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Almost forgot to do my MP of the week

June 24, 2014

It’s 11:30 and I just uploaded my missing person of the week. This week it’s Rachel Hanna Ziselman, an eleven-year-old who disappeared from California in 1977. It looks like she was abducted, but I don’t have that much information about her case.

Select It Sunday: Dorothy Scofield

June 22, 2014

Selected by lbcgriffin, twelve-year-old Dorothy Delilah Scofield disappeared from Ocala, Florida on July 22, 1976. She went to the mall that afternoon to return a pair of shoes and do some shopping. Witnesses saw Dorothy (who was nicknamed “Dee”) at the mall at 2:00 p.m., after she returned the shoes. Then she vanished.

Interestingly, there was a possible sighting of Dee with one or possibly two men at a local convenience store. The little girl’s clothing was the same as Dee’s. She bought some soda and left the store, and was never seen again. Authorities don’t know whether the sighting was genuine or not.

Dee’s casefile mentions a speculative connection between her case and the Lyon sisters’ 1975 disappearance. What it most reminds me of, though, is Sherry Lynn Marler, who vanished in the eighties. Sherry, who disappeared from Alabama ,was the same age the Dee was at the time of her disappearance, and there were reported sightings of her throughout the South, always accompanied by a man.

I’m not suggesting the same man took both girls, I just think the circumstances are similar. It’s entirely possible that Dee Scofield and Sherry Marler both remained alive for an extended time period after they disappeared. But where are they now?

Make-A-List Monday: People Who Disappeared on Walpurgis Night

June 16, 2014

This list was suggested and created by one Eric Cass: people who disappeared on Walpurgis Night, which is to say April 30/May 1. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to be a pagan holiday and the Wikipedia entry says it’s celebrated in one form or another for hundreds of years in the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden. St. Walpurgia was canonized in the 800s.

Amir Kareem Abdou
Cecil O. Baker
Ericka Lynn Ballard
Lahkbir Banwait
Benjamin Joi Barros
Joanne Benner
Theodore Earl Bibb
David Thomas Block
Carlos Tino Bojorquez
Christian James Boldt
Michael James Borges
Jeffrey David Borthwick
Vivian Botz
Rebekah Noel Bramel
Ronald Joe Cole
Jovita Dizon Collazo
Joseph Paul Cordova
Arianna Ivane Davis
Felix Dunn
Tammy Cherie Ellis
Keiosha Marie Felix
Zaylee Grace Fryar
Ruben Gallegos
Mario Angel Gastellum-Villa
Brad Lee Gilmartin
Megan Ginevicz
Carlos Humberto Gonzale
Sherie Ann Graves
Virdell Green Jr.
Alex Geraldo Hernandez
Kawana Lashan Holmes
Toya Ann Cox Jenkins
Sherline Johnson
Vincent Bernard Jurus
Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow
Mitchell B. Lazor
Jun Ma
Travess Shawn Malone
Maria Martinez
Marguerite Mary Mayden
Daniel Patrick McCabe
Michael Mendoza
Judd Miller
Lee Darwood Minner Jr.
Diana Ladene Munyon
Myoung Keun Noah
Leonedes Secundino Orellana
Franklin Jay Osgood Sr.
Michael Pearcy
Denise Lynn Perez
Muni Bart Perzov
Andonios Georgios Petroutsas
Elizabeth Iris Prescott
Ian Ashley Richardson
Michelle Lee Richardson
Jimmy Louis Rogers
Darence Phillip Round
Ethan Ton Kae Farm Saelee
Francisco Javier Sanchez
Lisa Marie Sexton
Victor Dewight Shoemaker Jr.
Melissa Maureen Sloan
Lisa Michelle Stebic
Lutricia Steele
Christopher William Vigil
Georgia Jean Weckler
Dennis Marshal Weeks
Hubert Lee Wilson
Cheryl Schille Wyant
Philip Michael Zarba

