearce
George Wayne Pooler
Kay Frances Reed
Juanita Reedy
Melisa Maureen Sloan
Jose Eliaz Solier
Gary James Swanson
Pernell Lloyd Tewangoitewa
Raymond Clifford Thomas III
Bill Dwayne Wheeler Sr.
Wendell Williams
Tracy Lynn Winslow

Make-a-List Monday: Sapphires

September 1, 2014

This list is for people who were wearing some kind of sapphire jewelry when they disappeared. A bit of gemstone education: most people think of sapphires as being a deep blue, but they can actually come in any color except red. (Red sapphires are called rubies.) Sapphires are a mineral called corundum, which is the hardest on earth except for the diamond.

Rosio Monica Beltran
Veronica Jill Blumhorst
Susan Carol Cassell
Hope Renee Curry
Erica Lee Fraysure
Shelayah Renee Gonzalez
Angela Gray Hamby
Rochelle Maria Ihm
Hazel Alice Klug
Gloria White Moore McDonald
Kateri Marie Mishow
Henry Arthur Moreno
Raymond Troy Peters
Michelle Lee Rust
Amber Elizabeth Scholz

Make-a-List Monday: Swimmers

August 25, 2014

People who disappeared while swimming. (I mean voluntarily swimming, no “boat capsized” or the like.) No prizes for guessing what must have happened. :-(

Jefferson Brian Arms
John F. Bolden
Dennis Allen Cyncor-McMillan
Joseph Michael Gutierrez
Greg Mickey
Efren Ramirez Sandoval
Daniel Ray Turpin

Make-a-List Monday: State Capitals #5

August 18, 2014

It’s been nearly a year since I did a list of MPs missing from state capitals. But here we go. The next five states, in alphabetical order, are Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi and Missouri.

Boston, Massachusetts
Robin Nadine Benedict
James Bratsos
Nelida DeJesus Del Valle
David Frank Jr.
Orlando Ledesma

Lansing, Michigan
Laura Lee Alber
Robin B. Beers
Lindall Ray Benedict
Derick Noble Brown
Jonas Shota Daikaibush
Owen Keita Daikaibush
Krista Robin Lueth
Allen Edward Person

St. Paul, Minnesota
Maria Guadalupe Adame-Lucas
Laurie Ann Feiner
Todd Jay Hanson
Benard Joseph Hudalla
Hang Lee
Geno Samuel Ranelli
Virginia Mary Tobkin
William Campbell Underhill

Jackson, Mississippi
Micky Coleman
Annie Laurie Swaim Hearin
Abraham Jonathan Ramirez
Robert Sheriff
Daffany Sherika Tullos
Willie Michael Wheaton

Jefferson City, Missouri
Jeffrey L. Ashford
Douglas Brucks
Daryl Alphonse Wilkes

Make-a-List Monday: Facial piercings

August 11, 2014

The title here is pretty self-explanatory I think: MPs who have piercings on their face somewhere. Lips, nose, etc. I decided the tongue didn’t count though.

