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Make-a-List Monday: Child abuse homicides

September 22, 2014

In honor of little Wallace Guidroz, this list is for all the Charley Project children who were allegedly murdered by their caregivers. I’m only taking the names from the Corpus Delicti convictions list. (Imagine how depressingly long this list would be if I also included all the SUSPECTED child abuse homicides out there.) I also don’t include every case where a parent/step-parent/babysitter/whatever killed a kid; for instance I don’t think Jay-Quan Mosley counts; in my eyes it was just a regular old murder, not a child abuse murder.

Kynande Kalehje Bennett, 4 — killed by mother; both parents were indicted but only mother was convicted. There’s no confession here but the police believe Kynande was killed accidentally as a result of child abuse.
Logan Nathaniel Bowman, 5 — killed by mother and possibly her boyfriend. Mom pleaded guilty and testified against the boyfriend at trial, but he was only convicted of child neglect.
Nicole Lynn Bryner, 3 — killed by mother’s boyfriend and buried by him and the mother. This is a case where, supposedly, Nicole mysteriously died after being slapped once. As in Wallace’s case I think there was probably a lot more than that.
Lauryn Dickens, 9 months — killed by mother, who has confessed and pleaded guilty to murder.
Andrea R. Gonzalez, 5 — killed by father and stepmother. Father was convicted of manslaughter; stepmother was charged with murder but only convicted of child abuse. Stepmother admitted she’d caused Andrea’s death but says it was an accident.
James P. Higham III, 16 — killed by his one or both of his two guardians. One pleaded guilty to child endangerment and the other to reckless homicide. One of only two teenagers on this list, James was developmentally disabled.
Kendrick Terrell Jackson, 3 — killed by his father, who was convicted of murder but maintains his innocence.
Angelique James, 4 — killed by her mother, who pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter.
A’Shia Monique Jenkins, 2 months — killed by her father, who confessed and pleaded no contest to manslaughter.
Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins, 2 — killed by his aunt, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. He was autistic and non-verbal.
Ashley LaShay Jones, 4 — killed by her aunt, who was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Bianca Lily Jones, 2 — killed by her father, who maintains his innocence but was found guilty of murder and child abuse.
Tiana Neshelle Martin, 10 — killed by her aunt, who was her guardian. She was convicted of second-degree murder.
Jozlynn Mari Martinez, 2 — killed by her mother’s boyfriend, who admitted to smothering her and was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Justina Morales, 8 — killed by her mother’s boyfriend, who was acquitted of murder but found guilty of manslaughter. He admitted to causing her death but said it was accidental.
Alexander Sol Olive, 4 — killed by his father, who was convicted of second-degree murder.
Tyler Christopher Payne, 4 — killed, along with his younger sister, by his father and stepmother. The sister’s body was found, but not Tyler’s. The stepmother pleaded guilty to second-degree murder; the father was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. This is as horrific a crime as I ever heard tell of.
Megan Lee Ann Pratt, 3 — killed by her stepfather and her mother. The mother pleaded guilty to child abuse and the stepfather to second-degree murder.
Alexia Anne Reale, 5 — killed by her mother and stepfather, who thought she was possessed and forced her to drink bleach to rid her body of demons. They were both convicted of murder.
Christina Marchell Richart, 14 — killed by her uncle’s wife, who was one of her guardians, her husband being the other. The aunt pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Christina is one of only two teenagers on this list; the other is James Higham.
Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton, 1 — killed by her father after he abducted her from her mother. He maintained his innocence but was found guilty of second-degree murder.
Tiffany Roberts, 3 — killed by her mother, who pleaded guilty to murder. I have very little information on this case.
Luis Angel Sanchez, 3 — killed by his mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend was found guilty of manslaughter and the mother of being an accessory.
Kyeimah A. Spann, 6 — killed by her mother, who confessed to it and pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
Alexandria Christine Suleski, 5 — killed by her father and stepmother, who were later found guilty of kidnapping (?), murder and child abuse.
Aarone Thompson, under 6 — killed by her father and probably her stepmother. Father was found guilty of murder; stepmother died before charges could be filed against her. Aarone wasn’t reported missing for some time, maybe as long as 18 months, after her disappearance, so she was probably only four or five at the time of her death.
Logan Lynn Tucker, 6 — killed by his mother, who was convicted of first-degree murder.
Alicia Breann Versluis, 3 — killed by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who were both convicted of second-degree murder.

A surprising number of these children were drowned: I count four, maybe five.

Select It Sunday: Michael Anthony Hughes

September 21, 2014

Selected by Lauren: Michael Anthony Hughes, abducted from his school in Choctaw, Oklahoma in 1994. In the extremely unlikely event that he’s still alive, he’d be 26 today.

I can’t even really begin to summarize his case. (Jennifer Marra wrote the casefile that’s on the Charley Project.) It’s about as sordid as I ever heard tell of, and notorious online. This is a case of intergenerational abduction: Michael’s father, Franklin Delano Floyd (who wasn’t his biological father, it turns out, but had believed he was) also apparently kidnapped his mother when she was a child, although he claims she was abandoned by her parents and we might never know because she’s dead and her true identity has never been established. I’ve read the book about it, A Beautiful Child by Matthew Birkbeck.


It’s kind of a long story. And a very sad one.

Flashback Friday: Delvacchio Lanier and Isley McCullough

September 19, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday (the fiftieth, by my count) is Delvacchio Lanier and his grandfather Isley McCullough, who disappeared together from Gadsen County, Florida on April 28, 1973. Delvacchio was twelve years old at the time and would be in his fifties today. McCullough was 64; if he were alive today he’d be 105. Delvacchio is in a distinct minority on the Charley Project in that he’s a missing minor who isn’t listed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children site, or NamUs* for that matter. I don’t have much on either of them as far as physical descriptions go: just their ages and the fact that they were black.