Make-A-List Monday: Car Accidents

June 2, 2014

This list is for people who vanished after getting into a car or other motor vehicle (like an ATV or motorcycle) accident. This has to be shortly after the wreck, not days later or anything like that. Accidents on water (boats, rafts, etc.) do not count, but accidents where the person wound up in a body of water count, and so do accidents where a person merely got their car stuck in a ditch or a muddy place or something. The MPs can be drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Peter Achermann
Brandon Darquice Anderson
Donald Ray Billings
Solomon Clay Blow
Lori Ann Boffman (maybe)
Russell Bovit
James Roy Bridenstine Jr.
Gary Shawn Bryant
Lacey Marie Buenfil
Patrick Francis Carnes
Toni Danieele Clark (maybe)
Gene Jacob Cloud Jr.
Roosevelt Copes
Perry Otto Corlew
Rayfield Crume
Anthony Eugene Davis
Theodore Leonard Dengerud
Donald Weston Dugger
Bruce Falconer
Shane Michael Fell
Austin Dominique Fuda
Shai Gitlis
Katie Michelle Gray
Mickey James Guidry
John Scott Hahn
James Reginald Harley
Larry Charles Haynes
Joseph David Helt
Robin Denise Appel Herring
Richard Hills
Robert Ray Honeycut
Patrick Lynn Hume
Bobby Jones
Leland Alton Jones
Abraham M. Kalaf
Darrel Wayne Kempf
Ronald Brett Kinser
Julian Rene Kirchoff
Kristi Suzanne Krebs
Gary Dale Mathias
Patricia Bernadette Meehan
William L. Meehan (maybe)
Cornelia Meyer
Thomas Patrick Mooney
Maura Murray
Ricky Lynn Nelson (maybe)
Charles Palmer V
Jan Pattison
Cathy Hicks Parrott (maybe)
Doug Pearce
James Anthony Reynolds
Ann Linda Riffin
Shannon Elizabeth Rishel
Bradley Dale Ross II (maybe)
Bob Sabaratnam
Jason William Noble Saul
Alexander Edwin Shaw IV
Lisa Noel Sledge
Harry Edward Stewart
Jon Dana Snyder
Brandon Victor Swanson
Eubah G. Thornton
Georg Weber

Flashback Friday: Billy Sena

May 30, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday case is eleven-year-old Billy Sena, who disappeared from Albuquerque, New Mexico with his nine-year-old cousin, Mary Lou, in 1979. They were last seen en route to the post office; they never made it. This case is somewhat unusual. If you don’t count runaways, family abductions and accidents, the Charley Project doesn’t have that many cases of children who disappeared together like that.

The Sena children’s cases didn’t come to my attention until a couple of years ago, and there hasn’t been any press about them in some time. Last I heard, which was in late 2011, the police were trying to locate and question Billy’s mom’s then-boyfriend as well as another woman who had lived at the Sena residence at the time. I have no idea whether authorities have located these people or if they’re even still alive or what.

But I assume the investigation is still active, even if it hasn’t been in the news. It’s not too late to find out what happened to Billy and Mary Lou Sena.

Make-a-List Monday: Central American MPs

May 26, 2014

Missing persons who are native to a Central American country — as defined between Guatemala and Panama.

Costa Rica
Nobody (though there are several who are thought to be there, or planned to travel there, or had been there before they went missing)

El Salvador
Sandra Yaneth Aguilar-Granados (I think)
Oscar Giovanni Garcia-Calles
Samuel Esay Garcia-Calles
Katya Marie Lyne
Senovia Medina
Cecilia Elizabeth Newball
Kimberly Abigail Orellana
Jose Francisco Fuentes Pereira
Eric Fernando Salguero Franco

Adrian Garcia Najera
Francisco Javier Sanchez
Rolando Schweikert
Romeo Sierra-Portillo

Melvin Eduardo Turcios Cedillo
Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
Isabel Rodriguez

