As ever…Sunday selections?

July 22, 2014

Any ideas? This coming Sunday will be male, but I’m open to female suggestions for future Sundays. Again, we’re looking for cases that preferably are post-1985 (cause 1985 and before is Flashback Friday), and haven’t been talked about — either on this blog, or in the news, or updated on Charley — for awhile. But I’m flexible.

(I want to add that I don’t have any preference as to who submits the names. I know I’ve put up Select It Sunday selections multiple times from the same people — that’s just cause they keep coming back with multiple ideas. I look at the selection, not the selector.)

Disappeared: Nathan Edberg, missing 15 years.

July 22, 2014

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On April 14, 1999, at about 7:30 PM, a tall, powerfully-built young man walked into Decoy’s Bar and Grill on 4th Street in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, ordered a beer and chatted briefly with the bartender. The bartender, who knew this young man, noted he was unusually cheerful. It’s not known exactly how long he stayed, but at some point in the evening he left and got in his truck, but he left his wallet on the bar at Decoy’s. He then vanished off the face of the earth.

Nathan Edberg, age 21, was remembered as a cheerful, active young man who loved to play basketball. He was also devoted to his three younger siblings. He was going through a rough time in the spring of 1999, having just broken up with a girlfriend of 4 years, and his parents were divorcing. Friends and family had noticed he was depressed…

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Ordered the computer

July 22, 2014

Computer Guru Jamie came back from vacation yesterday so Michael and I went to his store and ordered the computer parts. He said they might be here as early as Friday. Then comes assembling the computer and transferring my files over. Then I’ll take a picture of it. And give it a name. I’m thinking Orville. It seems like a nice name for a computer.

MP of the week: Zaylee Fryar

July 22, 2014

This missing person’s case of the week is Zaylee Grace Fryar, who at three months is perhaps the youngest MP of the week I’ve ever done. (Don’t quote me on that though.) Zaylee disappeared with her mother, Shauna, from Millersville, Tennessee on May 1, 2011. Less than a week later, Shauna’s body was pulled from a local river. It was so badly decomposed they never determined the cause of death, and they’re not sure if it was a murder or what. No sign of Zaylee. I should note that neither Shauna’s husband or Zaylee’s father are suspects in Shauna’s death or the baby’s disappearance.

This is a very mysterious and very sad case. I think Zaylee could still be alive — perhaps sold, or given, to someone — and I think, whether she’s alive or dead, her case could be solved if there was a lot more publicity. I haven’t updated the casefile since I added it to Charley in November 2011. Zaylee and Shauna were featured on America’s Most Wanted, but I don’t remember whether it was on the show itself or as a “web exclusive.” They got local publicity, nothing national. Zaylee’s being biracial, and her mom’s involvement with drugs, probably didn’t help. I bet if a beautiful young schoolteacher and her infant disappeared under similar circumstances it would be everywhere.

If she’s still alive, Zaylee would be three and a half today. Preschool age. I hope the NCMEC puts up an AP for her soon; the photos I have aren’t of the greatest quality and she looks like every other infant in the entire world. I wish some national news media, like Nancy Grace or that one show that profiles missing black people, would take hold of this case and run a show. Shauna’s got several other children whom, I’m sure, want to know what caused their mother’s death and where their sister is.

I hope I can get off my lazy butt and update today.

Make-a-List Monday: Photos of clothes, shoes or jewelry

July 21, 2014

This list is for cases where I have photographs or drawings of the clothing, shoes, watches, or jewelry the MP was wearing at the time they went missing. Purses and backpacks count too. There’s the usual caveat of “I probably missed some.”

Dawn Marlene Allen
Kathy Joan Arredondo
Claudia Darlene Bamber
Charles Bell
Edna Laverne Blodgett
Mark Lawrence Bosworth
Melissa Lee Brannen
Johnny Lamar Brown
Ian Hunter Burnet
Adji Desir
Glenn Joseph Doldan
Brittanee Marie Drexel
Leann Faulk
Stepha Henry
Alexandria Marie Lowitzer
Suzanne Gloria Lyall
Sky Elijah Metalwala
Irin Marie Meyer
Kristen Deborah Modaferri
Bradley P. Olsen
Jens Paeschke
Michelle Loree Parker
Sneha Ann Philip
Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
Ayla Bell Reynolds
Laurel Lea Rogers
Yien Khaun Saechao
Valerie Sifsof
Shantina Marie Smiley
Karen Jo Smith
Kortne Ciera Stouffer
Joel G. Thompson Jr.
Tu Thi-Cam Tran
Lee Roy Young

Life is beautiful — and a letter I wrote

July 20, 2014

For the past six weeks or so — my horrible almost two week hand, foot and mouth disease aside — I’ve been doing really well. Everybody thinks so. I’ve been feeling quite cheerful, but not manic (something I always have to keep my eye on). My therapist recently pointed out a big thing I’d accomplished, which I hadn’t noticed till he said something: I was talking about something that bothered me and I said, “I was furious and had every right to be.” He said that since he started seeing me years ago, this is the first time he’s ever heard me say I had a right to be angry. I usually repress my anger, saying things like “I shouldn’t be angry, it doesn’t do any good” or “I was angry, but I really ought to just try to understand why he/she acted that way.” That doesn’t help matters and the repressed anger probably contributes to meltdowns I have occasionally.