After the disappearances, McCullough’s taxi was found abandoned with blood inside it, a spent bullet in the front seat and the cash box empty. Foul play is obviously suspected in these two cases: the authorities theorize Delvacchio and his grandfather might have been killed by moonshiners.

[EDIT: Okay, they have been entered into NamUs, they're just not publicly viewable at this time. I stand corrected.]

At last

September 17, 2014

I have written several blog entries about the disappearance of Wallace Guidroz in 1983. Two and a half years ago the police said they were about to file charges against his father, Stanley, for killing him. Then…nothing. Which made no difference in any practical sense, since Stanley was already in custody awaiting trial for murdering his wife Pepettra (not Wallace’s mom).

Well, to play catch-up, Stanley pleaded guilty to killing Pepettra later in 2012. And just now, they’ve finally filed charges against him in Wallace’s case.

Unfortunately, it would appear there’s precious little evidence besides Stanley’s confession, so he’s being charged with manslaughter rather than murder. According to him, he angrily lashed out at Wallace because the toddler was “fussing” and Wallace fell on the floor, hit his head and died. Stanley said he buried him in a shallow grave on the Tacoma waterfront.

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Me, I kind of doubt it. It seems unlikely that a person, even a baby, would die after falling a couple of feet from a high chair to the floor. I bet there was considerably more violence than Stanley claims. But unless we find Wallace — which seems unlikely — we’ll never know.

R.I.P. little man.

Articles (which all pretty much say the same thing):
31 years later, Tacoma father charged with killing 3-year-old son
1983 death of Washington toddler leads to manslaughter charge against his father
Father charged in 1983 Tacoma missing boy case
Father charged with cold-case slaying of his toddler son 31 years ago

A bit confused

September 16, 2014

Just now I updated the case of the missing Luhk sisters from the Northern Mariana Islands: Faloma and Maleina. I added new age-progressions for them. In the process I noticed that the NCMEC now refers to Faloma as “Sa Luhk.” Nowhere else have I ever seen her called by that name. All the news accounts about the missing girls, as well as the official website about them, call her Faloma Luhk. But the name Faloma has utterly disappeared from her NCMEC poster.

I am not sure about this. I am thinking that perhaps her legal name is Sa Faloma Luhk, or perhaps Faloma Sa Luhk, and everyone called her Faloma. But until I get this figured out, assuming I ever do, the little girl is going to be called Faloma on my website.

Missing person of the week: Jesse Kaslov

September 16, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Jesse Robert Kaslov, one of the Charley Project’s older family abduction cases, missing from South River, New Jersey since January 20, 1998. This case is complicated by the fact that Jesse and his family are American Gypsy/Roma and kind of live off the grid, without much of a paper trail or anything like that. Jesse was only a toddler when he disappeared, and he will turn eighteen come December.

Make-a-List Monday: Pearl Jewelry

September 14, 2014

This list is for MPs who were wearing pearl jewelry when they went missing. I have decided to boycott the stuff myself, ever since I found out that many oysters actually die from pearl culturing. I think it’s cruelty to animals, even if they are only oysters.

Some of these may be artificial pearls.

Stevie Danielle Bates
Maria Pomona Cruz Estrada
Ada Jane Groomes
Georgeann Hawkins
Cynthia May Hernandez
Sheila Ann Lopes
Shirley Mae Hunt
Christine Marie Markey
Cindy Lee Mellin
Amber Elizabeth Scholz
Karen Lynn Tompkins

[EDIT]: Okay, I made a mistake in my dates. This was supposed to run tomorrow. Oh well. Today will just be Make-a-List Sunday.

Flashback Friday: Ricky Jean Bryant

August 22, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Ricky Jean “Jeannie” Bryant, a four-year-old girl missing from Mauston, Wisconsin since 1949. Her circumstances of her disappearance are similar to the Sodder siblings case: a terrible fire, no body found in the ruins, and hope that she could still be alive.

I really don’t know what to think about this. From what little I know it seems unlikely that Jeannie survived the fire, but the police must have reopened the case for SOME reason. If she’s still alive she’d be 68 today.

MP of the week: Benito Velasquez

August 19, 2014

Hi all. I went to visit my dad for a few days. I’m back now. This week’s featured MP is Benito Ricardo Velasquez. He disappeared mysteriously with his little son Jose in January 1999.

I have no details on this father and son’s disappearance. Jose isn’t on the NCMEC, and NamUs, for some reason, only has Benito listed and doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. The city they vanished from, Calexico, California, is right smack on the Mexican border and I wonder if whatever happened to this pair happened in Mexico.

Select It Sunday: Everett Thompson Sr. and family

August 17, 2014

Selected by Michael (not my Michael, some other one) all the way back in November 2013: Everett Thompson Sr., who disappeared with his entire immediate family: wife Lydia and sons Andrew and Everett Jr. Missing from Chicago since July 5, 1996.

It’s not very often that an entire family vanishes without a trace like that, and this story reminds me of the sad sagas of the McStay family and the Jamison family. Unlike in those two cases, however, there’s a suspect in the disappearances of the Thompsons: Lydia’s brother, Kenneth White.

White was a violent man, he had threatened his sister and he was living with the family before they vanished. But if he harmed the Everett Sr. and his family, whatever happened may never be known because White killed himself in prison a year and a half after they vanished.

I suppose it’s possible the Thompsons went into hiding to get away from White — in fact there has been speculation as to where they might have run to — but that seems unlikely. It seems like they would have been found by now, or come out into the open after his death. But this case leaves a LOT of unanswered questions. Whose blood was on the clothes in White’s trailer? Where are the bodies?


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