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September 17, 2014

I have written several blog entries about the disappearance of Wallace Guidroz in 1983. Two and a half years ago the police said they were about to file charges against his father, Stanley, for killing him. Then…nothing. Which made no difference in any practical sense, since Stanley was already in custody awaiting trial for murdering his wife Pepettra (not Wallace’s mom).

Well, to play catch-up, Stanley pleaded guilty to killing Pepettra later in 2012. And just now, they’ve finally filed charges against him in Wallace’s case.

Unfortunately, it would appear there’s precious little evidence besides Stanley’s confession, so he’s being charged with manslaughter rather than murder. According to him, he angrily lashed out at Wallace because the toddler was “fussing” and Wallace fell on the floor, hit his head and died. Stanley said he buried him in a shallow grave on the Tacoma waterfront.

That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Me, I kind of doubt it. It seems unlikely that a person, even a baby, would die after falling a couple of feet from a high chair to the floor. I bet there was considerably more violence than Stanley claims. But unless we find Wallace — which seems unlikely — we’ll never know.

R.I.P. little man.

Articles (which all pretty much say the same thing):
31 years later, Tacoma father charged with killing 3-year-old son
1983 death of Washington toddler leads to manslaughter charge against his father
Father charged in 1983 Tacoma missing boy case
Father charged with cold-case slaying of his toddler son 31 years ago

A bit confused

September 16, 2014

Just now I updated the case of the missing Luhk sisters from the Northern Mariana Islands: Faloma and Maleina. I added new age-progressions for them. In the process I noticed that the NCMEC now refers to Faloma as “Sa Luhk.” Nowhere else have I ever seen her called by that name. All the news accounts about the missing girls, as well as the official website about them, call her Faloma Luhk. But the name Faloma has utterly disappeared from her NCMEC poster.

I am not sure about this. I am thinking that perhaps her legal name is Sa Faloma Luhk, or perhaps Faloma Sa Luhk, and everyone called her Faloma. But until I get this figured out, assuming I ever do, the little girl is going to be called Faloma on my website.

Missing person of the week: Jesse Kaslov

September 16, 2014

This week’s featured missing person is Jesse Robert Kaslov, one of the Charley Project’s older family abduction cases, missing from South River, New Jersey since January 20, 1998. This case is complicated by the fact that Jesse and his family are American Gypsy/Roma and kind of live off the grid, without much of a paper trail or anything like that. Jesse was only a toddler when he disappeared, and he will turn eighteen come December.

Missing Wives, Missing Lives

September 15, 2014

Last night while surfing I found a book called Missing Wives, Missing Lives by one JJ Slate. If you have a Kindle it’s really cheap: just $3.97, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited like I do. In paper edition it’s $9 and on audio it’s $15. For this price you get 200 pages. There’s thirty stories of women who went missing and were never found, whose husbands are the prime suspects. In many cases the husband has actually been convicted of murder without a body.

Almost all the cases are American but there’s a few British ones and (so far) one Australian. I am 68% through the book and I’m really enjoying it. The author describes in detail and in a readable fashion the background of the woman and her marriage, her disappearance and the aftermath. In the acknowledgements section she has a list of websites that were helpful in her research and the Charley Project is one of them. :-) But that’s not why I’m recommending the book to y’all. I’m recommending it because it’s really good.

A switcheroo: Wendy Abrams-Nishikai

September 15, 2014

Because I accidentally ran Monday’s list on Sunday, I decided to do the Select It Sunday on Monday, just for this week. I will resume abnormal programming this coming weekend. Here you go:

This week’s Select It Sunday/Monday case is Wendy Jamie Abrams-Nishikai, suggested by Justin. Unfortunately it’s one of Charley’s “few details are available” cases; I have absolutely nothing on her. She disappeared on Halloween in 1989, and would be 46 years old today.

The excellent Whereabouts Still Unknown blog has an entry for her, but the blogger wasn’t able to uncover any information about her disappearance. She was a student at the University of California at Berkeley — probably the most prestigious of the UC schools — and had a two-year-old daughter.

That’s all that I know. And I think that’s really sad.