I’ve had some challenges but been able to cope with them admirably. An example of a challenge was when I found out Rollo was staying in an immigration detention center called Farmville, like the Facebook game. (Thanks again to the person who alerted me to this fact. I really appreciate it.) I was curious and checked out the Farmville website and discoveredto my horror that it was “designed to house adult male, adult female, non-criminal immigration detainees.”

Obviously Rollo did not fit the “non-criminal” designation and I was both outraged and afraid for the safety of the female detainees. I made a load of phone calls over the next several days, even calling my representatives in Congress, trying to get him moved to a more suitable place. BUT — and here’s the great thing — I did not become incredibly depressed or anything at this news. I was upset, yes, but no more than I should have been, and instead of crawling into bed for days on end I took action.

As it turned out, after several days, I found out that the Farmville facility has a small maximum-security section and Rollo was housed there. The guy I spoke to knew who I was talking about even before I told him Rollo’s real name. He was like, “Yeah, we know what he did. We know what he’s capable of and trust me, we’re keeping a very close eye on him.” I felt so much better and imagined him in solitary confinement with a tiny, windowless cell with cinder block walls and a steel toilet. As to how it really was, I don’t know, but it’s a nice thought.

There would have been a time, not too long ago, when the idea of Rollo being in a regular, coed, presumably dormitory-like setting for undocumented immigrants would have caused me to go into an “I wish I was dead” sort of crisis. But it didn’t. I’m proud of myself. Instead of curling up into a ball, I stood up and took action.

I’ve been in treatment for almost exactly six years — since late June/early July 2008. And I’m convinced it’s kept me alive. I’ve worked very hard and I know I will always need psychiatric treatment. My illnesses and my autism are never going to go away. Once I get some money — probably years from now — I’m planning on going on a big vacation, hopefully overseas, and I know I will have to bring a friend or relative with me, one who understands me and can keep an eye on me, for safety purposes in case anything happens. (There was a time, two vacations ago, when I had a — relatively minor — mental health crisis while I was vacationing in Connecticut. I was visiting a friend who freaked out when she found out I was feeling depressed. The results were horrendous; it was one of the worst experiences of my life.) Much as I hate needing a “babysitter” when I travel, I know I have to be realistic, and also, knowing my limits is another sign of just how far I’ve come.

I know certain people have tried to disparage my reputation because I suffer from mental illness. I want to say: stuff it. I wish they would not do this, but for me, I’ve found that there are more good things that come from being open about my conditions than bad things. For example, I can connect with people who have similar problems. I can also serve as an example, like, “If she has bipolar disorder/whatever and she can do the things she does, then maybe I shouldn’t be afraid to try to accomplish things.” Or, “I thought all people with those conditions were just nuts and totally incapable of accomplishing anything. But maybe I was wrong.” I figure, if I meet someone and tell them I have autism or a mental illness, and as a result they don’t want to be friends with me or they say nasty things, well, that shows me right away it’s not worth wasting time on them.

So…right now life is good. I know I haven’t been updating Charley every day like I sometimes do. I’ve been lazy lately. Today I spent much time playing the Sims 3 (I can’t wait till September 2 when Sims 4 comes out!) and reading books from Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited and doing stuff on Goodreads. But it makes me feel guilty. I think I’m better off updating than not. So are you guys. So I will promise to be more reliable in the future.

Also, here’s an letter to the editor I wrote back in May. It was published in the Lima News, Lima being a small city about 45 minutes from where I live, and I scanned the article. (It’s pronounced ly-ma, like the bean, not lee-ma, like the city in Peru.) After Elliot Rodger’s mass shooting in California, my dad suggested I write a letter to the editor about gun control and mental illness. Dad said he’d thought about writing one himself, as the parent of a child with mental illness, but he thought it have more impact if I did one. He kept saying “I understand if you didn’t want to write one, but I would feel SO PROUD of you if you did.” After a few days of that I thought, okay, I’ll write the letter.

I didn’t publish it on this blog before because I didn’t want to start a big commentroversy about gun control. But when it was published online on the newspaper website, hardly anyone was nasty, even those that disagreed with me. One guy who I knew to be a big gun rights advocate had to concede I had a point.

It had more response than I thought it would. My parents go to a certain church in the village where Mom lives and Dad used to live before their divorce. It’s two doors down from Mom’s house. Until I was ten or twelve or so, they went to a church in Lima. They switched mainly due to convenience, I think, so they wouldn’t have to make the 45 minute drive. Well, some guy at the Lima church read the editorial, recognized my name as having attended the church as a child, and read the letter out loud to the congregation. (Mom told me. She found out cause she has a friend who still attends that church.) That was kind of cool.