Donald Marcelino Alvarez-Vallecillo
Yansis Massiel Juarez
Blanca Elisa Roberson

Tilsia Peralta Martinez

Flashback Friday: Richard Ray Barnett

May 16, 2014

My selection for this week’s Flashback Friday is little Richard Ray Barnett, aka Ricky, who disappeared from his grandparents’ Grangeville, Idaho egg and dairy farm on August 31, 1982. He was two years and nine months old at the time. Grangeville is a tiny town of only a few thousand in northern Idaho. Richard’s mother lived in a southern part of the state. Ricky’s father lived on the farm with his parents at the time of the child disappeared. He was last seen sitting on a hay wagon near the farm’s chicken barns. Bloodhounds tracked his scent to a fence, but lost the trail then, and there was no other sign of him in spite of a four-day search of the farm involving hundreds of volunteers.

Although Ricky’s grandparents were considered suspects or at least persons of interest for years after his disappearance, it looks like the police have discounted the theory now. His grandfather is dead now, but his grandmother ultimately passed a polygraph and was ruled out as a suspect. She lived in Hawaii last I knew; I’m not sure if she’s still alive.

It’s possible he was abducted and, if that was the case, he may have been taken by someone who wanted to raise a child. Given his age at the time of his disappearance, he may not realize he isn’t the son of the people who raised him. In 2006 a man came forward who thought he might be Ricky, but DNA tests proved otherwise.

Ricky was bowlegged and wore braces to correct his condition, but those were removed months prior to his disappearance. Beyond that he doesn’t really have any particular distinguishing characteristics that I know of. It seems like this toddler’s presumed abduction must have rocked that little Idaho town, but I haven’t been able to find much in the press. Although there was a flurry of articles in the 2000s, I can’t find any recent press or other information on his disappearance and there doesn’t seem to have been that much to begin with.

Both of Ricky’s parents now live in Oregon. I don’t know if he has any siblings or half-siblings. His NamUs profile says DNA is available but not dental charts; perhaps, at two, he had simply never been to see a dentist. If he’s still alive, he’d be 34 years old as of this writing. Where is he; what happened to him?

Anyone who knows anything about the case should contact the law enforcement number listed in Richard Barnett’s casefile. Anyone know knew him or his family back in 1982, I’d love if they posted information in the comments section that I might be able to add to the Charley Project.

MP books I need to read

May 15, 2014

I’ve already read quite a few nonfiction books and novels about MPs, but here’s a list of missing persons books I’ve heard about and have yet to read, in alphabetical order by author. The MP or former MP who is the subject of the book is included in parentheses. Once I have read them I’ll probably review some or most of on this blog.

You’ll note that some of the subjects of these books aren’t on Charley. That’s because either they’ve already been located, or they are non-US cases.

Hands Through Stone: How Clarence Ray Allen Masterminded Murder from Behind Folsom’s Prison Walls by James A. Ardaiz (Mary Sue Kitts)

A Stolen Life: A Memoir by Jaycee Dugard (Jaycee Dugard)

A Case for Solomon: Bobby Dunbar and the Kidnapping That Haunted a Nation by Tal McThenia and Margaret Dunbar Cutright (Bobby Dunbar)

We Is Got Him: The Kidnapping that Changed America by Carrie Hagen (Charley Ross)

Memoir of a Milk Carton Kid by Tanya Nicole Kach and Lawrence Fisher (Tanya Kach)

3,096 Days in Captivity: The True Story of My Abduction, Eight Years of Enslavement, and Escape by Natascha Kampusch (Natascha Kampusch)

Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings by Michelle Knight and Michelle Burford (Cleveland girls)

Shannon: Betrayed From Birth by Rose Martin (Shannon Matthews)

Finding Everett Ruess: The Life and Unsolved Disappearance of a Legendary Wilderness Explorer by David Roberts (Everett Ruess)

My Story by Elizabeth Smart and Chris Stewart (Elizabeth Smart)

Also, a movie:
Abducted: the Carlina White Story (Carlina White) This is a Lifetime movie you can watch for free if you have Amazon Prime.