Kelly J. Armstrong
Ericka Lynn Ballard
David Wayne Blizzard
Tracey Elizabeth Brazzel
La-Teasha LaMone Brooks
Samantha Ann Clarke
Eric Isaac Cohen
Kelsey Emily Collins
Melissa Ann Collins
Rachel Lyn Conger
Kayla Mae Croft-Payne
Athena Joy Curry
Robert William Dornbach
Eleanor Doster
Brittanee Marie Drexel
Jeanette DuPriest
Selena Marie Edon
Anita Ann Foster
Jessica Edith Louise Foster
Crystal Ann Fox
Julia Marie Fraser
Julie Ann Gonzalez
Lael Marie Grant
Crystal Dupuis Grebinger
Kristine Nicole Hamilton
Jennifer Kathryn Harrison
Melissa Dawn Hasley
Amy Lyn Haueter
Latonya M. Hill
Wandolyn Ann Holland
Brock Adam Holmes
Tarena Hopgood
Jacquelyn Renee Hopper
Sherry Regina Hudson
Angela Rene Jaramillo
Toby James Jespersen
Jack Libardo Jimenez
Trina Lakea Johnson
Yansis Massiel Juarez
Ronald Lee Justice Jr.
Alivia Christine Kail
Caitlin A. Kearney
Sean B. W. Kellar
Sonjah Nicole Kingston
Fern S. Klein
Lisa Marie Knight
Nicole A. Konanec
Jennifer Dawn Lancaster
Isabel Laureano
Reuben Micah Lewis
Risha Aleena Lewis
Keilah Elizabeth Loatman
Nancy Ann Lockard
Anthony Ray Lofston
Alice Ann Lopez
Alexandria Joy Lowitzer
Brianna Alexandria Maitland
Christopher Nathan Mann
Brian Kent Martin
Wendy Martinez
Heather Lynn Maude
Diana Mazariegos
Mariah Ann Mickelwait
Jolene Rae Mitchell
Kateri Marie Mishow
Tammy Michelle Mooney
Paige Summer Moore
Jonathan Wanya Morgan
Tracy Lynn Myers
Kara Nancy Nichols
Laura Marie Nimbach
Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich
Kimberly Anne Palmer
Shimulla Parker
Leah Rachelle Peebles
Tiffany Marie Perry
Kyla G. Porter
Kacey Lynn Prim
Melanie Ann Quadros
Kelli Renee Rice
Heather M. Riggio
Cindy L. Rivera
Phyllis Rome
James Brian Rowe
Jose Fabian Sanchez
Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
Karissa Alline Schell
Christina Levonne Schutz
Megan Nicole Shultz
Jaime Lynn Southgate
Walter Shannon Stevenson
Tyler Marie Thomas
Roxann Mary Tolson
Kyanja Keri Vanwey
Sarah Nicole Vitt
DeNeka Dashay Walker
Mary Louise Walker
Caleta Sade White
Glenna Jean White
Margaret Gail Stamper White
Mary Lou Wilbanks
Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson
Yusuf Abdul Wilson
Elsa Janell Wind
April Susanne Wiss
Brittney Nicole Wood
Virginia Lynne Wood

Make-a-List Monday: Models

August 4, 2014

This list is of people who were models, or aspiring models, or former models.

Lynn Ruth Connes
Rosario Teresa Gonzales
Lourdes Maria Gruart
Elizabeth Ann Kenyon
Tammy Lynn Leppert
Katya Marie Lyne
Kara Nancy Nichols
Kinsey Maxfield Otto*
Colleen Elizabeth Perris
Mary Ann White
Elsa Janell Wind
Hannah Marie Zaccaglini

*A man, the only one.

More updated APs

August 3, 2014

A list of cases with their APs updated today, which I’m not going to list on Charley’s updates page.

Jyrine Kyese Harris
Samantha Michelle Kibalo
Cathy Marie Moulton
Sherry Elizabeth Roach
Edmond Tillman
Monish Narayan Venkatesan
Prathima Venkatesan
Lisa Renee Wilson
Adrianna Nikol Wix

Also, Alfonso Daniel Campos has a current photo added.

Make-a-List Monday: Miniskirts

July 28, 2014

This list is of MPs who were last seen wearing miniskirts. I don’t wear them often myself; I find them uncomfortable. Always having to be so careful when you sit down, or have to pick things up, and so on. I prefer long skirts. But they’re common and honestly I’m surprised this list is so short.

Benedetta Bentley
Amy Billig
Aussie Antionette Binford
Andrea Leigh Cotten
Margarette Ann Cuauhtli
Thwana Mithsell Darrough
Shelayah Renee Gonzalez
Patricia Ann LaLonde
Francheska Sugel Martinez

Make-a-List Monday: Photos of clothes, shoes or jewelry

July 21, 2014

This list is for cases where I have photographs or drawings of the clothing, shoes, watches, or jewelry the MP was wearing at the time they went missing. Purses and backpacks count too. There’s the usual caveat of “I probably missed some.”

Dawn Marlene Allen
Kathy Joan Arredondo
Claudia Darlene Bamber
Charles Bell
Edna Laverne Blodgett
Mark Lawrence Bosworth
Melissa Lee Brannen
Johnny Lamar Brown
Ian Hunter Burnet
Adji Desir
Glenn Joseph Doldan
Brittanee Marie Drexel
Leann Faulk
Stepha Henry
Alexandria Marie Lowitzer
Suzanne Gloria Lyall
Sky Elijah Metalwala
Irin Marie Meyer
Kristen Deborah Modaferri
Bradley P. Olsen
Jens Paeschke
Michelle Loree Parker
Sneha Ann Philip
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
Ayla Bell Reynolds
Laurel Lea Rogers
Yien Khaun Saechao
Valerie Sifsof
Shantina Marie Smiley
Karen Jo Smith
Kortne Ciera Stouffer
Joel G. Thompson Jr.
Tu Thi-Cam Tran
Lee Roy Young


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