Make-a-List Monday: Pearl Jewelry

September 14, 2014

This list is for MPs who were wearing pearl jewelry when they went missing. I have decided to boycott the stuff myself, ever since I found out that many oysters actually die from pearl culturing. I think it’s cruelty to animals, even if they are only oysters.

Some of these may be artificial pearls.

Stevie Danielle Bates
Maria Pomona Cruz Estrada
Ada Jane Groomes
Georgeann Hawkins
Cynthia May Hernandez
Sheila Ann Lopes
Shirley Mae Hunt
Christine Marie Markey
Cindy Lee Mellin
Amber Elizabeth Scholz
Karen Lynn Tompkins

[EDIT]: Okay, I made a mistake in my dates. This was supposed to run tomorrow. Oh well. Today will just be Make-a-List Sunday.

Flashback Friday: Micki West

September 12, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday goes to Micki Jo West, a young lady who disappeared 35 years ago yesterday, on September 11, 1979. Jose asked me to write about her.

We pretty much know what happened to Micki: she was murdered by Marvin Lee Irvin, her best friend’s husband. In 1991, twelve years after Micki’s disappearance, Irvin confessed to her murder and to the murders of two other women, saying he’d buried all three bodies in the same cornfield in Highland, Kansas — about 25 miles away from where Micki disappeared, which was St. Joseph, Missouri. A search of the field turned up the bodies of the other victims, Crystal Simmons and Patricia Rose, but no sign of Micki.

As far as I know Mr. Irvin is still rotting in prison. I tried Googling his name but didn’t find anything enlightening, only articles about his old crimes.

Another “I hate it when this happens” post

September 11, 2014

The California Department of Justice database is awesome in many ways, but it has some flaws too, just like any other site. I uncovered a major mistake this week: a woman whom, they claim, disappeared from Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a coastal city in central California. For as long as this woman has been on the Charley Project — and that’s been almost ten years — I’d had her listed as missing from there. I had no reason to believe otherwise.

This week I got an email from the missing lady’s daughter and found out that, although she’s FROM Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County police are investigating her case, she actually disappeared from Alaska. ALASKA. That’s like, thousands of miles away from the stated POD.

Oh, and the photo the CDOJ had up for her until about a month ago wasn’t of her either. They’ve fixed that, but the CDOJ page for her still says she disappeared from Santa Cruz.

I’m baaaaaack!

September 11, 2014

I am equipped with a brand new 22-inch monitor. (The old one was, well, an old one, and probably just died of old age.) I am safely ensconced at home. I WILL be updating today. And tomorrow and the day after that and for the foreseeable future.

Make-a-List Monday: Burned-out cars

September 8, 2014

This is a list of MPs whose cars were found burned after their disappearances. Obviously this is not a good sign; usually that means the MP came to harm and someone was trying to destroy evidence.

Monica Renee Bowie
Jody Lynn Brant
Justin Lane Bressman
Marilyn E. Brinson
Alesha Brookshier
Danielle Tamara Brown
Deandre Nativoni Brown
Eugene Brown III
Hattie Gertrude Brown
Jeramy Carl Burt
Felicia Cochran
Azaren Cordova
Kenny Dwayne Ebarb
Glenda Gail Furch
Aleman Bautista Gustavo
William Russell Henry
Margaret Maureen Heuser
Artdrunetta Lareann Hobbs
Bobby Joe Horn
Francisco Huizar
U-Roy Alphonso James
Jimmy Dean Johnson
Earl Bubba Kidder Jr.
Reginald Lamar Kirtdoll
Baltazar Lopez
Sheree Marie Magaro
Jim Craig Martin
Perry Grant Matheson
Paula Louise Merchant
Shelley Mook
Wayne Moore
Dori Anne Myers
David Edward Parker
Doug Pearce
George Wayne Pooler
Kay Frances Reed
Juanita Reedy
Melisa Maureen Sloan
Jose Eliaz Solier
Gary James Swanson
Pernell Lloyd Tewangoitewa
Raymond Clifford Thomas III
Bill Dwayne Wheeler Sr.
Wendell Williams
Tracy Lynn Winslow


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