If anyone has any suggestions about more books I should read or movies I should watch (nonfiction only) I’d be happy to consider them as well.

This really makes me mad

May 13, 2014

The Charley Project does not normally profile victims of disasters such as volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. I made an exception for the disappearances of Carl Rotstein, Daniel Arroyo, Timothy Noonan and Rowan Dingwall, though. The main reason was because I was so outraged by what had happened to them that I felt I had to tell their story. I’m not going to bother to repeat all the background details here; just click on any of the names and you can learn the details of that tragic event that claimed so many lives.

I updated the cases today. I thought to look up and see whether James Pflueger had finally faced a reckoning for the seven manslaughter charges or not. He’d used various machinations to delay his trial for years, and I half-expected him to die before justice could be served; he’s 87 years old now. This excellent article/editorial explains the situation better than I can, but in case you want to read my version of it, continue below:

It turns out that last summer Pflueger did, finally, flesh out a deal with prosecutors: a deal that’s very favorable to him. His COMPANY took responsibility for the seven deaths. And, since you can’t put a corporation in jail (even if corporations are people, legally speaking), it was sentenced to a fine of $50k per head. That’s what a person’s life is worth in Hawaii, apparently.

I might add that Pflueger’s personal worth is over $71 million. So this $350,000 fine is, like, a week’s pay to him. To add insult to injury, the money isn’t even going to Pflueger’s living victims or to the families of the dead. The state’s taking it and has promised to spend it on dam inspections. (If the state had been doing their job re: dam inspections in the first place, this disaster would never have happened.)

As for Mr. Pflueger, it’s been almost a year since he pleaded to one measly count of reckless endangerment and he has yet to be sentenced. He keeps pleading ill health. They are expecting the judge to sentence him to five years’ probation, although he could get *gasp* up to a year in prison. (Maybe he’ll get house arrest. That is to say, mansion arrest, or estate arrest…)

If they actually do make him to serve time, I suppose he’ll probably appeal that, saying it would be cruel to put a sick old man in jail, and while his appeal is pending he’ll die peacefully at home in his own bed. And you just know that if Pflueger wasn’t so obscenely rich he would be in jail right now.

Meanwhile, eight lives were lost — seven people and one unborn baby — and this at what should have been a time of celebration, right before Daniel Arroyo and Christina MacNees’s wedding and Rowan’s birthday. All because of Mr. Pflueger’s greed. And he doesn’t seem to be one bit sorry, and it doesn’t look like he’ll pay for his crimes in this lifetime.

MP of the Week: Timmothy Pitzen

May 13, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Timmothy James Pitzen, a six-year-old boy who disappeared exactly three years and one day ago. If he’s still alive — and that’s one big if — he will be ten in October. Although he lived in Aurora, Illinois, he’s actually missing from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

On May 11, 2011, Timmothy’s mother Amy Fry-Pitzen removed him from kindergarten without telling her husband. Over the next few days they traveled to Wisconsin, staying at various water park resort hotels. Timmothy’s father, James, filed missing persons reports for them. Amy finally called on the afternoon of the 13th and said she and Timmothy were fine; he could be heard in the background during the conversation. This was the last sign of him.

That evening, Amy checked into another hotel, alone. She took her own life that night and her body was found by hotel staff the next day. She left a note, and mailed some letters, saying her son was fine and with people who cared about him.

And here the matter rests, pretty much. The latest news I could find was from last October, when Amy’s cell phone turned up on a roadside in Wisconsin. Unfortunately the phone contained “nothing of value.”

The police have no hard evidence that little Timmothy met with foul play, and his father and other relatives hope Amy was telling the truth in her letters and he’s still alive somewhere.


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