It’s okay to discuss this letter in the comments section, and say what you want, even if you disagree with me. Given the topic of this blog, I’m sure there are lots of pro-gun people here. I don’t think I really need to tell you guys to be civil. I don’t attract a lot of trolls on this blog, and generally if I do, I just delete their comments.

Anyway…I’ve been rambling. But I’m happy, and I wanted to tell you I’m happy.


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Select It Sunday: Laura Ayala

July 20, 2014

Selected by Annie Keller: Laura Ayala, a thirteen-year-old girl who disappeared from Houston, Texas on March 10, 2002. She was very short — only four feet tall — and had light brown highlights in her black hair.

Laura’s fate is pretty much known and her fate is one of those tabloid-esque “every parent’s worse nightmare” ones: she was snatched off the street, literally lifted right out of her shoes, while buying a newspaper less than a hundred feet from her home. Three males — two grown men and a juvenile — are the prime suspects in her disappearance. They went on a violent crime spree and are believed to be responsible for the deaths of three people besides Laura. Her blood was found in a car linked to the suspects, as was semen. Although no charges have been filed in Laura’s disappearance, the details spell out a horrible story.

I need to update her casefile; it says the suspects are awaiting trial for the three murders. I bet probably, even with the glacial pace of murder cases in this country, at least one or two of them have had their criminal cases concluded since then. I haven’t updated Laura’s case even once since the Charley Project was created in 2004.

Laura would be 25 today.

Man missing six years reunited with family

July 18, 2014

He wasn’t on Charley but I thought I’d write about him anyway: one Euripides Cruz, who suffers from schizophrenia and was reported missing from Connecticut in 2008, has turned up in New York City the village of Quogue, New York.

It looks like he’s been living rough in the Long Island area these past six years. His family knew he was probably in that area cause they kept getting bills from a particular hospital in Brooklyn. But then the bills stopped coming and they thought perhaps he had died. But he hadn’t.

A police officer saw Euripides and had a thought, and did a web search and discovered Euripides was listed as missing. He has since been reunited with his brother, niece and sister-in-law in Connecticut.

Flashback Friday: John Butler

July 18, 2014

This week’s Flashback Friday is John Arthur Butler, a tall, skinny fifteen-year-old boy who disappeared from Newport Beach, California on August 21, 1961 — nearly 53 years ago. If still alive, he’d be almost 68 today. He’s not the only John Butler on Charley; there’s also a John Clifton Butler, much older, also missing from California.

Young John’s case was added to the NCMEC a few years ago and he has an AP now as well as two pictures. I don’t have much on him, but his fate is pretty obvious: last seen surfing. Surfboard found but no sign of surfer. I suppose it’s possible he met with some other fate, but the circumstances strongly indicate he drowned.

Quite a long list of APs

July 17, 2014

Some months ago, maybe as long as a year ago, I’m not sure, I decided to no longer post on the updates page when I updated an MP’s age-progression. This was because there were so many of those, plus many people considered it to be a minor update — just a picture to glance at. Usually new pictures are also not posted on the updates page either, for the same reason. (I do, however, put up an updates notice when I add a new age-progression to a case that had none before.)

The last couple of updates I’ve put up several cases which had new age-progressions. But there’s been several updated age-progressions too, most of them family abductions, that I took care of tonight. I thought I’d make a list of them for the blog.

April Dawn Andrews
Kimberly Nicole Arrington
Heidi Barragan
Zafar Bozorgi*
Hazel X. Bracamontes
Melissa Hinako Braden
Stephanie Michele Buehler
Everlyse Cabrera
Estrella Cordova-Arias
Emma Espinoza**
Jefren Mari Garcia Esteban
Octavio DeJesus Farias
Abel Garcia Jr.
Elizabeth Garcia
Lluvia Sharanique McCraw
Wesley Dale Morgan
Carlos Pacheco
Daniel Ted Yuen

*But not his brother Ebrahim.
**But not her siblings.
†I got a new picture of him from NamUs as well.

I would like to send a shout-out to NamUs here. The NCMEC often has age-progressions with the original picture in the corner of the image. This picture of Angelo Leo is an example. NamUs, however, often has APs that don’t have those pictures in the corner, so they look better when I put them on the Charley Project site. (I try to remember to credit NamUs as a source at the bottom whenever I use such a picture.)

Also: for one of the new age-progressions I posted today, Karissa Schell‘s, the NCMEC actually offered two: one with her facial piercings and one without. Besides that there was no difference. I decided not to post both. I picked the non-pierced one, because I thought (A) a lot of adults get rid of their facial piercings and (B) my pictures are so small that you would barely have been able to see the piercings there anyway. But for the curious here’s the NCMEC’s pierced AP photo.


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